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Steve Farrell  says:

Morrisons: 'Helmets trap petrol fumes'

Filling up with fuel with your helmet on can cause you to pass out, the supermarket Morrisons told a biker. Petrol fumes collect inside the helmet and become trapped, causing sickness and eventual loss of consciousness, the retailer said. The bizarre claims were made to a motorcyclist who tried to refuel his Harley-Davidson FXR at a Morrisons petrol station in an...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (02 September 2011 11:34)

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May 08

Posts: 11


i thought all this stupidity about taking your helmet off had blown over. i havent been asked for months and then i just road away without buying anything. Now i know not to go to Morrisons for petrol any more and i hope noone else will either.

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Jul 11

Posts: 11

beeky says:


What I find most disturbing about this article is that the Customer Service Dept wrote back and couldn't use basic grammar (there/their)! Who are they employing?! It's not surprising they wrote back talking rubbish if they can't even spell.

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Feb 09

Posts: 541

jon66 says:

Validating age???

HA HA , i want to know where the hell in the UK i could have got my bike license when i was still underage to fill up with Fuel , proof that you dont have to be braindead to work in a supermarket - BUT IT SURE HELPS  , Twit

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Mar 10

Posts: 2

The risk of Petrol fumes are  minimal.

With the way they use that argument you would have a bigger problem with carbon dioxide from breathing with the helmet on. So its just another lame excuse.

There will be longer queues while you put your kit on. I'd just use a different filling station.

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Jul 11

Posts: 244

MakemRider says:

Helmets At Morrisons

Lets have a 'show Morrisons policy is stupid' day.

At a pre-arranged time 3 or 4 (the more the merrier) bikers (for each available kiosk) at lots/all of Morrisons around the country & fill up (6ltrs or so) removing helmets first of course. Push your bike to the kiosk so all bikes are in turn. Each one pays then puts on their balaclaver (which requires the refastening of both zips of their jackets), helmet, both gloves then start up & move off after saying to the operator 'Bikers must remove their helmet is a stupid rule, isn't it'. This &the time it takes to get to your money should (at a busy time) cause major hold up at the pumps and with luck the idiot who made up the rule will have questions to answer.

How about 5:30pm on September 30th?

Just think how it would be if 30 to 40 arrived at the pumps each getting 6 ltrs & taking at least twice the time a motorist takes to fill up & pay for 30-50 ltrs.

Someone could even let the 'big man' at Morrissons know what's happening (at 5:30 of course)

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Aug 06

Posts: 22

nickmas says:


How many balaclava's can you wear under a helmet, could be a Youtube sensation.

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Nov 10

Posts: 13

pippawilky says:

what about baseball hats pulled over the face is that ok  then and do this type steal petrol or just us, funny isn,t it once you start

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Aug 09

Posts: 6

Mecki says:

I don't have a problem

I regularly fill up at Morrisons and never had any problems whatsoever wearing a helmet while filling up. I do understand concerns when people wearing full face helmets or balaclavas enter the kiosk, though. After all it is not different from wearing a mask and extremely rude as well. But I never had any problems with open face helmets.

You wouldn't walk into a bank wearing a full face helmet now, or would you? If you did, you would expect the armed offenders squad to turn up in a jiffy. And gas stations get robbed far more often than banks.

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Jun 08

Posts: 56

CarsOrBikes says:


I went to fill at Morrisons on the Isle of Wight, they allowed me to, but wouldn't let me pay until my helmet was off, so I asked why, and was told, in a fashion, it was policy and the pumps said to. If i'd seen it i'd have bought at Sainsburys round the corner. When I went back to the pump, I did find the tiny sticker with about ten tiny text rules, and it said to remove helmet prior to fuelling, so in future, I will quote that, and if they didn't ask me to before, I won't after. A visor up is all that is required for manners.

Shell used to do this, but stopped in general, probably because they realised the loss of revenue and level of complaint.

Morrisons are supposed to be a switched on company, and we should boycott them to make them realise the revenue loss. i am perfectly happy to detail the receipt value of all my shopping, and that of my family that support the cause, plus all the collective fuel receipt values, to show them what the policy costs them.

We have eight cars and four bikes at home, so well done Morrisons, as your shit attitude to your customers, that in my case are car drivers too, you will lose close to £18,000 per year in lost food & fuel sales. To your competitors. This is from one address. Idiots!

We should all go on the first of the month at first, and take ages to fill, and if stopped with helmets on, remove the nozzles and ride away and leave them on the floor. They will soon sympathise with inconvenience.

You people suggesting we should just comply, are probably retired or fairweather riders, most real bikers fuel often, and on long runs haven't time to repeat the same helmet off operation every 100 miles.

All they are doing this for is because they are scared of theft. They are discriminating against bikers, and wouldn't dare suggest any other item of clothing gets removed for fear of youth reprisal, or racist attitude.

They are inconsistent, and inconsiderate. If they can't prevent theft by investing in information capture systems the others use, they shouldn't be allowed to sell fuel, period.

Women in Burkhas may not be able to drive, but they could still steal..... so that was a dumb comment.

The U.K. is full of conformist pussies, we are a weak nation, unable to effectively defend any cause whatsoever, usually because er...... we're not allowed to!

This, and related crap needs making more public




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Jan 09

Posts: 6

Rredrider251 says:

2 points

1. Morrisons don't employ scientists who would tell them that petrol vapours are heavy than air hence would not rise into a helmet be it open or full face.

2. I fill up at a local Shell garage that has a lovely notice that says turn motorcycles around so that their cameras can read my number plate and remove helmet. I don't do the first or the second. In fact I fill up with my fullface helmet on and a balaclava underneath with my ear plugs in. I also pay for the petrol dressed in this way as well. I have not been asked to comply with their instructions todate and I would not on the basis it takes long enough to get it all on in the first place and if it is cold or we I am not going to loose any heat accumulated. If I ever get to fill up somewhere else and asked to comply with similar instructions unless I am desperate I will ride to the next station. As previously stated there is rarely any provision to put your helmet if you do take it off.

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