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MCN  says:

Poll: Do you want traction control?

MCN would like to know: do you want traction control? Vote in the poll and add your comment at the bottom of the page!  

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  • Posted 4 years ago (23 August 2011 15:46)

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Jun 11

Posts: 568

ratchetman says:

Back in the late 70s when i rode my gs 1000 even though the power was a lot less in thoughsdays because the tyres were crap the bike would spin up in the wet and and the rear would slide under hard acceleration coming out of corners even in the dry . But it did teach me how to ride and control a bike fairly well. I now have a 130bhp bandit and because of the major advances made in tyre technoligy you have got to be riding like a loon in dry weather to have traction control control cut in. Possibly in wet weather it might be an advantage for an inexpierienced rider but i think traction control would lul alot of riders into a false sense of security and it still doent stop you riding around corners to fast and falling of 

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Nov 03

Posts: 159

chrisyzf says:

2 Strokes

As part of a riders training they should all have to ride powerful 2 strokes on the road all year round, traction control what a laugh.

bring back 2 strokes, power on power off those were the days.

i started with a MT50, then a tuned TZR125 with electonic power valve, then the first RGV250

the TZR taught me throttle control in dry and wet, skinny tyres and very narrow power band,

the RGV scared the feck out of me at first a real monster in the wet, but i learned how to ride it and what a rewarding machine,

i am seriously thinking of getting an old RGV and restoring it, as i am fed up of the same old power crazy 600 plus sports bikes around now

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Aug 02

Posts: 129

stevecase says:

I don't dislike technology but I do dislike ill considered gimmicks. all of a sudden theres traction control, adjustable suspension etc etc. Most of these come from my favourite bike company and I suspect they're using the Microsoft beta testing plan (let the customer find the faults).

The technology is still relatively new and it WILL break and you WILL have to pay to fix it!

Oh and one last thing adjustable suspension only adjusts the settings to suit whoever was used as the model, so if it was a 12 stone skinny bloke then i'm buggered and I'm still going to have to tweak it to suit me! So wots the point of it!!!!!!!!

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:


don't worry man.  BMW had already started allowing you to modify and store custom suspension settings over the factory presets.  Set it, store it, recall it.  Ducati as well.  I think this is an important attribute to have if a company is going force their electronic gimmicks down our throats.

When suspension starts going electro-magnetic fluid on us, I'll probably be more excited. 

In the meantime, if you currently have non-adjustable electronic suspension, and you're a fat ass, you can still get stiffer springs at the very least.

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Nov 09

Posts: 31

bullpizzle says:

People think TC is a new thing - it isn't. Honda's first Pan European had it many, many years ago. And like BMW's system on its tourers, it's designed to regulate rear wheel drive in icy, oily, wet conditions - and as we know, big lean and hard charging isn't the big thing on wallowy, laden tourers.

Cut to modern day TC on sports bikes and we have a different ball game. That shit is designed for sports bikes, where owners (weapons as they will called for this conversation) go do trackdays and where dangerous weapons try to emulate racing gods on the road. All manufacturers point out to weapons that TC will not save weapons if they ride beyond the parameters of tyre grip, road surface and weather conditions. besides, there is no such thing as TC for the front wheel.

Weapons should be made to realise that TC is a safety aid and anything that helps reduce statistics is not a bad thing. TC should be standard issue like ABS will be compulsory after 2013. Weapons hate change, I understand that. And weapons are really the most dangerous thing out there - not TC.

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Jul 11

Posts: 21

BobLeDuc says:


Why not..if it helps in the wet and maybe when you're over zealous so be it. KR trained GP prospects in the dirt on 80cc dirtbikes...everyone should know what it's like to slide ...bottom line is Traction Control is in your right hand

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Sep 11

Posts: 7

bikerlad707 says:

not for me , to much crap on bikes now

why do we need all the stuff thats on the new bikes ? you may say im to old ! you maybe right but all i know is next step will be computer controled bikes .


if you cant ride a bike without it you should not be rideing it anyway , ? on the track maybe but for the roads no way .


im glad to see johnathon palmer has said all elctrics will not be used next year on bsb bikes , then we shall see who the riders are & it will be better raceing all round

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Aug 09

Posts: 301

Of course and ABS

Don't push the bike hard enough that i'd ever use it but you never know when it might come in handy. Would want ABS first though.

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Sep 11

Posts: 2

mkmax says:

I have just bought an 1198s, and i can definately say that I can ride it with more confidence knowing that the back up is there.

Having said that, never slid the back of my VFR 1200, but used the ABS a few times, but then I put that down to them being overly sensititve.

Still, if your riding 17K of bike on a trackday, at least you are not going to highside !

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Sep 11

Posts: 2

eddyvanuk says:

Just bought a bmw s1000rr with out the abs and traction control. The reasons behind this is that you got to turn them off if you are going to do a trackday because you cannot you the bikes full potential if you have every thing turned on. On the road I would never you it. all the bikes I've had they never had all this electronic bull shit so why should I start now. After talking to sales men before I bought the beemer They thought the electronics package for the bike was just sales gimics. 

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