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Steve Farrell  says:

Cops put bikes through roadside MoTs

Motorcyclists are being subjected to 15-minute roadside MoT-style inspections because of a police training course. Riders are stopped in large numbers and directed into makeshift inspections bays where their bikes are examined by two officers. The operations are training days on a City & Guilds motorcycle inspection course for police. In the latest, in Birmingham last Wednesday during rush-hour, 76 motorcyclists were stopped,...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (09 September 2011 17:27)

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:


Asking for volunteers isn't hilarious. If the Police want experience then call upon the public to help them get experience. You cannot stop the public in the course of their everyday activities - like going to work and herd them into a layby to justify helping  the Police with their training. I really don't see what is so hilarious.

For me, the problem is the Police think they have a right to stop innocent individuals and demand they are a part of a Police training programme. You should be asked if you wish to participate. What is wrong with that?


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Aug 02

Posts: 3277

eatcs01 says:


That's what ANPR is for...

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Jun 11

Posts: 1

Nighthawk49 says:

This just pisses me right the frack off !!!!

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May 06

Posts: 40

magpiemale says:

here here hairymuppet surely you have rights as to being stopped in your normal course of travel ,also not to stop if you so choose ??

maybe they should be doing this with car's to I get sick of the number of cars and vans with no lights at the fron because they have blown or smashed in rear light many are driving without insurance or an mot etc............if the police checked that the bike you were on was stolen or not then that would not be so bad....but just stopping for maintenance checks is a bit off.

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Nov 10

Posts: 23

No problem here BUT will they be doing the same at the same time to the cars in the area?


incompetent bunch of victimising small brained over paid not fit for purpose pric**S.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1321

SatNavSteve says:

What next?

How about herding pedestrians into pens and seeing if they are carrying drugs or shop-lifted items. Or stop children on their way to school to check their lunch box to see if they have too much junk food, the list goes on! Meanwhile, in a house nearby, a burglar whistles as he carries the last of the electronic goods from a house, knowing he is safe whilst he morons down the road play at mechanics. I don't mind anyone, me included being pulled up if there is just cause, but to make someone late for work just so you can tinker with their bike is ridiculous. Why not get some bikes from a dealer to practice on so you don't inconvenience anyone? The image of the Police is going from bad to worse!!

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Dec 03

Posts: 317

hairyMuppet says:

tractorboybig and magpiemale

They are doing it with cars, I even gave you links to stories about them doing it.

The police can stop you whilst driving (asking if you'd witnessed something, warning about conditions ahead, checking your vehicle...)  And in this case they decided to stop bikes and check them.  No big deal.


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Mar 11

Posts: 11

Jamieh5463 says:

Guys, seriously, you bitch and moan that Police were ONLY using speed cameras in the name of health and safety (which was a complete load of bollocks), and now they're doing something that is UNDOUBTEDLY for safety reasons and isn't penalising anyone you still complain, I'd much rather the government concentrated on something like the above than fitted more speed cameras.

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Nov 10

Posts: 23


yes the police can stop anything on the road and test it. so they should,


you tell me where in England in the last 500 years the police in a city in the rush hour have stopped every car

directed them to a car park and tested them?

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Mar 03

Posts: 2925

obewan says:



Section 67 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 - you can ask the police to defer the test.

it is not a loop hole but a specific right written into the ACT.

see sub-section 6 as below

(6)On the examiner proceeding to test a vehicle under this section, the driver may, unless the test is required under subsection (7) or (8) below to be carried out forthwith, elect that the test shall be deferred to a time, and carried out at a place, fixed in accordance with Schedule 2 to this Act, and the provisions of that Schedule shall apply accordingly..
(7)Where it appears to a constable that, by reason of an accident having occurred owing to the presence of the vehicle on a road, it is requisite that a test should be carried out forthwith, he may require it to be so carried out and, if he is not to carry it out himself, may require that the vehicle shall not be taken away until the test has been carried out..
(8)Where in the opinion of a constable the vehicle is apparently so defective that it ought not to be allowed to proceed without a test being carried out, he may require the test to be carried out forthwith..


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