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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi and Ducati hint at aluminium chassis switch

Valentino Rossi and Ducati technical boss Filippo Preziosi have both dropped strong hints that the Bologna factory is seriously contemplating a drastic change in philosophy by switching to a conventional aluminium frame in the future. Ever since Rossi first rode the 2011 Desmosedici in Valencia last November, he has complained of a lack of front-end feeling and understeer. As his complaints about...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (18 August 2011 12:14)

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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:

Rossi v Ducati


Seems to me like the tail is wagging the dog here! In the hands of Stoner the Desmo was a winner but the same bike with Rossi is nowhere!! What does that tell you? First of all it was the engine at fault! Put in a heavier crank!!! What did that do? Nothing, or maybe it probably made the bike slower!!!! Ducati have and did make a big big mistake in signing Rossi, unfortunately for Ducati and most unfortunate for all the fans!!!!! All he seems to have succeeded in doing is turning things upside down and going off in all sorts of different directions trying to make the bike something that he can ride. Karel Abraham riding a Desmo, which looks about 2 years old, isn't doing all that badly and in his first year in Moto gp with no prior experience. Stoner did have some issues with the front end for sure, but he still won 3 out of the last 6 races last year on this bike! Rossi now has Ducati on the brink, it would appear, of losing 4 years of development with the carbon chassis. Bad move, I think, to go backwards and contemplate putting in an alloy frame. Rossi is trying to turn this bike into a Yamaha, which it isn't!! I guessed this would happen when Rossi appeared on the scene. They (Ducati) have allowed him to control things in a way that they would never have allowed anyone else!! I don't know why they have done this, but Rossi isn't bigger than Ducati and the sooner someone at Ducati started excercising some authority on the matter the better!! Let's hope Rossi goes to Honda or anywhere else and let's see someone on the bike that can ride it!! Simo strikes me as a likely suspect or maybe Rossi could go back to Yamaha and let's see what Lorenzo can do!! I'm not a fan of his but if he started winning on the Desmo I could be!! Ciao


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Nov 03

Posts: 315

elefantman says:


I think you make a good case, but Stoner ain't going back to Ducati and no one has come anywhere near his form on the Ducati. I think it has to be accepted that he was uniquely talented where that bike was concern. Everyone else in MotoGP has a lot to fear from him during the next 10 years. I do agree that Rossi has got Ducati running in circles and it is a rather unseemly spectacle. Just imagine what might have been possible if they'd given Stoner that little bit extra. And I won't cop anyone who makes the argument that 'yeah but they needed Rossi and Burgess to tell them the frame is the problem'. Give me a break, anyone who follows the sport has been saying that for the last two years minimum.

I don't think the loss of face or prestige over the 1199 having a 'stressed airbox' frame is that much of a problem. Ducati's bread and butter is not the top-flight superbikes, it's bikes like the Monster and the Multistrada where it makes its bread.

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Oct 09

Posts: 90

chmer20 says:

Agree with you elefantman

but it did take Rossi and Burgess to get Ducati to listen to their riders that the bike was in bad shape. Shame on Ducati for that. All they had to do was look at anyone's result on the Stressed airbox bike, besides Casey's,  and they'd have seen it was just there to fill the grid for the most part (best result in standings was Hayden with 7th last year and this year and Rossi 4th this year so far). I think they shouls cut their losses on it and do something a little more traditional, because when it comes down to it results = sponsor money = keeping the team going = maintaining the brand image.

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Aug 11

Posts: 466

ChupaChump says:

Here we go again...

Everyone keeps going on about how Casey won 3 races on the Ducati last season but as far as I remember...

1 Jorge had a massive lead and was more interested in picking up points than winning races at that point in the season.

2 Dani broke his collarbone (again) at Japanese GP so he was out of the equation for the rest of the season.

3 Rossi hadn't been back that long after his broken leg and was also carrying a shoulder injury.


Not knocking Casey but all I am saying is that he was battling against 2 injured riders, 1 guy who didn't want to risk his championship and maybe Dovi and rookie Spies...


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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

RDB .. sorry, chupachump

Did you not type that exact same post yesterday ?

Recalling Rossi's wins last year. Lorenzo let him breeze through because he wanted to wrap up the title. So i guess that needs to be taken into consideration aswell.

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Jul 11

Posts: 258

Ocdcbr says:

Eddy998. I agree it would be great to see someone on the ducati who can ride it. And I also agree that casey was unique on the duke and somehow he managed to make it do what he wanted, most of the time. But who else has been able to ride it? I admit I am a Rossi fan but I can't see yet that he is ruining the bike as some are suggesting. When melandri went to ducati I was really excited. I thought/ think he's a great rider but he was awful that year. In fact it forced him out of Gp in the long run. Which I recon is a shame. Time will tell. But I recon things will get better at ducati. I'm looking forward to a Rossi, stoner, lorenzo etc mega battle!!

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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:



ocdcbr You're right things can only get better at Ducati but that will be when Rossi goes!! Not sure what has happened at Ducati but they seem to have lost their direction and by signing Rossi/Burgess are allowing them to dictate whatever they want. That would perhaps be fine if Rossi was doing something but he's not, and in my opinion, which I have voiced since Ducati signed Rossi , he's not going to do anything on the Desmo!!!!!!!!!!!! He's got Ducati doing somersaults changing everything and going nowhere instead of getting on with it and riding it. Bring back Bayliss I say, another Aussie!! Haha!!!  Another thing how come Rossi said, when he tried the carbon frame GP12 with the 1000cc motor, that everything was fine?? Ducati should stick with the future, carbon fibre, not go back to the past, as it seems, where Rossi seems intent in leading them, due to his inability to come to terms with the Desmo. If he can't ride it maybe he should do the honorable thing and step aside and give someone else a try who can. Alex Criville's comments on Spanish tv on Brno  were that  Rossi  seems to be going slow on the bike on corners. I think that is a valid observation. Rossi is not "pushing" the bike. It seems to me that he doesn't want to risk coming off again and perhaps another leg break. What is it that they say? "he  who hesitates is lost!!"

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Aug 11

Posts: 437


As much as it pains me to say it being a massive Rossi fan but am slowly starting to think the same as you. 

I know Rossi says he ain't become stupid overnight but when he says the 1000cc bike is good and then stpss testing it i start to think maybe all is not what it seems anymore.

i will always believe he is the best rider of his generation but for the 1st time ever i now doubt his commitment.  I hope i am proved wrong.  Some things can't be fixed and need re-starting from ground up

I also believe Stoner knew the bike was a complete dog and was fed up of it bieng a liability (look at Valencia when it threw him off on his warm up lap).

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Aug 11

Posts: 24

paulthew says:

There is more to this than just Rossi vs Stoner.

It seems to be a front end issue, which might mean that even the few kilos difference in weight between Rossi/Hayden, and Stoner, is enough to change the bike from a might-lose-the-front-end-if-pushed (Casey), to will-lose-the-front-end-if-pushed (Hayden/Rossi).

If Burgess/Rossi cannot fix the issue, then who can?

I have no brand loyalty, so I'd love to see them all on the best bike, which at present, seems to be the Honda.

So, if it were all Honda (or Yamaha, for that matter)....I can see Stoner/Rossi/Lorenzo/Pedrosa all up front, with Spies hard on their heels (if not with them).

To recap, this is a machine issue, and as the difference between winning and losing is so miniscule, adding a fwe extra kilos of rider weight to a front end issue might just make all the difference.

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:




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