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Liam Marsden  says:

Indy MotoGP: Stoner cruises to 30th MotoGP win

Repsol Honda rider Casey Stoner cruised to his 30th victory in the MotoGP class at Indianapolis, setting a new lap record on the way. Team-mate Dani Pedrosa got the best start and led for a handful of laps before Stoner overtook him on the start/finish straight. Both Pedrosa and Stoner opened up a comfortable lead from the following riders, with Pedrosa making it two...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (28 August 2011 20:11)

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Mar 09

Posts: 24

slowy46 says:


I was watching the F1 yesterday.  The BBC did a peace about Schumacher and looking back at his 20 years in F1.  He won 5 tltles for Ferrari from 2000 to 2004.  But he joined Ferrari in 1995 and it took him and the team 5 years to win the 1st title, as Ferrar was in such a mess when he joined them. 

Ducati have only won 1 world title and that was in 07, and it was only Casey who was up the front on a Ducati.  I have no doubt that if Caey was on the Ducati this year he would be up the fornt.  But he would not be winning on it as he is on the well sorted Honda.  So the Ducati has not been a consistent title winner,

Give Rossi and the team a chance to get the bike sorted as its only their 1st year together.  Lets face facts, if Rossi was on a factory honda this year he would be up there fighting for the championship.  Lets hope year 2 is better than year 1 for Rossi and Ducati

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Mar 09

Posts: 4926

Nostrodamus says:

If you watch Pedrosa

he is very similar to Stoner if perhaps half a notch down on the all action front. Nobody gets the machine up onto the fat part of the tyre and driving better than Dani. Even Stoner has admitted this.

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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:

So much tripe

Just FYI, stoner's bike in 2007 was nothing like the desmo theyre riding now, it had the best engine on the grid, a steel trellis frame and was notorious for being an easy bike to ride fast, quite like the honda at the moment, the carbon fibre is a new drill that they brought in to try and get more stiffness since the trellis was getting too dense, however they got too much stiffness, stoner found a way to work it but not like he'd worked the older bike and he certainly crashed fairly regularly riding on the ragged edge with little feel.

In the last few years, the desmo has had some advantages (excluding stoner) which are now virtually none existant as everyone else has progressed and ducati has not.

Hayden was always going to be good at the start of the race on the soft tyre when everyone else was on the hard tyre, the other week lorenzo made the same misstake and he ran away with it till his tyre started to melt and everyone elses tyres started working better, if he had chosen hard, he probably wouldnt have had a great start and would probably have finished well down the pack anyway.

Hopefully the embarrassment for ducati this weekend will bring about some sort of worthwhile change, we know the riders want big changes, ducati is trying to make what its got work for marketing purposes, the carbon fibre is crap, i hope they got to alloy as soon as possible, for the sake of motogp, we need ducati to be running with the rest and despite the fact the pack of dogs are relishing the chance to lay into rossi, we need rossi at the front, Rossi loosing makes good news for now but soon itll become old news and half the money and publicity motogp gets is because of rossi, as much as people dont like it, its true.


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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:

New champ on the Block?

Stoner's the new master - riding the wheels off the bike appears to best Rossi's doctoring tactics, which need millions of euros investment by the factory. The Oz doesn't seem to need a planted front-end, as he can ride with the front unloaded, and the weight shifted rearwards (as with Duke 2007 - sort of copied by Rossi/Burgess in 2008). This weight shift gives him mega drive out of the corner that, as every dirt rider knows, eliminates any misbehaviour from the front, which merely skims the track (disadvantage - bike, as seen at the brickyard, can make a wayward lunge towards the barriers). It was noticable that Rossi and Pedrosa do not favour this gung-ho approach, and appear to have been carrying the weight further forward, forcing them to short-shift the gears on certain corners. The giveaway was Rossi's toe-sliders sparking on a certain corner - he (and Pedro) were changing gear at this point, not riding flat-footed as suggested by Eurosport's Mr. Ryder. Clearly, both riders would have seriously spun up, if they had tried to 'Stoner it'. Therefore neither rider (or, it seems, any of the others) could blast out of the corners like Casey. Which approach will eventually prevail, over the next few seasons? We cannot rule out Rossi and Burgess coming up with the goods, if, as Mr. Nakamota suggests, Duke scrap the GP 11.1 and create a completely new machine.

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Jul 11

Posts: 257

Ocdcbr says:

From what I remember Rossi was the king of winIng a close battle. I'm tired of seeing stoner p off into the distance for an easy win. That pass on pedrosa down the straight reminds me of the year he won the champ on the duke. Just too easy. He was amazing in the race. Super fast and great to watch. But there is no joy seeing Hayden at his home race having to pit, because the tyre is not working. I heard on eurosport spalding saying that bridgestone knew the tyre would not suit the duke. Seems strange. Simo also suffered big time. There is no way Rossi is finished. Not a good day foroto Gp. Well done to smith and redding on the moto 2's. That's what racing should be!!

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Oct 07

Posts: 1302

hugelean says:

Great ride from Stoner this weekend and Spies and Bautista, it was great watching spies charge through the pack. Ducati need to turn up with a new bike at the next race.. Two reasons why it's two soon to anoint Casey leader of the pack. a) his bike is vastly superior to the yam and the duke and the current champ from last year and the dominant rider of the last 3 years are on them respectively. 2) Casey has done this before when he's had a machine advantage only to fall by the way side when Rossi and then Jlo got a near machine parity.. Has it this year no question and has been brilliant, fully deserved but there are too many if's and buts.. Incidently when Rossi was on the dominant Honda so was all his competition and all with the overnight specials.. Well done again Casey too strong this weekend for DP..

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:

cheers bulto

I'll give that a go on hanger lane roundabout tomorrow morning.

Now, of all the things you could write about Casey Stoner over the weekend, you'd think a couple of those qualifying laps would be near the top of the list. Not so Steve Parrish, who chose today to focus on his comments about the track and concluded "great rider he is, but loves a moan." As if Stoner was the only one critical of the track surface.

Now sections of the british racing public are famous for their inability to accept anyone but Rossi winning a race, but it's truly pathetic to see it in a "journalist". I guess he's made no secret of his man-crush over the years. Much like poor Suzi Perry, who is in such despair she's been unable to pen an article since naming Rossi as one of six championship contenders back in June.

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Mar 09

Posts: 4926

Nostrodamus says:

The trouble with Zombies

is although they're brain dead you can't actually kill them. They just keep stumbling onwards with bile drooling down their chins. 

Witness Andywfr below  "steel trellis frame and was notorious for being an easy bike to ride fast" WTF?! That's not even worth responding to.

Or good old Hardlylean crapping on about it's all the bike. Only Pedrosa was remotely close to Stoner. Where were the rest of the RCV's...trailling off in the distance. Spies had Stoners pace, he just got boxed in corner nr.4. The Yamaha is good enough.

It's abundantly clear to me that if a middling level rider like Hayden can ride that GP11.1 (which wasn't as advanced as the choosen ones one) as well as he did for 4 laps, then a rider of Stoners calibre would still have the red machine at the pointy end of the field because he and his crew know what they're doing.

Ducati should be suing Rossi for misrepresentation. Motorsports greatest flop.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3327

Bultoboy says:

It's funny

Reading what some people will continue to say in trying to find ways of discrediting Stoner's performances.

Inevitable I guess in the absence of anything positive to say about their fallen idol. The bottom of the excuse barrel is now becoming quite bare, the only thing it contains are the scratch marks from nails feverishly scraping around looking for some previously unused ones. But the news is  -  they've all been used up. 

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1178

Hey, guess what?

When I woke up this morning, it was fkn Christmas all over again!

Like I said though, every day is Christmas with Ronald McDonald on a fkn Ducati! Hahaha...

Oh, and if I ever forget how my national anthem goes, I'll just check out a motoGP race!

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