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Steve Farrell  says:

Morrisons: Bikers in helmets assault us

Motorcyclists wearing helmets have assaulted petrol station staff, according to Morrisons. The statement was made in the retailer’s latest justification for demanding riders remove helmets before filling up with fuel. MCN revealed the store’s customer services department had said in an email that petrol fumes could get inside helmets and cause the wearer to pass out – a claim branded “impossible”...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (09 September 2011 14:33)

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Mar 10

Posts: 35

burka is a key point - if it was that much of an issue people would be asked to remove them... What if we claimed to be wearing our helmets for religious reasons? Personally I usually take my helmet off anyway like @slowlearner anyway

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Sep 11

Posts: 1

nickGT says:

Surely if someone was riding a motor cycle then they should be 16 or over anyway? When I was 16 I looked 14. Would they prevent me from filling my bike up?

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Mar 06

Posts: 11

I was asked by the cashier to remove my helmet when I was standing in front of him about to pay! I told him that it was discrimination and that it was a legal requirement for motorcyclists to wear one, nothing else was said on the matter.

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Jun 10

Posts: 31

Moke1275 says:

If these coimment represent the majority of bikers it is a sad day. Remarks are full of ignorant language and scary paranoia. common sense says take your helmet off. You would not walk around any other store with your helmet on and expect to be treated without some concern by staff. if you were running a store would you want people entering it with a helmet on and I include motorcycle shops in that! Some of you need to find something meaningful to complain about and stop whining.

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Feb 10

Posts: 192

wesley01 says:


Maybe you should read into the comments as most of them are concerned with where this type of branding a biker a menace is heading in this country!! This thread was started as morrisons is hiding behind bullshit excuses, no other road going group has to put up with any of this shit but yet we must sit and take it. Clearly you have never ridden a bike during winter as taking your helmet, earplugs etc and then finding a dry clean place for ones expensive kit in the super cold. Meaningful that mate!

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Mar 09

Posts: 70

Kingsil says:

Re.Moke 1275

All the paranoia is coming from the other direction mate, by way of seeing all motorcyclists (who by law are required to wear a helmet) as potential thieves. I suspect you don't resent it because you're more interested in slow Mini-based clown cars and probably not a biker at all?

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Sep 11

Posts: 3

Akrapov1c says:

big deal?

1stly I always take my helmet off when paying, it just seems common courtesy to do so to be honest.

2ndly I dont think Bikers are all being frowned upon as potential thieves but I do think anyone wanting to rob such a place is pretty likely to grab a bike and do so in a helmet for all of the obvious reasons. So in that respect I understand why we are asked to remove our helmets.

3rdly Isnt there more urgent things to whine about on the motorbike front? I think so.

These posts need to see more discussion about sollutions instead of mindless ranting. A post hieronder mentions taking gloves, helmet, earplugs etc off on a winters day and no dry place to put em.....why not suggest to eg. Morrisions they invest in a sollution to that and help bikers help them!!

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:

Akrapov1c... (& Moke1275)

The helmet removal rule applies even at the pay-at-pump dispensers. I don't usually find it necessary to be courteous to pumps... & you have to put your pin in before you buy so I'm not exactly a threat to one.

The extra time & inconvenience involved (especially in winter) have obviously been overlooked when writing this policy... as well as reasonableness & common sense. If you fill up every day & have to leave 5 mins early just to meet the excessive needs of an oversensitive machine at the whim of an ignorant executive it starts to piss you off after a while.

I already asked Morrisons about a safe place to put my helmet... they ignored the question & wouldn't respond on whether they'd pay for any damage or loss concerned (after all their forecourts are obviously frequented by helmet wearing thugs looking for helmets to steal). In fact they just keep repeating the same policy statement ignorant of all concerns... it appears their CEO values our custom but unfortunately he employs Directors that do not.

I agree, there are more important things... so I'll just take our custom to where it's appreciated. The only problem comes when other companies cite the Morrisons policy as a reason to implement it themselves.

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Jul 11

Posts: 244

MakemRider says:

A 'big deal' to some

A couple of things I haven't seen mentioned.

1: If I was going to steal petrol & risk the police catching me I'd do it in a car with false plate & nick 40 ltrs rather than 8ltrs. As the saying goes 'I'd rather be hung as a sheep than a lamb'

2: If I was going to rob Morrisons fuel payment point I would fill up at Asda, ride in to Morrisons near to the kiosk where the cameras are less likley to 'see' me & an sit ready to ride off while my pillion passenger dashes in with his dark visor down, grab the cash without waiting in the queue then jump on the bike.

As for somewhere to put your helmet, they would have to have a suitable place at every pump, and one at the paypoint which would have to be a 'walk in & pay' rather than a 'drive up to & pay'.

I had no problems at Asda yesterday at the 'walk in' type. We even chatted & had a laugh (cashier & I). I personally would have no problems serving anyone in full protective equipment for the vehicle they are driving (even with dark visor) but would if it were someone wearing a burka, snorkle jacket closed up in summer or similar face coverings I'd feel very uncomfortable to say the least.

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Mar 10

Posts: 653

bazablue says:


i take it then that some on here take off their helmet when they stop to buy a newspaper\?or pickup their child from school?use a cashpoint?? I suggest that the person who converses with morrisons inform them that if all the bikers boycott them then 90% of us are also car drivers and also shoppers for their weekly food etc!!!!I think that a boycott could cost them some £100,million per annum ?( £30 per biker est!)(£250 per month off me alone)

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