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Steve Farrell  says:

Motorway demo over restrictive EU rules

A Motorcycle lobby group is planning to bring disruption to motorways across the country in protest over restrictive new legislation from Europe for bikes. The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) wants bikers to meet at service stations all over the UK before holding up traffic in 45mph motorway rides on September 25.  The group is opposing a raft of European Commission proposals including...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (06 September 2011 11:57)

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Aug 09

Posts: 56

mickh13 says:

Tin Hat Time

If joe public get held up by motorbikes being ridden annoyingly slowly,won't they just assume it's a HOG rideout?

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Richard T


Aug 07

Posts: 33

Richard T says:


I can't believe the Ostriches posting here with their heads so far in the sand they don't believe this is important. We all need to be out there!

BTW - it's not to cause obstructions and piss-off other road users - if you bother to read the detail, we'll be doing 45mph in the inside lane only, not blocking the whole road as MCN's photo suggests. So there should be plenty of room for other traffic to get past and NOTICE us!

OK - so my bike has ABS and headlight-always-on by design. I even sometimes wear a hi-vis Sam Browne. But I'll fight to the death to preserve our right to choose otherwise.

As others have suggested, the next steps on this slippery slope will be the banning of home servicing, followed no doubt by compulsory air bags, body armour, leg guards, stabilisers, roll-over bars. May as well drive everywhere in my car!

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Mar 06

Posts: 253

stu_sp2 says:

"Bikers are Voters" vote for UKIP next time around!! they want us out of Europe, they are NOT like bnp, so please dont confuse the two, get on youtube and search for Nigel Farage, he's the leader of UKIP, listen to his speaches in the european parliament, he's a fookin star, he's the only guy in politics ive ever heard to talk any sense, honestly , watch his videos on youtube, he doesnt half read them the riot act on how shit their grand plan for europe is...... EUSSR..thats what europe is...we've seen it before...USSR..

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Jan 04

Posts: 8

guy195 says:

Deadly Serious

The EU proposals are a massive threat to motorcycling- basically there are some in power who would rather we stopped riding so will try and make it as difficult, expensive and unattractive as possible, and we need to stand up for ourselves.

I love motorcycling, and will be joining the MAG processions because burying our heads in the sand is not an option. I think there is a general attitude in this country against EU interference in our lives so I think most of the public will be on our side.

These shows of strength and solidarity can be successful when combined with lobbying in the halls of power- The French Government has been on the back foot ever since the massive show of support by bikers against the proposed French anti-biker legislation a few weeks back.

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Sep 11

Posts: 2

DevonDog says:

Responsibility will win the day.

Richard T sums it up well. We are supported by a large portion of the public because most of us ride with them in mind. A 'wave' and an acknowledgement to cars users who offer us their space, sitting back to let them see  us before we 'blast' by, shows our respect to them and they appreciate it.

Don't let us spoil it by fully blocking the motorways. Let the families go by on their way to the seaside and campsites, keep the lorry drivers on our side too by supporting them as they trudge up the hills.The police will be monitoring us completely, so don't sit in the outside lane, which is the 'overtaking' lane, keep out of the protest if you are illegal ( number plates, exhaust or just docs) so noone is compromised by the idiots, who will then be put up on telly.  Keep  to the two second rule ( yes I am an IAM Member), and mobiles or other devices hidden out of the way. Nominate a spokeman/woman who can talk sense to the media and explain the details.

A sensible, legal, and considered protest will win the day. I'll be there.

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Dec 09

Posts: 11

Malcal says:


BTW - it's not to cause obstructions and piss-off other road users - if you bother to read the detail, we'll be doing 45mph in the inside lane only, not blocking the whole road as MCN's photo suggests. So there should be plenty of room for other traffic to get past and NOTICE us!.

I think I might have to overtake them at 46mph:lol:

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Sep 07

Posts: 2820

James600zx says:

Inside lane.

Good point Malcal and RichardT, I made that mistake earlier, and DevonDog has some good points too. An orderly ride out will do the job. Any large group of bikes is a spectacle and people always ask what's going on. We be daft to then piss them off and lose any support. We ought to hand out suitable flyers to non-bikers at the service stations too. Apparently MAG are preparing a press release which fulfill this role. Check their Facebook page.

Regarding "tampering" I read something recently (probably in one of the bike mags but I can't find the article now) where a dealer or somesuch said that modified bikes were usually better than standard and better maintained than average. Why should we have to stick with standard bikes when they're built down to a price and come with less than optimum suspension, etc. Stupid idea.

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Jan 09

Posts: 6

Rredrider251 says:

Why protest. State the facts.

Save your petrol money. Tell the appropriate ministers that passing such legislation will result in hundreds of jobs being lost in aftermarket manufacturing firms many of them relatively small, as well as the loss of millions of pounds of VAT revenue to the Government coffers, for what? Improved safety? Improved emmissions? What would the benefit to the public be? Or is this in fact a manufacturers sponsored bill trying to create a virtual monopoly on what parts you can fit to your motorbike benefitting only the manufacturer? We need to be speaking to the likes of EBC, Hagon, Avon, M andP, and other aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers as these are the people who are really going to be hit if the bill goes through.  If we are to protest then organise group rides to major motorcycle exhibitions and make sure exhibitors are fully aware of the facts and what to do about it and lobby parliament.

If the protest rides do go ahead what will public reaction be to loud aftermarket exhausts which will be fitted to some of the bikes taking part? For or against restrictions?

MAG and the BMF need to be working together to organise a coordinated attack  on these plans giving members direction on who to write to and the points to make.



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Dec 09

Posts: 11

Malcal says:


In my area to distribute flyers, you need a "distribution of free literiture licence", no licence + Fine. When you get one you have to put your name and address on. so they can get you back to pick up the rubbish or send you the bill. So be careful.

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Sep 11

Posts: 1

PEMbmag says:

Demo ride

Jeff Stone of the BMF has missed the whole point. The rideout is not aimed at drivers. The rideout is aimed at the Government to highlight what can be done by a group of people/citizens that get ignored by officialdom. The raft of legislation that the EU want to impose is radically anti motorcycle that we must show "Our" parliament that it's electorate will not sit down and be quiet letting them pass it through.

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