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Steve Farrell  says:

Rider killed braking for a speed camera

A motorcyclist was killed after braking too hard for a speed camera, a coroner said. Timothy Rowsell, 64, was doing at least 78mph on a Suzuki GSX-R1000 as he approached the speed camera van on a 50mph road. The camera operator, the only eyewitness to the crash, said she saw smoke coming from the bike’s tyres before Rowsell, a married father-of-two, fell...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (26 August 2011 14:18)

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Dec 10

Posts: 240

blue200tdi says:

Oh dear

Yes we can all blame the police for usuing the van in a place that may be dangerous, but, had he not been speeding, he wouldn't have braked and therefore would still be alive.

And before you all slate me for my opinion, which I'm more than allowed have, yes I do speed, at the right time and place, and I seriously, no I DO KNOW, that training people to ride/drive PROPERLY would save a darn sight more lives than a yellow box on a pole or a police person sat in a van getting paid overtime.

The standard at which a pass is given on a driving/riding test is ludicrously below an acceptable standard, endorsed by a female friend of mine who passed her test and yet cannot reverse, cannot drive in the rain or the dark, refuses to use a dual carraigeway or motorway, stops at roundabouts even if it's clear to go, the list goes on.

No way does she have enough competence to drive a car on her own. Speed doesn't kill, bad and inconsiderate driving does!!

Still, I hope the fines made a death worthwhile on that day!! And it's been proven that cameras don't cut road deaths, hey ho, they make money, they carry on regardless!!

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Aug 02

Posts: 103

tl1000kid says:

remove them all

Speed cameras are a dangerous distraction - fact.

Not only that, but psychologically they must be having an effect on the nation's drivers, adding to the cumulative stress of driving.

Get rid of the lot of 'em, I say.

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Jun 10

Posts: 26

blah says:

So it was a SAFETY van apparently...

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Aug 02

Posts: 3

Verne says:

I'd like more information...

Would have liked to have read about the road conditions, siting of the van in relation to the road, was there a corner, etc?

Could have made my own mind up about the 'regulations'.

Note to MCN, Please see above.



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Feb 06

Posts: 36

yaxireaper says:

blue200tdi you obviously do not know this road .I live in Bournemouth and know it is safe to do 70 mph + . why the local council insist on a 50 mph zone is beyond me .If the speed limit is not reasonable for the situation then the council can fuck off. They killed this man . PS the council now have a 40 mph zone further up the same duel carriage way ,totally unreasonable. 40 MPH ON A DUEL CARRIAGE WAY WTF! IS THAT ABOUT

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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:

Just fyi

Councils lower speed limits on duel carriageways so that they dont have to maintain them to such a high standard, a 40mph road doesnt require as good as surface as a national speed limit surface, hence, less cost.

PLUS they get to keep the "road safety" bunch happy by saying theyre reducing speed limits despite the fact it makes no difference AND they can rake in cash from catching "speeders" on their shiny new 40mph dual carriageway, we have one here that has been reduced from national to 40mph, everyone still goes national over it....

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Feb 09

Posts: 4758

philehidiot says:

If he was speeding

safely and able to control the bike at that speed, a real emergency would have had the same effect. He was going faster than he could control in the conditions and therefore came off when he had to brake. In this case he was speeding inappropriately as he could not stop the bike safely in an emergency. Did he deserve to die for this? No. His death wasn't a punishment - it's not a matter of 'deserving' it's a matter of riding being potentially dangerous and we all know the risks.

I do have sympathy for his family but he made the decision to speed and was evidently not capable of controlling the bike at that speed in those conditions. He may have hit something slippy but this is more an observational failure.

Arguing the cops shouldn't be there helps no one. They're doing a job and they are out there enforcing the law - this is a fact. If you choose to speed you may end up getting caught and people need to remember that. People also need to remember that if you are going to speed you must ensure you are capable of handling your bike just as well as if the speed were lower. That comes from either practice off the public roads or advanced training or experience and it's way more important than a ticket.

It's a sad story but the facts are simple - the law is the law and you can argue it all you like. It won't help you. The police are out there and it's not going to change.
Speed cameras are usually placed where something tragic has already happened - one on my road and it's after a young girl was knocked down by a speeding motorist who couldn't stop in the distance he could see to be clear. These are all facts and whinging about them and arguing will achieve nothing. Thinking about ensuring this won't happen to you will - where are your weaknesses? Can you always stop the bike safely? When did you last practice an emergency stop? Bikes are potentially very dangerous and this is an example of how panicking and being ill equipped to deal with a situation which you have put yourself in by your own actions can go horribly wrong. If it hadn't have been a cop car, but had been an animal or a child then the effect would likely have been the same.

Don't argue about it, learn from it.

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:

Philehidiot / others excusing this -

FFS, this guy died because of hazzard the filth arbitrarily, and deliberately, put in his way.

These people whining and mewling that, "Ewww - he was speeding!  He shouldn't have been speeee-ding, so anything that happened was all his fault anyway" - go to hell, the lot of you.

Maybe a line of bricks, or even a wall should be randomly placed on any road - we should all be able to stop before hitting it, right?  So if there's an accident, it's got to be the fault of the rider - right?

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Sep 07

Posts: 1100

iancol says:

Speed cameras

I don't suppose you were at the riots, were you, SLowLearner? 

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Oct 10

Posts: 178

Mikeyy says:


I don't want to sound like a dick here but he was braking the speed limit which we all do but doing 28 mph above the limit is only going to create trouble. Ok yes witness said he was riding sensibly but you have to say to your self if he was riding within the law he would'nt of had to brake and therefore would'nt of ended with this mans death.

As rude as i may sound i do wish my condolences to his family.

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