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Steve Farrell  says:

Morrisons: 'Helmets trap petrol fumes'

Filling up with fuel with your helmet on can cause you to pass out, the supermarket Morrisons told a biker. Petrol fumes collect inside the helmet and become trapped, causing sickness and eventual loss of consciousness, the retailer said. The bizarre claims were made to a motorcyclist who tried to refuel his Harley-Davidson FXR at a Morrisons petrol station in an...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (02 September 2011 11:34)

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

Complete b'llocks

We are required by law to validate the minimum age for dispensing fuel and that cannot be done adequately if riders keep their helmets on.

So how many 10 year olds ride their Harley in and try and fill it up?

Easy solution, shop elsewhere

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Aug 02

Posts: 439

snave says:

Solution for the goose

...must also be solution for the gander. If the fumes are that dangerous, then all passengers must de-car and stand to one side while the car is fuelled, all staff must wear full protective clothing including breathing apparatus. And the Health und Zafety SS should close the station down as a health hazard - if fumes are escaping then the station is not operating correctly. Simples!

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Dec 10

Posts: 22

dutchTT22 says:

we're all criminals?

the message i'm getting from morrisons statement is that we're all criminals...

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Feb 10

Posts: 196

wesley01 says:


Bikers are treated like shit!! and then fobbed off with some bullshit excuse its a joke. As some helmets cost more than a shitty little hatch back, the petrol garages expect us to just take them off and put them down on some filthy garage surface as there is no allocated place to store ones helmet properly as the tank is in use!

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Feb 10

Posts: 9

steveiwhite says:


Judging from the photo above, lee doesnt look like the snotty little ped rider trying to fill up a 50cc bumblebee. What a joke. saying that i meet 15 year olds on harleys all the time.....

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Aug 09

Posts: 4

sahome says:

Avoid theese idiots

I have to agree with shuggie, simply stop using them. I had a similar experience at texaco at Bow DLR station. Since then, everytime someone asks me for petrol directions around there, i point them down the road and most of the people i know, now do not use it. It is pathetic to treat riders as second class citizens. I would like to see a 12 year old hold up my R1, let alone ride it...

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Feb 10

Posts: 159

ducatigav says:

Morrisons what a crock of shit you come out with please use brain befor speaking

i had it tho several times where let you fill the bike up go into to pay but then ask you do remove you lid after standing in the que for 5 mins (lets face it if i was going to rob them would i que?)


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Aug 11

Posts: 1

bigjohn56 says:


i trust that Morrisons will now require all muslim women to remove their head gear before buying petrol. After all failure to do this can be discrimination as helmets are required by law burkas are not

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:


Pumps have - more often than not - some fixed advert on the surface of a pump where it might be convenient to put a helmet.  Nobody'd want to put it on a filthy, fuel-soaked floor, or leave it on the bike to get knocked off.   They're making demands and saying there's a problem (a BS one at that), and providing no solution.  Sounds a bit crap to me.

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Sep 11

Posts: 3

strangegoat says:


I wonder what would have happened if he turned up on a marked police bike, in full police kit including helmet and tried to fill up without taking his lid off?? Would he have instantly been branded a suspected criminal then? The explanation given by Morrisons staff is completely unacceptable! No proof what so ever of anyone in a bike helmet ever passing out on a forecourt due to petrol fume inhalation or poisoning ... oh and HELLO ... he was wearing an OPEN FACE helmet!! Good grief!! And the whole 'robbery' line is a load of crap too! If they want to be prejudiced and judgemental then its more likely that the staff in the shop are the criminals by cloning your credit card details (as has happened many times! even to Jeremy Clarkson!). I've never had a problem with my local morrisons petrol station but after reading this article I won't be using a morrisons PS again as I don't like their attitude in this case. Vote with your wallet ;)

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