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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi undecided on Japan participation

Valentino Rossi has said he will wait to hear the results of an independent investigation before making his final decision on whether he will race in the Japanese Grand Prix on October 2. Rossi has publicly stated his reluctance to race at the Twin Ring Motegi because of concerns about the levels of leaked radiation that followed damage to the Fukushima...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (19 July 2011 11:38)

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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:

Scared or Lazy?

The case for unsafe levels of radiation at Motegi has yet to be made. Therefore, it is odd that Stoner and Lorenzo are stating they are not going. Whether the running of the GP is a slap in the face for the japanese is another question that should be decided by the Japanese and the Japanese only. To openly say at this moment that they are not going is absurd, and suggests that, in reality, they just want a weekend off. If for some reason one or the other drops down the ratings,  then come October, will we see them rushing towards the rising sun?

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Apr 11

Posts: 21

I'm struggling with why the riders are being this way if the levels are safe then they are safe end of. It also makes a mockery of the support Japan badges they have on their bikes. I hope they are all made to go!!! Just don't eat the beef!!!!!

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Apr 11

Posts: 3391

Bultoboy says:


Want a weekend off!!

I've never read such a daft comment on this site and there have been a few.

That aside, I'm still struggling to see how this race will help the Japanese people who have lost their homes, relatives, possessions, jobs and whatever else. How many of them even know what Motogp is.

What exactly does 'showing support' mean. It's situations like this that prompt all sorts of public 'I'm going to say the right thing' hypocritical crap about what people should do to help. If people feel that strongly about it, give up your jobs, go out to Japan and offer your manual labour to help clean the mess up.

It is just a motorcycle race, it will change nothing whether it goes ahead or not.

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Jul 11

Posts: 2

sangeairen says:

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Oct 08

Posts: 262

LaughingGas says:

I can see where they are coming from but "it looks like" they're failing to look at the fact that' it's not a disaster zone, people live there and aren't suffering, and they'll only be there for a few days. if it was a race around Chernobyl I could understand the concern.

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

Bultoboy is correct

Going on with the race will change nothing for the people of Japan.  They only people that will benefit is Dorna and the race venue.  Far too many families are still homeless, living in shelters and are struggling to get working again and are living off meager handouts.  The drama is over so the big news is over in the press.  A friend of mone has family there and he has limited contact with them.  He knows they are alive but has no idea when he'll hear from them again.  They couldn't give a damn about the motoGP race.  They care more about wether they'll get to eat that day.

The comments on here are mainly pure selfishness of people who simply want to sit in the comfort of their homes, several thousand miles away, and be entertained for a meager hour.  The comments are also from the same people who bitch and moan week after week about GP being a boring procession.  If you're so bored, quit watching and whining.  Then you wouldn't have to care if the race goes on or not either.  No matter your reason, you're not the one who health is on the line.

As for radiation, apparently none of you have ever lived near a place that has had a meltdown.  When I was 10, Three Mile Island (I lived 100 miles away) had a meltdown on reactor #2.  There's a lot to it about the damage inside reactor #2, but evidence got out that contaminated cooling water leaked through the containment area and pressure from hydrogen spikes was vented to the atmosphere.  It took 14 years to clean it up.  Reports said that everything was at safe levels even the day it happened.  The truth that came out a couple years later was that residents got their annual dose of radiation in 1 day, mostly in the form of iodine.  It wasn't until 10 years ago that cases of thyroid cancer started cropping up in people who don't have a family history of it.  Birth defects are more difficult to nail down.  Reports from different sides had different findings. The firm that minitored TMI after the incident had different reports from what those that were monitoring a couple hundred miles away were.  Where the inconsistencies came from, I don't know.

The thing is, governments lie.  The Japanese government included, if it suits their purposes.  They can heavily influence those who prepare the report with the power they wield.  They depend on tourist dollars for their economy to thrive.  Why wouldn't they lie to keep them flying in and spending their money?  In the end, the Japanese as a whole will not benefit from a single MotoGP race proceeding.

You can still be emotionally supportive but not be present.  If you think there is more to showing support, they you need to either send lots of your own money or get on a plane and help rebuild with your own 2 hands.

As for the rider's contracts, there's likely nothing in there that says they have to submit themselves to environmental risks beyond their control.  If all else fails, they can claim illness that week from lactose intolerance due to a large bowl of ice cream.

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Jun 11

Posts: 2559

PaceyCasey says:

This situation that has nothing to do with racing/contracts/employment/support for the earthquake victims etc etc etc. This is a personal decision OUTSIDE of racing that needs to be made by all riders AND CREW!!!!!!!!! Sorry if i've missed it but nobody appears to have mentioned that fact yet. This is'nt just about the riders on the grid this is about a large community. 

We don't have to agree should they choose to boycott the race but WE SHOULD respect their decision.


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Mar 07

Posts: 276

Well said guys.......

It is up to the individual riders, mechanics and engineers if they wish to go to Motegi. No matter what they arm chair pundits on here say about 'them' being pussies and paid to race wherever.

This is serious shit. The radiation will last for many years to come and no amount of cleaning up will get rid of the radiation. It will be everywhere. In the food chain, water sources, the trees........ in fact all over the place and no matter what the government state or stay, the place will not be clear and clean.

Good on the people who have shown their cards and said no. This is not a lack of respect to the Japanese but a value of their own and their teams health. If somewhere isn't safe, then they shouldn't compete. Dorna are the twats who are only after the money and will end up twisting the media to make out that it is the riders who are in the wrong.

To Dorna, have some respect for those who are living there, dealing with the everyday hardship and stop saying this place is safe.

To the losers on here who are slagging off those who wish not to race, get an education and realise what a terrible situation that country is in.

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Aug 02

Posts: 1754

cheekymonkey says:

I`ll comment on the story.

VR says he will wait until the results of an independent test on the area before deciding whether or not to go.

Sounds reasonable to me.

What isn`t reasonable is riders saying they aint going without knowing the situation over there. 

Independent tests are different to government tests are they not?

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Dec 03

Posts: 28

ninja12 says:

Why don't Dorna cancel Japan GP and Dorna and the riders make a donation to the people of Japan Then every body's happy?

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