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KAWASAKI Onboard lap of the Nurburgring with a gyro-camera ZX-10R

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Andy Downes  says:

Onboard lap of the Nurburgring with a gyro-camera

This new video put together by Bridgestone straps a gyroscopic camera to a Kawasaki ZX-10R and shows Bridgestone tyre tester Tim Röthig on a flying lap of the Nurburgring in Germany. Gyroscopic cameras have been used in MotoGP for the past few months and manage to give a unique perpective of racing as the camera stays level no matter how far...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (28 July 2011 09:51)

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Jul 08

Posts: 134

kennygorrie says:

Nissan gtr

Its a bit embaracing that a nissan gtr can lap the nurburgring over half a minute faster that one of the fastest bikes money can buy, thats not even close, the guy in the gtr would be sitting having a cup of tea when the zx10 comes past

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Aug 02

Posts: 183

AndyDownes says:

I think not

Considering the test rider wasn't able to tuck down behind the screen at all because of the tank mounted camera I think the lap time was pretty respectable. There's a load of time to come off that time he logged because not only was he unable to tuck in but he couldn't ride as hard as normal because of the bulk of the camera unit.

Also worth bearing in mind that you could get about five ZX-10Rs for the price of one Nissan GTR.

Andy Downes

MCN Senior Reporter

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Aug 02

Posts: 3287

eatcs01 says:

nurburg lap

Sitting bolt upright would seriously effect the riders top speed too. Look at the angle of his arms. It doesn't look comfy.


And as for the car being quicker...... The bike would be LOTS more fun.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1324

SatNavSteve says:


Looks almost as fast as the lap I did on my XJR1300 seven years ago. LOL. Then I woke up and had my cornflakes! Seriously though, its an amazing experience if you ever get chance to try it. Take some clean underwear with you coz the locals coming past you at warp factor 10 will definately sort any bowel problems you might have!

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Jul 10

Posts: 50

Cadwell75 says:

Fastest laps

Andy Carlile did a 7:21 lap i think on a standard MV Agusta F4R in 2007?


Toshio Suzuki did a 7:24/5 in a standard GTR in 2010


So i think that makes the bike look good value

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Aug 09

Posts: 127

Szmolo says:

Nissan GTR...

Just to clear a few things up, Porsche have claimed that the marketing department put forward the GTR lap time of 7:29, and when they did a run they only managed 7:54, other magazines have tested the GTR and only come up with 7:55, so I have no idea where Nissan managed to find another 26 seconds? Someone did manage 7:38 on some fancy performance Dunlop tyres, so I find it odd that they claim 7:29 on stock tyres... Plus if it can do that time in stock, why the hell haven't they used it for racing?? Sounds suspicious to me... I reckon one could spec up a ZX-10 with light wheels, tyres, quickshifter, full system etc and beat the GTR and still come in at way less than the price of a GTR, especially as a tweaked up but still road legal K7 GSXR600 did it in 7:17

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Jun 06

Posts: 20

willx says:

Just like to clear up the GTR lap time, Porsche have said that they do not believe the time set (7.24) was suspected to be on semi-slick tyres, not the standard car/equipment that they should be using for that timed session. Porsche know they have faster cars, but stuggle to get near that time set by the GTR. The fastest road bike I can find timed for that circuit is 7.21 set by FastBikes on a MV Augusta in 2007. However, a project bike(GSXR600K7) has done it in 7.17. But another fact is you have to be loads more skilled to ride a bike fast than you do in a car. Fact, even Murry Walker has said it!!

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Jun 06

Posts: 20

willx says:

Ha, cheers Szmolo, the evidence against the car is stacking up!!  CARS ARE BUILD FOR COMFORT, BIKES ARE BUILT FOR SPEED.

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Jul 10

Posts: 397

DoomedDog says:

Lap Times

The MV lap time was done over a shorter distance of 19,100 metres. Tim Roethig did a time of 7m:46.7s using the Nordschleife circuit (20,832 metres) on a GSX R1000 in 2008 - so slighlty quicker than the ZX10 featured here. The GSX R time would work out 17 seconds slower than the Nissan GT-R (the GT-R time set on a shorter circuit - 20,600 metres)

So no kennygorrie the GT-R driver would barely have enough time for a cup of tea. If anything he'd probably be a little embarrassed that his £60,000 plus car wasn't that much quicker than a 2008 sports bike.

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Dec 07

Posts: 237

merv007 says:

car vs bike

there are a few videos on youtube now of superbikes being faster than the GTR, like an RSV4 which is clearly able to match it for corner speed.

a rider at the ring, will never push fully to the limit due to the risk of being killed if he crashes... unlike the car driver who dosent have such high stakes

but around Mugello say a GTR would be much slower than a superbike, provided the bike was ridden by Troy Bayliss type rider who understands the art of cornering on a motorcycle.

I find bikers who worship cars like the GTR are those who dont have the skill or confidence to corner anywhere near what their bikes are capable of, so wrongly assume no bike could keep up with a supercar in the corners. Luckily there are 100s of vids on youtube to prove this very wrong!

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