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Matthew Birt  says:

Ducati boss: Rossi is a ‘lion in a cage’

Ducati's engineering expert Filippo Preziosi reckons Valentino Rossi is like a lion trapped in a cage and he warned the Italian's rivals to expect a much more competitive threat once the Bologna factory has improved its Desmosedici machine. Rossi hasn't posed any serious threat to the podium on a consistent basis all season and after 13 rounds off a tough debut...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (06 September 2011 09:48)

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Jul 08

Posts: 1091

leemuz says:


So many ex-racers who talk the talk...

IF you are an ex would definately respect ALL the riders more than you do...

Either that.......or you ve forgot how have to be too win ANY race   let alone 9 Championships against the best in the world

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Jul 10

Posts: 540

Very true...good report

The other riders like George and Moaner can be thankful Rossi is off the pace due to machinery. When the bike is right......well, they're Fucked. And it will be. Thats a fact.

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Feb 11

Posts: 116


You say magic doesn't happen overnight.....I can think of one rider who's had overnight success this year. Oh yeh that's right, he has the best bike, the exact same bike two other blokes in the championship have (and who have had years to work with them). How's he doing compared to them?

btw, that profile pic, the construction of the username, and the language you use look a hell of a lot similar to RossiDukeBiker46....hmmm, use a bit more imagination next time if you're planning on plumping up the forum with pro-Rossi posts.

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Mar 11

Posts: 50


well i hope he does get things sorted and can start racing at the front again because ive heard enough of the excuses etc...if any other rider had been moaning like him they would have got a right roasting from his fans.

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Nov 09

Posts: 88

ginganz13 says:

RDB - When the flag drops

The bullshit stops.

All the bad euphemisms, excuses and rhetoric in the world won't change what Rossi isn't doing between the flags. Your apologetics are as empty as Rossi's trophy cabinet this year.

Now all he's got between races is the bullshit, if it's possible to make houses out of it surely  RDB46 can fashion it into some podium steps for his world champion of sad excuses. 

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Apr 11

Posts: 137

mike2265 says:

Pointless Article

Really?  Rivals should expect a much more competitive threat when they improve the machine.  And I would have thought that making it worse will make them more competitive.

And Rossi is a lion in a cage!?  What silly schoolyard comments.  "Just wait until we open the cage.  Then you'll see.  My riders gonna beat your rider....  Now, has anyone seen the key?  I thought you had it Jeremy?  Vale can't seem to open it from the inside.  Perhaps we should make a new key from aluminium."

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


yeah but your cage cann't be open eternally except YOU CHANGE THAT BEAST TO BE BEASTY (BEAST BITCHY) BIKE. CHANGE IT TO YAMAHA MACHINE. crap. i'm sure beast title would be taken from you start that day.

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

Oh dear, oh dear - diddums Leemuz et al ...

The more I take the piss out of those rabid, one-eyed (and very bitter lately) Rossi fans - the more it is so very obvious that they STILL don't get it.

I'll say it again - as I have dozens of times over the past 3 years - who could question or denigrate Rossi's record of Wins and World Titles? Certainly not me. Unfortunately, this success has brought to the sport a certain body of people who call themselves "fans" but they are ONLY, SOLELY and EXCLUSIVELY Valentino Rossi fans. This moronic mob of shallow, cult-of-celebrity jerks boo and slag-off anyone else who has the temerity to "beat" or challenge THEIR man. Proof? Several British Grand Prix @ Donington where Stoner was abused and booed - and just as recently as last week-end @ Misano where these "fans" once again performed and booed Jorge Lorenzo after a superb display of speed & consistency.

To me, this is akin to being a follower of a particular Club or Team in football. If one knows enough about the game, when the opposition comes to YOUR home ground and plays YOUR team off the park, what do you do? A): Riot and rip-up the stadium and hurl abuse and objects and stuff at the other side - or - B): acknowledge the winner’s performance with applause and commiserate that your guys were well-beaten and hope they do better in future? The latter is called "appreciation" and what comes with maturity and discernment - the former is Third World ignorant, infantile, petulant and thuggish.

Being an "A" type means you are a bunch of deadshits and you deserve all you get. What gets me is that coupled with all this excuse-making and refusal to face-up that Rossi has been an abject, expensive and total failure at Ducati to date - is this "ultra-sensitivity” to any criticism, piss-taking, humour or irony. You are all guilty of being very able to dish it out but too "emotionally soft” and stupid to take a bit back. Oh my, oh my – aren’t we all just a bunch of delicate little flowers? Grow-up and get over it. The good book reckons that Jesus still loves you, anyway, OK?

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Jun 11

Posts: 229

Smackbum says:

Very true Aquarius, but ...

... is it possible for everyone to stick to the story?

Fine.  Just me then, well here goes.

I think it is a very honest comment from Filippo that they are not giving Valentino the tools he needs to mount a serious challenge.  Those with yellow-tinted lenses can try to blame former riders, but their influence on design and engineering is minimal at best.  Sure - they may be asked to try a couple of different options and give their feedback, but they certainly don't elbow their way to the CAD/CAM console and turn a Lada into a Lamborghini.  Rossi has said as much himself on more than one occasion.

Casey's time in the "cage" is probably a major factor in him doing so well this year - it was like a huge weight being lifted off his back.  If Ducati can build something that JB can set up to Rossi's liking then I'm sure he can regain his alien status.  I just hope the new humility doesn't get left in the cage in his hurry to escape, because I am liking Valentino more this year than for many seasons.


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Oct 10

Posts: 552

noshow says:

At the beginning of the year the Rossi lovers were saying from day one that: Rossi would fix the Ducati.

Then about 3 Races in it was: Just wait for his shoulder to heel you will be in trouble.

Then it was : You wait for the new Gp 11.1 to be dialed in

Then : 2011 is just a build up year .

And now it's next year he will win ? Seems like alot of bullshit in one year .2011 is going to be a year that the Rossi one eyed lovers will not be raising this year in there stats hahahahah

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