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Liam Marsden  says:

German MotoGP: Pedrosa takes victory

Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa has won at the Sachsenring in Germany in only his second race since breaking his collarbone. Current champion Jorge Lorenzo managed to decrease Casey Stoner's championship lead by stealing second place from the Australian at the final turn. The two riders both held the lead early on in the race, but neither were unable to hold...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (17 July 2011 14:03)

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Nov 10

Posts: 3

Moaning says:


My f*ck your an irritating biased moaning little bit*h,you should just be honest with yourself for once and admit that DUCRAPPI is a piece of shvt bike. Rossi won the championship on a Yamaha and as soons as he gets on that red overpriced and overrated bike all of a sudden he cant even end up top 3 and he uses his "Shoulder" injury as an excuse. Be honest with yourself mate, you love sitting on the fence and deep down you know that but wont admit it because you jumped on the bandwagon when you heard that Tossi was going to Ducati, and now that they dont perform YOU are the one that looks like shvt.  No one else. Honda and Yamaha is the 2 greatest bike manufacturers ever built and history proves it. I dont like posting on boards but this morning i just felt that someone needs to be honest with you. Grow up mate. In one of your earlier posts you mention that "Most of your post is about Rossi dude when he didn't even have any impact on the race nor did he try to have an impact on the race. YES you dumb cvnt he didnt because Ducati is a piece of shvt..

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Anonymous  says:


Well said princeofrepsol. There are a lot of very quiet Simo lovers out there. I reckon that last race was a true indication of the current rider skill levels and current bike ratings.

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1513

New Avatar?

RossiPukeBiker, nice to see you've ditched that loser Flo, and have become a dedicated Dani/George/Spies (insert race winner name here -except championship leader Stoner) fan.

New avatar please, anything Flossi reminds me of how he's destroying one of the factories kind enough to be supplying 6 bikes for the championship. Then again, they'll probably have a few discarded GP11.1's to lease out for next year! Haha...

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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

A paper World Champion

created by Aussies and Rossi haters. Now after 4 years they still have not seen their propaganda amount to nothing but a quivering mass of nervous shit. Yet they continue to make this quivering mass of shit into a World Champion before he can even earn it. It begins with testing and continues race after race. Taking his FP's, QP's and if he leads with those, he is put on the top step of the podium. Yet he is unable to meet those paper propaganda hero worshippers. This year he runs to the best bike and still can't measure up to an injured rider on same machinery, can't beat the 2010 WC on his old bike left for him care of Rossi and Company.


The quivering mass is about to blow soon. I wonder when he will bring out more of his excuse. So far it has been tire pressure that made him lose and blame Bridgestones for not making good tires. Yet the idiot don't seem to understand that 20 or more laps of spinning a tire on every turn, on asphalt with the wheel doing more than 100 to god knows what revolutions per sec will deteriorate a tire quick. He continues to ride ragged with a bike that was built for smooth as butta aka Jorge. No wonder he goes down the wrong path as he cannot seem to learn. Woe is Honda if the try to build the bike to suit him and his ragged style. Too bad Dani gifted him those few wins when he was out tending to his real injuries. Regular duty to be resumed.

RaceyStacey should try a new tatic and let riders follow him around the track, allowing him to get accustomed riders breathing down his neck. He is in definite need of some close racing tutelage.

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Jan 04

Posts: 118

nigel041 says:


......................................nice mrs. though!!!!!

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Oct 08

Posts: 262

LaughingGas says:

What are you on about??

"Stoner was robbed,he really deserved 2nd after the battle with desperate Jorge Lorenzo.up the honda team,what a race" WTF are you on about. You get out what you put in, and in his case not quite enough.

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Aug 02

Posts: 554

Great race

Well done Dani, a great race win , also Jorge for snatching second over the man of the moment Casey, the Honda is definately a touch better than the Yamaha on the corner exits but Jorge was unbelievable on the corner entry.

I will stick up for the Rossi posters, i think considering he was so far off the pace in qualifying, to get up to battle for 7th when he was a second off those 2 in qualifying was a bloody good effort.

Suzuki looked good in cooler conditions which is promising as they usually suffer then and i feel, though i hope i'm wrong, that Simmo has had some fire taken from him by all the slagging of his fellow pro's, i hope he get's it back soon.

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Jan 08

Posts: 40

lovell2576 says:

Good Racing

Ride of the day goes to Dani Pedrosa, are we all forgetting he has two healing collar bones!! To be able to ride at that pace let alone win it is amazing. As for Lorenzo, well, he is certainly back at home on the 2010 bike and riding really really well, and loved the pass to mug chipmunk off on the last corner. Was a great race and I hope we get more of the same for the rest of the season.

Incidentally did you see Chipmunk's look at Dani in the post race interview, it was a look of "how the fuck did you do that" Chipmunk aint getting it all his own way now is he, will he crack under the pressure, will be good to see wont it!!

Now Rossi, again, he came through to 9th from 16th but to be honest that wasnt all that great, he is clearly struggling and I am gutted. For me, what this is going to show all of us is how he handles it and how he bounces back. I do not expect anything from him this year so its all about next year. If he fails next year then I will be the first to say that he has met his match and moving to Ducati was the worst mistake he has made and could have dented his image. Its going to be interesting to see.  

Shout to Marc Marquez, what a talent. Another potential Alien coming through!!

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Oct 10

Posts: 457

racingfan99 says:

Changes needed?

As far as closer racing throughout the field goes, I thought yesterday was probably the best race of the year but clearly the gap from works factory Ducati/Suzuki to the front was still almost 30secs even on this short circuit. The sport has once more become a 2 tier championship with Honda and Yamaha way out in front. For the sake of Motogp I reckon there needs to be some changes to help the manufacturers at the back (yep maybe I’m saying it now cos I’m a Rossi fan!). This is a similar situation to a few years ago when Michelin tyres created a similar issue against the Bridgestone riders. I’m sure many would say there sport is always 2 tiered because of factory and satellite teams.
But the rules and regs all seem more designed to limit and restrict the sport to a greater degree than they actually do to enhance it. You don’t see the horse racing world restricting the thoroughbreds food to give them less energy, or tying its back legs together! With all the reduced tyre options and tyre operating parameters, the 21 litre fuel limit causing the engines to be backed down on power, restricted number of engines in a season and most importantly time actually on the bike to develop and sort problems out – during winter testing as well as during the season. Dorna needs to make some better decisions for the benefit of the sport – they have potentially one of the most exiting sports on the planet – you only have to look back at the history to see that, but somehow they seem to have managed to retard it too much.

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Oct 10

Posts: 552

noshow says:


Milky you have to be one of those little rude boys that dresses up like a gangsta wannabe with your hat tilted to the side because you are to stupid to discover your own personality go and stick your head up your arse and discover your self

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