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MCN  says:

Poll: Will EU anti-tampering measures affect you?

European Commission plans for anti-tampering measures mean that tuning will become impossible and even home servicing will be hampered. All new bikes will get so-called on-board diagnostic (OBD) systems which could detect non-standard parts and trigger a warning light until the ‘fault’ is rectified by a dealer. One aim is to prevent any modification to the ‘powertrain’ which could include anything from...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (09 September 2011 15:49)

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Jun 09

Posts: 6

ars161065 says:

eu stupid rules

i find it unbelievable that a so called free country continues to have our basic rights to be "free" taken away under the guise of safety,hi viz jackets are a complete waste of time can you see the government drones sorry i mean cops stopping and enforcing that law with hells angels i want to be there for that.people need to realise it starts with bikes then it will be all vehicles yet i see nothing green is being done to supercars owned by the rich theres a suprise.Mps work for us but year after year were all being told more and more what we can and cant do by these power hungry greedy morons,my wife is from Zimbabwe which is run by a dictator yet there is less red tape and more insufficiency than here in the uk.WE NEED TO STOP THESE STUPID RULE MAKERS NOW!

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Aug 11

Posts: 75

DuNkZz1993 says:


theirs no point in discussing why this is such a stupid rule. as that wont change the EU's mind.


sign the petition. it wont even get noticed until their is 100,000+ signatures

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May 07

Posts: 11

fzr_paul says:


Signed last week , e-mailed the MEPs for my area, also my local MP, also the mrs, my sons etc etc have done the same

, motorbikes and lifestyle for the last 35 years, been riding and had bikes since 13, used all year come rain snow etc maybe it won`t make a diff with the e-petition. Thing is , i getting a bit pi**ed off with people i know who just shrug n say " it will never happen, they wont get it all thru, i gotta mow the car that sunday or wash the lawn ". Time we got out there and got some people to start to take notice of this, if they dont atleast give up a couple hrs and a few quid for petrol on the 25th, and press a few keys on the keyboard ,dont cry like a baby when u cant ride yer pride n joy no more, u aint earnt the right IMHO. Anyway its also about everyones right to freedom of speech, choice of lifestyle, not just this latest set of restrictions, if u dont use it, believe me these lot will make sure u lose it

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Apr 09

Posts: 192

yammy7r says:


Signed today, we need more signatures, get signing

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Feb 08

Posts: 9

Panchdara says:

I just signed

Me thinks the UK is so spineless that anything the EU wants the UK govt just bends over and takes it up the a$$ (and probably enjoys it!) Meanwhile, we the people who PAY them continue to get shafted for something we never wanted to pay for in the first place.

Well done Westminster... well done! Prove to us that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't shining from one of your ears thru to the other..

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Jul 05

Posts: 14

Dave748 says:


The link to the e-petition is a bit buried in here so here it is again: - I think this is a real possiblity. When you look at current bikes and cars they are not far off unserviceable now owing to the complicated electronics, each requiring a seperate plug-in box to talk to the car/bike. My local Triumph dealer thinks it's great that the bikes have to be connected to the factory computers to check that all is in order with the ECU etc. As he says, it stops non-authorised shops from working on the bikes.

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Oct 06

Posts: 1

colinmeister says:


So all new bikes will be fitted with an OBD box.  Big deal, I'm sure hacks will be available within weeks of these being launched. 

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Aug 07

Posts: 45

ianp5uk says:

I find this completely unacceptable. It feels like an infringement of human rights in favour of large corporations. It wasn't so long ago that the monopoly of insisting on main dealer servicing by warranty invalidation was eradicated from the car world. How can allowing it by the back door for bikes be right. Also unless this applies to ALL vehicles I consider it prejudiced. I don't believe it will do anything to improve safety, that comes from education and peer pressure. However there's nothing wrong with enforcing standards for aftermarket parts used on the road - that would make more sense. E.g. most of us would only buy name brand brake pads. You could make it illegal to some safety related parts that don't meet a certain standard.

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Sep 11

Posts: 3

astar0012 says:

crazy notion

surley if this goes through and people then make any tampering to there bikes this would invalidate insurance

also how many jobs would be lost as a result as the companies making after market parts would no longer be able to survive

this idea is ludacris and full of flaws and will do nothing for bike safty or to change statiics if someone is going to be recklass on a bike they would be with or without modifications

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Sep 09

Posts: 8

DonaldB says:

Time to fight the EU Again

This is madness, part of the fun of owning a bike for a lot of us is maintaining and repairing it ourselves. So the EU wants to fight with the bikers again, we can take them on and win if we all stick together and fight them politically through the right channels. We won the fight against their plans to limit bikes to 100BHP in the early 90's by peaceful demonstrations across Europe that finalised in the largest protest run ever in Brussels. We wrote to our MP's and kicked up so much hassle for the Eurocrats that they backed down. It can be done.

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