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MCN  says:

Poll: Do you want traction control?

MCN would like to know: do you want traction control? Vote in the poll and add your comment at the bottom of the page!  

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  • Posted 4 years ago (23 August 2011 15:46)

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Sep 07

Posts: 2821

James600zx says:


"Traction control" sounds like a safety aid, but is it? Racers use it so they can pin the the throttle wide open and let the bike determine the maximum achievable drive so they can get out of corners quicker. On the road I'm happy to make that assessment myself rather than be the ECU's passenger. Yes I'll be slower, but so what?

On the road any rear wheel spin I've had has been self-correcting without too much drama. If you're piling into a greasy roundabout thinking rear wheel traction control will see you right, what about front end grip? I know TC is very clever stuff but I wouldn't want to pay for the extra complexity. I think Brevav2 has it right, the manufacturers ought to redirect their developments to make bikes more suited to the road.

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Jul 10

Posts: 23

scottyblade says:

Traction control isnt stability control...

Reading a few comments here makes me a tad worried!!  traction control is there to stop the powered wheels from breaking grip, i.e when its icey, wet etc when the hand applies to much throttle........... it DOES NOT mean you wont lose grip leaning over!!!  when the front loses grip no computer aid in the world will save you!!!!   ........................ BlueTDI,   i also voted no, not because im a "yob" but because things like this make people complacent, and worse rider / drivers,   theres been studies done over the years on car drivers following the introduction of ABS and traction control, and they found people push their veichles far more without realising because the computers do all the work............ until they cant do anymore...............

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Aug 11

Posts: 7

trig78 says:

YES, and the reason is the same as for ABS or wearing a helmet. Not because you need it all the time but for when you do need it you will be very happy that you have it. I just got Dorsoduro ABS and it saved me from 3 hard breaking close calls within 10 days. I probably wouldn't crash but....

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Mar 06

Posts: 1

drioannis says:

Traction control...

Well I drive for more than 3 years bikes with traction control and all I can say is that this is the future.I drive on the road and at the track in local championship and traction control is helping me to go faster and safer.If someone does not like traction control the chances are he did not drive a bike with a proper calibrated traction control.
Lets start with traction control on the road:
On the road where there are too many things can go wrong in just one turn like dirt,oil or even just a little more slippery tarmac the traction control when you apply the gas will let you slip up to a point and then you stop and go your way.Lets see what happens when you do not have traction control.You get in the turn,then  start lifting the bike and apply the gas more and more when suddenly you slip and ooops you are down without even understand what happened.

Now lets see what happens in the track on a race...
You are chasing the rider in front of you and go into your favorite turn and go for the inside line and start lifting the bike and applying the gas really hard,the bike slides and slides and traction control doing its job and you continue to slide until you are out of the turn and in front of your opponent.Now lets see what happens when you do not have traction control...You chase your opponent and go in a nice turn and start applying the gas more and more and suddenly you start to slip.At best you simple loose the opportunity to pass,at worst you highside.
I keep hearing stupid things like "My traction control is my right wrist..." or even "Why should I have a traction control on my 1000cc 180hp bike,I have it always under control". All of then have not tried a bike with proper traction control and do not even know how it works and how good is today.Stoner,Rossi.. and all of those professional riders use traction control to go faster and safer why the hell you think you are better than them.I used a Bazzaz traction control on my GSXR600 2006 bike and was perfect after calibrating.Now I use a BMW S1000RR with DTC and man I really enjoy every moment without this 190hp+ machine scare the hell out of me every time I open full throttle on the exit of a turn!

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Aug 02

Posts: 69

And there in lies a truth drioannis... in the real world who in the hell needs a 190+ bhp road bike ?

why do manufacturers continue to produce race bikes with lights on designed for track use? Fireblades, R1, GSXR1000, Zx10 - all of them perfectly useable on the road granted, but primarily designed to win championships.

There is absolutely no need for expensive electronic wizardry on a road bike.

The 600 supersports aren't much better - they get smaller and lighter , more powerful and faster year on year.



This weeks MCN had a test on the superbikes of 2005 and no one would feel any disappointment in normal riding on any of those bikes - none of which come equipped with the latest one up manship marvel of marketing ABS/traction control/ launch control etc etc.

Its dumbing down to the lowest common denominator - i.e. to the rider who doesn't have the skills to deal with a powerful bike.

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Mar 06

Posts: 107

Hedgeholer says:

BAD analogy, No Cookie

Who the hell needs a .....  more or less anything you can think of........

Swap my ZX6 for a CG125

My Focus for a Trabbant

House for a Tent,  Tent for a Dog - I say is that YOUR wife sir?  Sorry, got sidetracked there.

Where would the economy be if we only bought things we need?  Sorry again.

But seriously,  Drioannis has it right.  If you have 45 bhp never mind 4 x that (190)  - when you hit that diesel you're better off with TC & ABS than you are without 'em.

And it doesn't deskill the riding because you still need to know their limits.








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Sep 07

Posts: 2821

James600zx says:

Diesel, ice...!

Hold on again, it sounds like some of you are going to be out on your TC'd bikes in the ice and the snow (and the diesel and the gravel-strewn roundabouts) thinking that the technology will keep you safe even if you're cack-handed. That's not why TC was put onto bikes and I'm not convinced it will perform in the way you believe it will. Just because racers use it doesn't mean it's good for us. Similarly, racers don't use ABS (-now there's a topic!).

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Mar 09

Posts: 20

100milesaway says:

Traction control

I have  GTR 1400 fitted with traction control and as yet have not needed it BUT until a few months ago I said the same thing about ABS then a Land rover pulled right across my path and after riding bikes for 45 years I KNOW that it saved me from a very bad accident. After all if you never use all these gizmos, what harm is done, but if you do as I did you WILL think they are wonderful.

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Jan 10

Posts: 16

Cormac58 says:


If we had four simple modes, that determine how much it's turned on, and an option to turn it off, absolutely. It's probably one of the best, along with ABS, technological advancements in motorcycling, but sometimes you'd like to get rid of it for half an hour. That's what I think anyway!

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

I voted no because what I want from my bike is an engine, a wheel at either end, some metal holding it all together, a few other necessities, possibly something telling me how fast im going for when i see a yellow box, and that's about it, if I wanted abs and all the other modern witchery I would take the car, when i ride my bike i want to actually ride my bike not the other way round

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