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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner standing firm on Japanese Grand Prix boycott

Casey Stoner has hinted he won’t back down on his refusal to attend the re-scheduled Japanese Grand Prix, despite being told by Honda management they expect him to honour his contract and race at the Twin Ring Motegi in early October. The Aussie met HRC boss Shuhei Nakamoto in Laguna Seca and was told to attend the race on October 2,...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (25 July 2011 21:53)

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:

bit silly and precious

And I think they will all eventually go. I mean, background radiation levels are lower than the natural levels at Sachsenring, and probably about the same as a couple of x-rays over the whole weekend. Worst case would be eating or drinking something with one of the long-lived isotopes in it, but just fly your own food and drink in if you're that worried. 

My old university used to have an atmosphere monitoring station in a remote area that was frequently vandalised. They put up a sign saying "Warning, this area regularly experiences high-frequency electromagnetic radiation". Vandalism stopped after that, even though they only talking about sunlight.

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Jul 10

Posts: 540

Lol, yeah, Lorenzo should go now...

Be funny if he changed his mind and won 25 points over moaner without even trying. Championships fixed for Honda anyways.........oooh, that should cause a reaction and a half!!!

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Oct 09

Posts: 198

ThePornstar says:


Stoner and Lorenzo will both go, they don't have a choice if they want to keep their job. It's not like either of them are eyeing up a job a Suzuki or worse still Ducati....! Stoner will backdown or go into some lactose based freakout incident.

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Jun 09

Posts: 126

kwakanuts says:

the 2 biggest prima-donna's in the paddock shot their loads a little premature, if they were smart, like the rest of the grid, they would have kept their mouths shut until the report came out, then make their decision, nobody would have had an issue if their was a slight danger of radiation and the riders refused to go. now, if they back down, they will look like mugs, well stoner will, because he's been a little premauture again and hinted he will stick to his decision, lorenzo has a chance to redeem himself, he should just say he trusts the report and he will now race, leave that slithering little wanker stoner to act like a little girl.. it will be very interesting to see the outcome of this. if stoner doesnt go, im putting my money on pedrosa to finish top honda

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Feb 09

Posts: 69

BlackPrince says:

This is why everyone hates Stoner

He is a v talented rider but someone who races bikes who is worried about a bit of radiation comes off like a bit of a pussy. I can't believe that Lorenzo, who's a ballz to the wall rider is also worried about this nonsense. Radiation comes from everywhere and you can't control it ultimately. What about the people in Japan? A MotoGP rider is there for ONE weekend and worried about the radiation. WTFK?! Stoner is such a d!ckhead

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Dec 04

Posts: 27

edenv says:

Stoner is not renowned for keeping his mouth shut in fact he can't help putting his foot in his mouth time and time again.Whats the betting if Lorenzo decides to race Stoner will suddenly decide its safe to race.




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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:

Quality.... What a statement!!

Statement of the year from BlackPrince "someone who races bikes who is worried about a bit of radiation comes off like a bit of a pussy." Yeah... what a pussy worrying about a bit of radiation... I mean, whats radiation ever done to hurt anyone?.... hang on......

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Feb 09

Posts: 69

BlackPrince says:

What about the millions affected in Japan? And why isn't anyone else talking about this, its just the two most w@nkerish riders in MotoGP: Lorenzo + Moaner. I used to think that Moaner was just an epithet used by Rossi-fanatics but it really is true, and I'm one of the people that sympathized w/ Stoner during his illness last year. Radiation can cause cancer, but you get radiation EVERY day when you go outside or when you get an X-Ray or when you take a plane trip. The ethos of a bike rider is supposed to be having fun and damning the risks (though of course every rider takes precautions, but what happens after that is supposed to be ignored), and I am surprised that Stoner would worry about such a relatively minimal risk in the grand scheme of things. Most blood dyscrasias happen to the very young (ALL) or the very old (AML, CLL and CML) so Stoner is literally worrying about something that MIGHT happen 40 + years from now. I call that being a "pussy" or a Moaner :)

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Aug 02

Posts: 111


Tenner says he turns up!!!

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Aug 02

Posts: 356

mydogben says:


I have to say, im astonished to read some of the stuff being put onto these threads regarding Stoner and Lorenzo. Isn't freedom of speech and the will to make up your own mind, (especially where your health is concerned) what separates us from countries where, to think outside the box, North Korea springs to mind, would mean imprisonment and worse. Yes these guys race and take risks on a daily basis but those risks are weighed up against their vast experience in the sport and in area they no all too well. I have been a member of the Armed Forces since 1983 and have served in numerous "hotspots" around the globe and even now there are places i wouldnt "choose to go" but the nature of my job means i have to. These guy's are sportsmen not soldiers or peace keepers. If they dont feel comfortable with the risk involved, what gives us the right to criticize their decisions........................... All that said, it will be interesting to see how this MOTO GP sub plot develops.

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