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Matthew Birt  says:

New Ducati chassis spied in Mugello

Ducati have been spotted testing the new British-built aluminium frame that they hope will transform Valentino Rossi's woeful MotoGP performance this season. The frame, built by Buckingham-based FTR, is being tested in Mugello this week. Bologna factory sources have confirmed to MCN in Misano last weekend that FTR had been collaborating with Ducati for several weeks on the new projects, with Rossi...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (08 September 2011 12:49)

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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:

So you don't think the Honda and Yam have improved from last year Nostro?


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Oct 09

Posts: 201

ThePornstar says:

s'obvious init?

Look at the lap times.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2323

Hedgehog5 says:


"We all know Ducati was winning at the back end of last season... Rossi has been circulating at the same pace (there or there abouts) as Stoner was last year so we know the Duke could run with the Yams and Honda's last year.. The problem is that Honda and Yam have improved this year but the Duke hasn't! Last year means sweet FA so there is just no point in comparing..."

So when Rossi said that he couldn't ride the Ducati like Stoner he was actually wrong? Are you saying that if Stoner had carried on with Ducati he would be in the same sorry place that Rossi's in this year? To put in those same times Rossi must be as good as Stoner if the bike hasn't improved.

You are saying that the bike hasn't improved & compare Rossi's times to Stoner's last year then say there's no point in comparing 'cos last year means FA. Only the last bit of that statement makes sense.

Where was Hayden last year?... 7th... where is he this year?... 7th... OK he had a few 4th places last year but how many of those were down to riders ahead of him crashing or out with injury... much like his successes this year.

What we can say is that for 2 or 3 years, rather than improving as well as the Honda or Yamaha, Ducati actually needed to improve more to bring their flailing bikes up to the same performance as their competition... at which point Stoner would have been winning & you'd all be saying it's 'cos he's got the best bike.

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Oct 10

Posts: 484

racingfan99 says:

To hedgehog5

An answer to your question about if Stoner had stayed at Ducati for this season….I’ll give you my opinion, for what its worth. The bike would have been pretty same to last years, Ducati would still be doing whatever they want regardless of any rider comments and more than likely Stoner would be winning a race or two less than the previous year. And the rest of the Ducs would continue to be bringing up the rear as usual.

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Aug 11

Posts: 797

acanada46 says:

nostrod anus

oh dear ,same old same dont like rossi but your rantings are a bit tiresome

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Aug 04

Posts: 39

stolkien says:


looks like a honda with a ducati badge

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Jun 11

Posts: 2569

PaceyCasey says:

nostrod anus


What exactly is wrong with 'nostros' 2nd last post? Nothing.

The thing that has really got to you and 'your'e kind' is the cold, hard fact that the season hasn't gone quite as well as you were hoping? Your beliefs at the start of the season and the actual reality are poles apart.  I could hear you all during the winter....... 'Well if Stoner can win on the thing then all Vale really has to do is turn up, piece of cake, walk in the park etc etc'. Not quite gone to plan though has it bud? Like i said, i believe 'nostro' posted a good account of things.

PS Just curious, but as the unmentionable has become reality this year then what happens next season should the same thing occur at Ducati?


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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

pot calling Kettle Paceycasey

I have to laugh at half the crap in here. Paceycasey? now what does that handle tell us?? we got a hard on for anything Stoner does or says have we? Set you insult and pour scorn on anyone who favours Rossi.

The truth in my opinion is somewhere in the middle, Nostro why the hell would Rossi not want to develop a bike that suits him and hang everyone else??? he'd be a fool to do any different. His style is nothing like stoners so changing the design of a bike built for Casey and how he liked things is a no brainer.

I totally agree they shot themselves in the foot with overconfidence in the time it would take to sort the bike they were inheriting out but lets cut the shit out over how great it was. Casey never put in a genuine championship challenge on it in the last three years and the bulk of his wins on it were achieved in his title winning year when Ducati caught everyone cold in the fast year of 800s.

No theres too many haters of other riders in here and personal arguement going on at the moment, Rossi isnt the outright number 1 anymore the younger riders have caught on more likely past them.

But put them all on one bike and let them race and i bet you'd is all four aliens having a massive battle at the front with not alot in it.

p.s correct me if im wrong as i cant be arsed or that anal to check laptimes but isnt Rossi actually going quicker than Casey was last year on the Duke at most races? if so  surely that means the Honda and Yamaha MUST have massively improved over last year for Rossi to be struggling as badly as he has been?

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Jun 11

Posts: 2569

PaceyCasey says:

''I have to laugh at half the crap in here.''

Me too 'cleanerboy'.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

Rossi loving Canuck

I'm sorry you're beginning to find me boring. How would you suggest I spruce my posts up a bit? Perhaps a few song lyrics to lighten your sorry heart? Lets try shall we?

First gear (honda honda) it's alright (faster faster)
Second gear (little honda honda) i lean right (faster faster)
Third gear (honda honda) hang on tight (faster faster)
Faster it's alright.

Ah no, that's not it too 2002, and a little ominous for 2012.

'Jesus Christ Superstar, burning 'round the corner on a Yamaha. Cops were there he don't care, he's got yellow stained underwear.' Oh whoops that was so 2008.

Pick me up, pick me up.
You are my Ducati, I'm all up your frame
Baby say my name.
Show you how get ummm,
Show you how to do it.

Yes that sounds more like 2011 doesn't it? Pick me up (out of the gravel), twisted up in the frame, and really needing some guidance on how to ride it.

There you go Canada, Rossi's new theme song.

If you didn't like this I can try another tack?

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