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Steve Farrell  says:

Cops put bikes through roadside MoTs

Motorcyclists are being subjected to 15-minute roadside MoT-style inspections because of a police training course. Riders are stopped in large numbers and directed into makeshift inspections bays where their bikes are examined by two officers. The operations are training days on a City & Guilds motorcycle inspection course for police. In the latest, in Birmingham last Wednesday during rush-hour, 76 motorcyclists were stopped,...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (09 September 2011 17:27)

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Sep 08

Posts: 12

nivag1066 says:

got stopped in my van last year, the local bobbies were stopping all manner of four wheeled vehicles, i jumped out of van and held my hands above my head (been watching too many police camera action sh**e) the old plod didn't see the funny side, but he had a guy in overhauls from ministry of transport crawl all round the van but of course my pristine builders van finely loaded to the hilt  was fine so he had a little dig at being overwieght,  cheeky twit !!!!!!! you ought to have seen his gut.

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Sep 08

Posts: 12

nivag1066 says:

they ought to be stopping more triumph 675 dayatona's did you see that one snap in half at donnington


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Mar 10

Posts: 1032

bmwgs says:


one of my bike is fine and has full size number plate and is not to loud then it wont be a problem if i were to get pulled over. but my road going pitbike is a day time mot on it so i hope the cops no they are legal as i have no light fitted.

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Blue echo


Apr 08

Posts: 4

Blue echo says:

Police MOT's

This is absolutely disgusting, it is no wonder why no one respects the police any more
Being a retired driving instructor PSV/ HGV and having watched many a motorway cops programme, I'm always amazed at how Low the police driving standards are and have to pinch myself to believe what I am watching.
And now they are all qualified mechanics as well ?? (lol)
Well as far as I’m concerned, No one Touches Examines or does any MOT. Type Checks, on my Bikes unless they are fully qualified and displaying the relevant Qualification,
I’ve got right as well, and will not be dictated to by any (Thug in a uniform) because that’s what I believe the police have Become. So come on MCN who is going to protect us from the (Thugs) police?

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Sep 02

Posts: 437

wild_stuart says:


Why should the general public have to suffer for "training days on a City & Guilds motorcycle inspection course for police"?

Do some roadside MOT checks sure. HGVs and cars get thisfrequently anyway, so I'm all up for a spot of safety checking. Keeps us on our toes. But inflicting a 15min delay to your journey is a tad annoying. I hope they dished out "lateness notes" for those troubled going to work before they clock in.

And show me the stats of how many people were done and fined for such things like after-market exhuasts?

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Dec 08

Posts: 80


We (the biking public) will stand for anything in this country. This 'exercise' is disgraceful and a further inconvenience and intimidation to bikers. This should be made unlawful. Its the f.....g police that want MOT inspections doing on them personally. So sick of this f.....g country

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Nov 10

Posts: 296

COZ69 says:


NWA done a great song about the poolice!!!

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Oct 10

Posts: 10

revver says:

roadside mot's

I cant belive they are doing this. If i go out i leave enough time to get where i am going i dont allow for a 15 min mot as well. What if you were going to the dentist you would have to pay for a missed appiontment.

They should look at other road users as i do alot of travelling through the day and some things i see are unbelivable, tractors and land rovers held together with bailing twine. I even followed a copper who was behind a hay wagon with no working lights or number plate on the back and he did nothing.

It does make you feel victimised.

p.s. sorry for the spelling.

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May 07

Posts: 11

fzr_paul says:

memory lane

This reminds me a bit of when i was 17. First bike i had on the road in 1979 was a CD175 (dont laugh), got pulled by a pc in a panda for a routine check, he looks the bike over umms n ahhs for a bit, checks lights all work, tyres ok, no problems, pulls front brake lever in , ok, pulls clutch lever in, "this is a bit slack aint it", politely tells him its the clutch, lmfao, anyways got a producer at local station. Oh those were the days.

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Sep 11

Posts: 1

Condi says:

So, if the police do nothing you complain about the lack of policing, and how bad driving standards are. If the police put up speed cameras you complain about the lack of 'real policing' and say that speed cameras dont pick up dangerous vehicles, ones without MOT/tax etc. If the police do pull over vehicles for checks, and to take dangerous vehicles off the road then you complain that the police are doing their job! HGVs get checked all the time, cars get checked ever now and again - why should bikes be any different? If your stupid enough to ride a dangerous or illegal bike then expect to get stopped, and take any punishment. If a illegal bike hit you then you would be the first to say 'Why havent the police taken that bike off the road?'. You cant have it all ways. People on here complain about wayy too much. Stop thinking the world is victimizing bikers, the rules are the same for everyone. Shock horror, they are now being enforced.

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