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Stefan Bartlett  says:

MCN IAM Better Riding Guide: Cornering

Cornering is arguably one of the hardest but most enjoyable manoeuvres on a two-wheeler. Practice is inevitably important to master them. Whether it’s a hair pin bend or a slight corner, you’ll be ahead of everyone else if you familiarise yourself with this advice first. To develop safe, smooth and progressive cornering skills you need to handle every bend in a precise...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (12 August 2011 16:47)

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Dec 05

Posts: 7

Outaholic says:

Well said, bbstrikes again, too much confidence derived from any source can (and does) lead to problems; nowhere near as many as little or no training though. And you are also quite right when you state that simply using the limit point can also be misleading - but not when used in conjunction with all advanced riders and drivers mantra which is " You must be able to stop on your side of the road in the distance you can see to be clear". This will obviously take into account road surfaces and other road users.

I can remember hearing many years ago how satisfying it is to think "I reckon I could have taken that bend faster" - so much better than " Reckon I tried to take that bend too fast!"



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Mar 10

Posts: 159


I just want to say, I still corner like a pussy, just a pussy with some confidence.  My point about getting the training in the first place was simply that to pass my bike test, I didn't go round a bend, unless you count a roundabout or junction.  It was all about observations and manouvers etc.

As the article says, cornering well is satisfying.  For me, staying safe and cornering nicly is satisfying.  Knee down at the track (still slower than everyone else mind!) is even better!

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Aug 02

Posts: 1

wildcard996 says:

If you can find a goup to join!!

I tried to join the IAM after doing a ride out on one of their publicity days. Paid my membership and had some observerides booked. The first ride was cancelled by the observer due to work issues, then I had bike troubles so had to cancel the next. I was then told by the observer that he had been assigned another treinee and I would have to get another observer which couls take weeks as they were busy. I emailed the IAM and asked what I was supposed to do. The options I was given was either a) seek assistance from another IAM group b) have a refund. I was thinking it over when i recieved an email saying my membership was being cancelled and I was given a refund.

I know not all groups are the same, but it's a bit shoddy of you ask me, and I'd find it hard to trust them again.

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Aug 07

Posts: 13

Bolfunga says:


wildcard999, I was annoyed and saddened to hear of your shit experience with the IAM and I assure you that not all IAM groups are the same. The group I observe with, Manchester 500, is absolutely not like that, and I'd say that the majority aren't either. Where are you based? Seek out another group and give it a go; it really is worthwhile :O)

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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:

practice makes perfect

Personally i corner like hailwood ,i am quick and smooth.never had any beardie in braces and hi vis tutting and telling me how to ride either.just get out and speed gradually try different lines it will all gel.

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Jul 10

Posts: 272

piroflip says:

OMG not this crap again.........

..............riding a bike isn't rocket science. Stop breaking it up into pieces and anylising it. Just get on the f***ing thing and enjoy yourself. I can't help laughing at crappy youtube videos that show people how to brake. If you need to be shown how to corner, change gear, and brake you're in the wrong hobby. Try golf or better still take up knitting.

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Nov 08

Posts: 122

rcraven says:


Piroflip.... if u believe that motorcycling is a hobby then its u that has the wrong one. may i suggest that u take to the relative safety of sky diving or deep sea diving. and please feel free to do it without any form of  advice or training. Then see how far u can get. Its idiots like u that give motorcycling a bad name so please please.... grow a brain cos at the moment u dont have one.

As regards the passage by the IAM  I nowadays believe that they are to aggressive.  When they say on a left hand bend take up a position towards the centre but dont cross the broken white line unless it is safe to do so they are idiots and anyone who would follow that outdated policy, maybe but not Piroflip, as they wouldnt last long on our roads.  They also suggest that u chase after the corner if the Limit point is going away from u.... but if it tightens again one has to slow and/or counter steer , really something one doesnt want to do on a tightening corner,so why bother in the first place, why not stay as one is. Its at least safer and thats what its all about isnt it. being safer. It seems to me that making progress means going faster and  thats not what its about its about.  it has to be about  riding safer and within the law.

If thats like watching paint dry or grass growing then so be it, ive lasted 47 years of biking so far and hope to go on a good few more. 

If others dont believe in riding safe then by all means go out on the track or off road and enjoy there but stay of the roads as u are only making it worse for yourselves and others.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:


I can't see anything wrong with Piroflip's comment To be perfectly honest with you....... and to say "it's Idiots like you that give Biking a bad name" suggests you have issues. Further reading only confirms this. Did you not know the law is an ass sometimes?

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:

and ......

Jeesus Christ man .... Stop typing like a 14 year old....!

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Jul 12

Posts: 85

2smoke says:


Maybe it's me but most of this is just common sense stuff that we do anyway. I'm all up for extended training but anyone who has managed to survive on a bike for a year or more must be already be doing at least some of this. Perhaps it applies more to new riders I wonder, has anyone actually read this and thought Eureka! That's where I'm going wrong?

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