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Steve Farrell  says:

Cops put bikes through roadside MoTs

Motorcyclists are being subjected to 15-minute roadside MoT-style inspections because of a police training course. Riders are stopped in large numbers and directed into makeshift inspections bays where their bikes are examined by two officers. The operations are training days on a City & Guilds motorcycle inspection course for police. In the latest, in Birmingham last Wednesday during rush-hour, 76 motorcyclists were stopped,...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (09 September 2011 17:27)

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Feb 08

Posts: 276

Trumpton3 says:


Having watched many a motorway cops programme and the like, I'm quite often amazed at how shit the police driving standards are and have to pinch myself to believe at what I am watching. Now they are all qualified mechanics as well........ Jesus

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Sep 08

Posts: 498


This is absolutely disgusting, it is no wonder why no one respects the police and more and give them abuse, i usually defend the police and their actions but this is unacceptable and i can barely believe that this actually took place, what on earth were they thinking, these people were trying to get work with about being harassed by these tosser, it shouldn't be legal, who is going to protect us from the police?

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Jan 11

Posts: 8122

snev says:

so Morrisons think we are all criminals, The EU think we are all idiots and now the Police are stop searching us, what next ? gas chambers FFS.

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Nov 04

Posts: 4

dansidi says:

quit moaning

Oh, stop moaning.

This was for your own safety.

I can only imagine the amount of unsafe bikes they found but because this was such a biased article (I'm looking at you, MCN) we didn't hear what they did find.

So, quit your oh-so-trendy police bashing and realise they do a really hard job. You wouldn't do their job, you moaning whingers !




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Nov 10

Posts: 13

pippawilky says:

most motorcycle rides no if your bike is not right your dead and as for the police the can not even use indicators  or look at junctions any more what a load of shit

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Sep 09

Posts: 52

MattMorris says:

Unjust with a but

I agree with killahrat. The police have no right to detain people if there is no suspicion of breaking the law. The article does not state whether the motorcyclists were given the option to decline to help the police with this training excercise. Also wouldn't it make more sense to have taken the trainees to an MOT centre rather than holding up law abiding commuters.

HOWEVER- If stopped how many of us would fail on an undersized licence plate or would have the baffles in our end cans?


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Jun 07

Posts: 89

Harry44 says:


Dansidi the reason cops should not be dealing with this is simple... They aint qualified.

In a recent case one gave a prohibition to a biker because the front tyre did not have 1.6 mm of tread over the full tread area.    He was wrong on both counts because the limit on bike tyres is 1 mm and the sidewalls aint the tread area.

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Feb 10

Posts: 196

wesley01 says:


There are always two sides to a story but mate if you cannot see that this is blatant discrimination towards bikers then you are blind, some cops not all are completely useless with mechanics so why are they now doing this? Bikers have zero room for error with faulty equipment etc so if your bike is on the road wIth a current MOT, why the hell are they even carrying on with a further inspection. Oh wait thats right because they have nothing better to do and are clearly not qualified to do an MOT inspection. Simple as that.

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Jan 11

Posts: 38

5LeafClover says:

Selection Criteria

"all kinds of motorcycles" is a "selection criteria", otherwise they'd have said all motorists, therefore it is discriminatory. If roadside MOT is necessary, it is more so for cars and larger vehicles. They will tend to be less well maintained and have greater potential to endanger others due to their mass. Also, for the guy with the slack chain. I wonder if the cop looked at the relevant owners manual before declaring his official judgement? Cops telling us to remove all play from our chains is an example of how they can reduce safety and put our lives as bikers in danger.

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Jun 08

Posts: 20

Tribal-Wolf says:

Wasted resources

I think they would be better off targeting scooters as I see at least 4 a day that should never be on the road. They should also start clamping down on the new generation of Kamikaze cyclist who seem to think they can just ride through red lights, pull out in front of people when passing parked vehicles and ride across crossings swerving to avoid pedestrians already on them. We are become the new meal ticket for the police and I am fed up with other areas of crime being left alone while they do this.

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