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Jul 11

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perky416 says:

Just passed test - Insurance Premium Increased!

Hi everyone,

I just thought id have a little rant and get it off my chest. I sold my car a few months ago due to the rising insurance making it too expensive and got myself a little crb125 with L plates after passing my cbt. The insurance was £400 which I thought was amazing compared to £2000 on my car.

Anyways I finished my Direct Access and passed my test on Thursday, just rang the insurance to tell them I now have a full bike licence and to my horror they said my premium will go up due to "nobody having to ride with me at any point". What the hell is this all about? It only went up £70 but I was expecting it to drop.

Arghhh I hate insurance companies in this country. The government should bring out laws to keep them under control!

Rant Over! lol :)

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  • Posted 4 years ago (24 July 2011 15:27)

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Jun 08

Posts: 573

BIKER6F says:

I'm afraid

that it's correct, as a leaner you have slightly more restrictions on you, no pillions, and motorway riding, and at some point you will be under the watchful eyes of an instructor, therefore your a lower risk, as soon as you pass your test, those restrictions are lifted, and your a higher risk, the £70 probably includes the admin fee as well as the upgrade to your policy. Age also plays it's part. You will find providing you don't have an off, and keep the same bike, that your policy each year will, even with the rising cost of insurance, will come down more than if you have a car policy, dont know why but that's the way it works out for me

over the past  three years since i had a car & bike

car  v reg fully comp

year 1; £320

year 2; £280

year 3; £270

Bike bought new 2008 fully comp

year 1; £180 no added extras

year 2; £150 no added extras

year 3; £118 pillion & legal

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Aug 09

Posts: 2693

MarcusMarsh says:


Hmmmm...... think I am with perky on this one.  You pass your test, complete with all the hoops that they make you jump through these days, to prove that you are a competent and safe rider.  Then, as a reward for demonstarting that your have reached that standard, your insurance company puts your premium up.  That sucks!!! 

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May 11

Posts: 49

bikergran says:

whoops do I have to inform them then?

Just read the post..I also passed my test 5th June....didnt realise I had to inform my insurance..?    I just thought next year I would put Full Licence and it would be "reduced"  seems I am wrong......nevr give it a thought to be honest...:unsure:

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Mar 11

Posts: 573

teamwindsor says:

something wrong there

It is meant to go down after your test. You can ride on your own after passing you CBT so their excuse for the hike is utter bollocks.

Mine went down significantly after passing my test and that includes increasing from 125 ->500cc at the same time. Currently it is about a quarter of the price i was paying the previous year. I would definitely move companies next time round...theiving scum that they are.

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Mar 11

Posts: 573

teamwindsor says:

@biker gran

You have to inform them of every change in situation, no matter how small. If any of your details are incorrect they have an excuse not pay out if you ever needed to claim. Trust me, they will try and find a way to wriggle out of paying for even small claims

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Mar 09

Posts: 768

jonny68 says:

insurance hike

My insurance went up by £45 this year from £130 to £175.

Absolutely nothing has changed on the policy its just up for renewal. I haven't paid yet as I will shop around just to make sure I am not being taken for a ride. :biggrin:

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Mar 09

Posts: 351

crackfinder says:

comparison websites

Every year my renewal goes up....I then go on comparison sites for a quote...I always get a cheaper quote and change to that company, same for the car and house insurance.... it pays to shop around.

I can't understand how I can be with the same company and have one more years no claims and the cnuts increase the price..!!! 

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Sep 10

Posts: 2239



you would expect premiums to rise after taking test as you then have access to much more powerful motorcycle?

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Nov 09

Posts: 317

I'd bet

... a small amount of money that insurance companies fo actually get more claims from riders in their first year after passing a test than they do from learners, these days, particularly mature learners.

Otherwise there's a small additional risk from your (possibly) being allowed to ride other people's R1s as well as your 125, I guess, but I doubt it's that significant.

Otherwise, it's ambulance chasing lawyers and the claim-anything culture they have fostered since deregulation plus other people's policies with expensive add-ons like courtesy cars/bikes at invisible rip-off prices that get charged back as costs to (the insurers of) whoever gets found at fault, all getting in on the act. Insurance companies are there to make a profit, certainly, but what insurance costs is pretty much a matter of how the sums come out.

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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:

Change your insurance comp

Definaetly can get a quote on a full license for a cbr125, over 21 for less than 300quid a year fully comp, i got a policy on my cousins cbr125 with no no claims to use and it was about 120quid a year i think TPFT and im probably about your age.

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