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Steve Farrell  says:

Morrisons: 'Helmets trap petrol fumes'

Filling up with fuel with your helmet on can cause you to pass out, the supermarket Morrisons told a biker. Petrol fumes collect inside the helmet and become trapped, causing sickness and eventual loss of consciousness, the retailer said. The bizarre claims were made to a motorcyclist who tried to refuel his Harley-Davidson FXR at a Morrisons petrol station in an...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (02 September 2011 11:34)

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Aug 02

Posts: 550

Oh dear

I'll get a slagging for this but i don't really see what all the fuss is about, i take my lid off prior to going into any Petrol Station or shop, it's common courtesy in my opinion.

It takes seconds to remove and put back on, what is the big deal ?

We bikers seem to whinge and moan about every little thing to the extent that when there is a valid thing to moan about ( anti tampering laws or similar ) we'll not be heard because people think that bikers moan about everything so just ignore us. 

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Aug 09

Posts: 233

flatspots says:

Alternative view

Never an issue for me because I always remove my lid before filling up. :shock: Some people can be intimidated with bikers walking into the shop to pay with their lids on. I've even seen bikers leaving their visors down to pay. Of couse that's the teller problem, however I prefer to avoid any awkwardness.

I do have some sympathy with bikers who have no place to store their lids whilst filling. I'm lucky enough to be able to balance it on the seat.

Await the anger! lol






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Apr 11

Posts: 14

cbrgaz says:

maybe a little over reaction!

I am a biker, and also work in a petrol station. I agree that it was a very stupid reason given, but most likely was a naive youngster who was unsure about the real reason for the rules they have been told to obey and therefore made up a reason on the spot. When working at the garage, if I authorise a pump when the user is under ages or 'not competent' the blame will come to ME and not the store, and I would be help accountable, and therefore regardless of my personal opinions I also ask for bikers to remove helmets (as well as other stupid things like telling customers to shut their boots when filling up). As for the 'branding bikers criminals' argument, I see no evidence for this. If a customer walked in the store with a balaclava on or a hoodie totally covering their face, they would also be told to remove it. At the end of the day, it takes 10 seconds to take your helmet off and makes the whole process a lot easier - just suck it up and chill out a bit :D

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May 10

Posts: 114

coxyjm says:


you ask a Muslim woman to remove her Burka? Or ask a Sikh to remove their Turban. I think NOT.

It is my choice whether i keep my lid on or not, and i choose NOT to remove my lid, apart from Banks and Post Offices. Why because i cannot be bothered to and i dont want some pillock knocking off my bike or nicking it. but i will lift my visor up

If I intimidate people, that is their problem not mine, as i have not done anything to them.

As far as this bloke above, fucking idoits at Morrisons if you think the average human will buy that bollocks.

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

I have a flip-front

and always open it up when fuelling and paying, never been asked to remove what is effectively an open face lid.

Was asked once when wearing a full face so placed it very carefully on his nice sweet display, as was only clean place to put it. After all was a £500 Arai... Sorry mate must have knocked the sweets on the floor, and left...


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Sep 11

Posts: 7

Heavier than air

I was taught that petrol vapours are heavier than air and will sink, which is why you never drain it over a pit. I generally take my lid off anyway, but not always, not had a problem yet, but I'm sure I will one day.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8086

snev says:

Bloddy Cheek..!

Having been a victim of this myself ... Cold wet windy day, the most annoying thing is that I was treated like a criminal . so I made my point to the staff quite loudly and walked out . ...ITS NOT US ROBBING  THEM  AT THE PUMPS is it ?

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Aug 11

Posts: 1

RandyMan says:

Best explantion ever!

I got the hump when I was asked to take my lid off at a petrol station and kicked up a fuss, then realised that it's just plain manners to take it off! It's a sign of respect. A full face helmet is a definite to take off, but flip fronts and open faced ones aren't stopping a facial recognition so shouldn't get a lot of hassle from staff. Its all coz of little chavs bilking on their high speed SR125's and SPeedFighters

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Jan 11

Posts: 8086

snev says:

and another thing...! If the staff have trouble with Mr  Ramshaws age, I would be very worried about being short changed , can I suggest all Morrisons petrol assistants have eye tests. As for the last comment about robbery and assault What a complete load of Racist (in a way) crap .....The spokesman should be Flogged.

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

You gotta laugh but sadly this is typical of British society where one person's wrongdoing means everyone is guilty by association. Every motorcyclist is now thought of as a potential robber or about to assault someone because someone, somewhere robbed someone while wearing a crash helmet.

As for the petrol fumes causing nausea and potentially causing a person to lose consciousness? Well surely that's just the price of the bloody fuel not the vapour!


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