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John Westlake  says:

Poll: Are 600s still relevant?

Would you buy a new 600? Though MV and Triumph have developed new supersports bikes, the Japanese seem to have all but given up on the class, with only Kawasaki rumoured to be doing more than planning a new paint job. So what do you think? Are 600s still relevant? And if not, why not?  

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  • Posted 4 years ago (13 September 2011 14:00)

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Aug 02

Posts: 3270

eatcs01 says:


My ZZR600 has more than enough power (95rwbhp).


What about the FZ6, ER6, Bandit 650, CBR600F etc?? They are all very relevant bikes. If you mean the supersports 600s that are only really any use on a track, then in the real world, they are not relevant.

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Sep 06

Posts: 15

ahinks says:

umm yes!

Unless you're in your 30's with years of experience and no claims, insurance on a 1000 is sky high.. If you have just passed your test its also the only option if you want a proper big sportsbike. Which you will.

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Jan 11

Posts: 24

Spreaders88 says:

I voted no mainly because of the current price of 600's (sports bikes that is) and the fact that for 10-15% more you can get an 848 or gsxr 750 with the revability plus a bit more torque without being too intimidating. Having said that i havnt actually ridden either of the aforementioned middleweights but i have ridden a cbr600rr and a fireblade on track and imagine that something in between would be the answer!

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Oct 10

Posts: 178

Mikeyy says:


I ride one and always will.

also i don't get why we ask these question in my mind all bikes are relevant, everyone has there own opinions and favourte types of bikes sports, crusiers, tourers etc.... i ride 600's and my dad loves his fireblade but i dont go around bashing him and others for riding a bike that he'll never push the limits of ever in his life time so whats the point and so what bikes are expensive isnt everything we buy like that now.   

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Sep 10

Posts: 1318

SatNavSteve says:

Well John........

You seem to class all 600s as sports bikes and maybe thats the problem. Maybe people are sick of head-down-arse-up riding and thats why sports bikes are not the only 600s that matter. I'm certain that if more people gave bikes like Triumph Street Triples, Bandits. ER6s. Diversions etc a chance, they would probably find they go just as fast everywhere, find them cheaper to run and more practical. Just  ask yourself, how often do you go over 100mph? coz any of them will do that easily and you won't get off feeling like you need an osteopath!

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Feb 04

Posts: 17

ahg196 says:

Compact yet Torquey?

Certain 600s are fine, twins for example as you don't have to rev the nuts off them. Fours, especially RRs are A bit like hard work on the open road, but then I'm not a thrasher, I keep the revs low. That's why i bought a 1000. The ideal bike I think is a 600 chassis and weight with the low down grunt of a 1000. When electric bikes really take off well have this very thing, torque from a motor at low revs is cracking good, we just need battery technology to catch up. Would I buy another 600? As a track bike to keep costs down I might consider an old cbr600rr, and for a budget commuter something like an er6 for hooning around on, but to be honest, I like the torque of the bigger engines, even if their weight is a bit on the big side, so I'd be more likely to buy something functional like a big twist and go scooter with a big boot(y). Crickey, that's shot the fox!

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Apr 11

Posts: 17

snapple says:

Stupid Question...

Of Course they are.... it's the prices of new ones that aren't...  I ride a litre bike and much prefer it, but I enjoyed my 600 and if I could afford two bikes would get a 600 or a 675....

Maybe sales are down because we are still in a recession and most people can't afford 9k for a new 600, especially when you can get a decent 600 (2002 with gizmos) for about 2.5k or a 600 size litre bike for about 4k.....

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Mar 10

Posts: 53

Feakster says:


My first bike was an '06 ZX-6R. Without it there's no way I would've been able to get my foot in with sports bikes, (partly due to the astronomical insurance premiums associated with 1000s). They feel quick when you've never had anything esle. I think they still have a place. Having said that, the bike I rode back then had more torque low down than many of the new crop (which I haven't ridden)... Maybe things have changed now. Perhaps the question we should be asking is "what are people buying instead?"

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Feb 09

Posts: 4758

philehidiot says:


Just because the manufacturers are concentrating on the bigger bikes doesn't mean that's what the public want. Who can use nearly 200bhp on the road and how many owners seriously race or do regular track days with them? The effort to keep 600s priced far enough below the 1000cc lot means cutting margins on them and the way to recoup that is to not develop them much year to year and by concentrating R&D on the 1000cc models people will want all the new fancy stuff - it's purely a marketing scam to get people to buy the higher margin product. For the road rider a 600cc sports is more than just relevant, it's usually the best option and the question should really be that with their increasingly massive power outputs, are 1000cc sports bikes still relevant?

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Feb 09

Posts: 5

FMF1983 says:

Couldn't agree more with philehidiot.

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