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Jul 11

Posts: 36

d675r says:

why are sports bikes bad first bikes

hi , im not after one as my first bike but ive heard a lot of people saying the street triple is a good first bike, this bike is just as quick 0-60 but lots of people say how easy it is to handle compared to a sports bike, im just trying to find out why.

as far as the throttle is concerned what makes it easier to control, do the revs build up slower or??
any info would be appreciated as id love a street triple as my first bike im just trying to work out what makes it easier to ride, i.e, im guessing a sports bike riding position makes it harder to control maybe?? thanks for reading 

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  • Posted 4 years ago (26 July 2011 16:18)

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Nov 04

Posts: 3833

750FLYER says:

Ian's right..

My first was a ZX-6R... Loved it!

Just do it.. they handle even better than non-sports bikes so where's the issue??

The only reason people say that I think is cos they're fast.. ideal world is to start age 16 on a 50cc and work up..but now you're over 21 you can buy any bike you fancy so you might as well get the best handling beast you can.... just take it easy!

Good luck and pls be safe!!  :wink:

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Jul 11

Posts: 155

Reincarnhate says:

I disagree that they're bad

but there are some valid points again them.

They (obviously) accelerate pretty fast, and the throttles are very sensitive on some bikes. Opening it just an inch could see you doing 60, depending on power and such.

On a crotch rocket you're leaning forward, and especially if you're going through a town and stopping every few hundred metres you'll probably find it puts some strain on your arms and wrists.

Being fast, heavy and some are also easy to steal, they can be a bomb to insure.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2736

spondonste says:

Sportsbikes for newbies

Sports bikes have limited steering lock and the handlebar to tank gap on full lock makes control on tight manouvers more difficult than non sports bikes. There's a fair amount of weight on the wrists which puts the riders head down and so vision can be slightly limited. The gearing is generally quite high for first gear so clutch slip can be needed more often for tight manouvers than more upright riding positions.


The differences are only slight but there are some small differences

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Mar 09

Posts: 351

crackfinder says:

sports bike

In February I went from a 600 fazer to a zx6r the 636cc, the first thing I noticed was how light the zx6 is compared to the fazer, don't know where you get "heavy" from Reincarnhate...:unsure: the second thing I noticed was the forward riding position, it's an A1P so not too extreme and quite comfy, the next thing and the thing that took me longest to get used to was... (as spondonste has said the lack of lock) ....I nearly came unstuck more than once getting in and out of the motorcycle parking area at work as it's a tight left to right squeeze at less than walking pace. 

Having said that.. when you're riding...even slow riding it feels so agile and balanced compared to the fazer it's just a joy to ride. (not that the fazer wasn't fun co's it was) 
The next thing I noticed was the power, it goes like sh!t off a chrome shovel.... :ph43r:  much quicker acceleration than the fazer, and 165mph top end compared to 125mph on the fazer:biggrin:, last thing I guess would be the suspension...sports bikes are mostly fully adjustable but they tend to be set up "very firm" so you notice the bumps more but they corner like they are on rails..where as the fazer would "wallow" a bit if cornering hard.

Would I recommend a sport bike for a first bike...? yeah...if that's what you want go for it...just give it respect and take it will soon get used to it, as for litre bikes...I've only ridden a couple, but they would command even more respect until you were used to them.


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Mar 11

Posts: 464

johnlad1 says:

it realy depends on how a person rides

if your someone with good fast reactions not masivly tall and you like to go to track days and things theres nothing better than a sports bike if you like to ride lazily around country lanes stoping of to get an ice cream n taking your gf everywhere with you you want a cruiser and if you ride ever day without fail to work and want to be confortable but at the same time have enough power to keep up with some of the smaller sports bike u get a decent naked bike it realy does just depend on prefrence and comfort and also your bank balance

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Mar 11

Posts: 121

CharlieSYLO says:

Nowt Wrong

With sports bikes. It's individual choice. I quite like them personally but prefer riding cruisers due to the fact that I'm liable to open the happy tap on a sports bike. I think the key is self control, and like ianscotty says, they're a piece of cake to ride.

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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:

Nought wrong with a sportsbike

theyre hard to do tight manouvres on and you really have to be confident chucking one around at low speeds as theyre top heavy, have no steering lock, a tall first gear and cost a bomb to fix if you drop em.

However, as far as the open road goes, the same applies to a sports bike as with any other bike, ride it like you stole... i mean, ride at whatever speed you feel safe going at and dont exceed your limits!

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Apr 08

Posts: 9695

old(ish)git says:

you have to be prepared....

to move about more on a sports bike...not radically like a racer,but you can't just sit up and hope to get round corners just using the bars.....or you'll end up 'high siding'. these are not my words, it's what the track day folk will tell you....and yes the u-turn is a bit of a wobbler with clip ons.:smile

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Jul 11

Posts: 36

d675r says:


thanks very much for the replies everyone i expected a lot more negatives than that , so as far as the powers concerned it seems like its really not an issue its easy enough to control it as you wish, i mean if i made a cock up on a 500 and hit the throttle for a split second surely there cant be that much less danger than the same mistake on a sports?

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Sep 07

Posts: 2816

James600zx says:

Why are sports bikes bad first bikes?

I wouldn't say they are bad for every new rider. If a newbie breezes through training and really wants a sportsbike I'd say get one, but other bike styles have alot to offer.

When discussing this topic it's also important to differentiate between older sportsbikes and their much more radical modern equivalents.

It's not so much the power of a sportsbike, it's the relatively twitchy handling due to weight distribution and narrow bars which can cause difficulties. The awkward posture also makes slower speeds and rearward observations more difficult.

You don't just want to be a straightline merchant. Other types of bike have alot to offer and alot to teach. There are new riders who go straight to big sportsbikes because they think that's the pinnacle of motorcycling, then become disappointed because it's not as they hoped it would be (-not as easy). They won't downsize so they end up leaving biking never having understood it.

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