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Matthew Birt  says:

Ducati boss: Rossi is a ‘lion in a cage’

Ducati's engineering expert Filippo Preziosi reckons Valentino Rossi is like a lion trapped in a cage and he warned the Italian's rivals to expect a much more competitive threat once the Bologna factory has improved its Desmosedici machine. Rossi hasn't posed any serious threat to the podium on a consistent basis all season and after 13 rounds off a tough debut...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (06 September 2011 09:48)

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Mar 09

Posts: 5228

Nostrodamus says:

Well well Akey

You're just contradicted every paddock expert / insider from Rossi to Burgess and Preziosi to Forcada, Pernat and Guareschi with that little piece of "I'm not biased". Yeah right 2011 was never about the title. The same dire tosh regurgitated by yet another too ignorant to observe reality.

The only sense you write is your final sentence, and this is almost exclusively due to the riding personnel.

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Aug 11

Posts: 150

veronicaisl says:

akey...they never listen to stoner

Ducati never listen to casey stoner when he was there...He knows whats going on the ducati and he knows how to fix it. How can a first timer rider can adopt and win many races in his debut in honda and why pedrosa failed? Only stoner is winning and the other 3 factory honda is still beaten by yamaha.

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:

akey akey

you should read a lot then if this is your first time after so long. maybe you're just back from the depth of amazon dude???? LOL. what you said is nonsense that all other fans of rossi said it. so you're the hmm... what should i say.... 1353rd dude who said it???? well. the good news is, you're the latest. LOL.

keep reading pal.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:


"remember the swap fron Honda to Yam anyone!!!"

Yep... Rossi got onto a very sorted Yamaha & rode it to victory in his 1st race & his 1st season with them... sorry, your comparison was what?

"He (Stoner) is undoubtably a great rider but he is certainly no development rider and the fact he thinks he knows what is wrong with the Ducati is frankly laughable 'cos he didnt know what was wrong with it when he was suffering on it."

No Rossi fan would ever state this after Rossi's quote... "I have problems with the front, but I'm no engineer and I don't know what to suggest. It's up to Ducati to find the answers" ... 'cos it would make them look silly.

The rest of what you've written is only slightly dubious in comparison.

Welcome back Akey but, as you can tell, you've got some catching up to do.


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Nov 10

Posts: 85

Brazen says:

akey said

"Stoner is a good rider but.....his motogp results were not spectacular ...he is certainly no development rider and the fact he thinks he knows what is wrong with the Ducati is frankly laughable 'cos he didnt know what was wrong with it when he was suffering on it."

ummm..Stoner has won more races on the Ducati than ANY OTHER rider in the ENTIRE 800cc ERA. How is that not spectacular? He has won more races than Rossi did on the Yamaha- by far.

The Ducati is shit and Stoner developed a style to master it. "He has a unique style suited to the Ducati" I hear the Rossi fans say. Oh but he hopped on the Honda the next day and....toppped the time sheets! The he topped the tests...the he topped Practices, Qualifying, has won more races than ANYONE else this year leading the are you people smoking? loool

Not a development rider? And Rossi is? WTF are you smoking bro? lol

Stoner has stayed admirably quiet regarding the Ducati/Rossi failure since he escaped that shitty team... Rossi on the other hand was criticising the poor kid last year long before his embarrasing ride on the same bike.

What a tool Rossi is. His BIG MOUTH is firmly planted in his idiotic mouth- as mirrored by his idiotic fans.


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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


WHY YOU QUESTION WHAT THEY SMOKE/?? IT'S stupid question!!!! of course THEY SMOKE "BANANA STICK!" LOL. know what i mean right??? banana??? manhood??? LOL.

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Apr 06

Posts: 540

akey says:


Rossi jumped on an already sorted yamaha, is that cos it won so many races in the 2002 season :tongue:

As for being a Rossi fan, I'm no hardcore rossi fan at all, but to say he is not the best development rider in the paddock is just ignorance.

As for Stoner winning more races than Rossi in previous seasons, I havent checked the stats, but in those 4 years Stoner won 1 championship compared to Rossi's 2, but hey guess that was the bike not the rider eh!

I have never doubted Stoners talent or his ability to ride a bike, hell he was the only rider capable of tameing the Ducati, but he has a long way to go to get in to the record books.  As for his ability to develop a bike, he is one of those riders that can ride pretty much anything fast, or crash, that isnt development riding (hence he was the only rider able to tame the ducati).  This is the difference between being a rider who can race hard on anything and a development rider who can help a team create a bike that many people can ride....... Just look at how rideable the Yam is, you dont usually see 4 yamahas at the back of the results now do you!  but then all you stoner love boys probably hate Nicky as well :dopeyhmmmm:

God roll on New Years when some decent racing is on

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Jul 11

Posts: 258

Ocdcbr says:

Rossi/ stoner? Again!!!!!???

Forget that argument. Things have changed. Comparisons can't be made as there are too many variables. That are both amazing riders. Rossi is suffering big time on the ducati( which is a shame for us m/c fans)as the battles he gas with the young guns are great to see, and they are not happening. Yes casey had some superb victories on the duke. But it ruined melandri, and every other rider on it cannot get it to work well enough to fight at the top level. Once the bike gets sorted( by ducati) not Rossi, I'm sir the jb/ Rossi partnership on it will be formidable!

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Mar 09

Posts: 38

thedokter46 says:

akey wtf ru chatting about you fooooooooooooooooooking mug wen rossi went to yamaha that yamaha was at the back of the grid you ignorant cnut also honda wouldnt release rossi from his contract early so he couldnt ride the bike over winter they had 8 wks to get the m1 sorted he jb did that and rossi won in welkom you cnut rossi is th greatest rider ever stoner gets bikes he can just get on and ride hard he aint got the first clue how to develope a fukin cold let alone a tyre won on a ducati that was 10 mph faster than anything else then he did fuk all next season why cos he isnt worth a row of sheeps shit wen it comes to developing a bike as for that cunt lorenzo he has 7 yrs of rossi data to relie on gifted the bike jb and vale made into the dogs bolox he is another little cnut if he or stoner r that good er lets seee em team up got to suzuki and get that bike sorted in 8 wks and win nearly everuy race on a season prove they ain a pair of total cnuts they r nobody in that paddock is worthy of polishing rossi.s shoes he is the reason moto gp is so fukin huge now rossi not lorenzo stoner or any ov them he has been dragging that sport in to this utter class specticle we have now b4 you open ur useless fukin mouth and chat bollox mate do some home work about the fukin sport bandwaggon jumper fukin muppet rossi is god in gp lorenzo is riding the docters bike and he always will be he aint done fuk all to develope that m1 and they will use as much rossi data as poss for the 1000cc wake up u cunt

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Apr 11

Posts: 3368

Bultoboy says:


My word, what an acidic little turd you are. Can't you make a point without the insults and swearing. It would be a lot shorter if you did.

You main gripe seems to be people aren't up on the Yamaha development around the time that Rossi joined. You suggest people do their homework. Well, here is your homework. Below is what Furusawa himself said of M1 development (I assume you know who he is with your endless depth of knowledge) I'll copy and paste from another article where someone else was also ignorant of the facts (or chose to ignore them)

First though, I'll admit you are right on one thing. the 2003 Yamaha was not a good bike. However, that was not the bike given to Rossi when he joined. Here is what Furusawa said.


Furusawa said (from his own account - look it up if you want it all) he knew they'd bombed in 2003 by going in the wrong direction. He designed a new engine and new frame for 2004. At the first proper company test, all the bigwigs were at the track. The test rider came in and said 'it feels slow'. All eyes immediately turned to Furusawa waiting for him to fall on his sword. The test rider continued 'but that it is because it is so smooth, it is actually lapping faster'. They checked the lap times which verified how good the bike was. This was before Rossi joined - understand that bit - before.

When he joined, he was actually given four bikes to try, one of them being the bike used in the 'bigwig' test and the one Furusawa expected Rossi to choose. Which he did. By the time Rossi got on it it was well developed (or just worked well out of the box) - hence the lap record he set on it.

So if in your opinion he was able to sort the Yamaha in 8 weeks because he is so good at developing a bike, perhaps you can be the first person to tell us why he hasn't been able to develop the Ducati in 10 months? Everyone else who makes the Yamaha claim goes strangely silent when asked that question.

And see if you can reply in normal English

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