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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi to test deltabox aluminium frame

Valentino Rossi will test a conventional deltabox aluminium chassis on Ducati’s factory GP12 machine in Jerez later this week after the Italian’s woeful 2011 continued at the Motorland Aragon. The new frame is similar to the concept used by Ducati’s Japanese rivals and it is the latest in a long line of radical changes introduced to give Rossi a bike he...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (20 September 2011 11:54)

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Sep 11

Posts: 171

HighRevz46 says:


the most grown up person on this mother fucking forum. its ok rossi has the most fans, the stoner and lorenzo fans are out numbered by about 100/1 its just that most rossi fans are keeping quiet at the moment and letting these little gay stoner fans get excited look how happy they are like puppy dogs lol soon you lot will be very unhappy dogs...

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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:

Carbon Fibre

is the way forward!  However, it looks like Ducati are going bacwards now with a japanese concept twin spar aluminium chassis. All just to suit Rossi. The bottom line is that he can't ride the Desmo, for whatever reason. All Ducati's development expertise and cutting edge technology seems to be going down the pan since Rossi took over the Ducati factory racing effort. Sad, sad, sad. I don't know for the life of me why they ever signed Rossi. It must have been one of the worst and most costly  decisions ever made. Well, we´ll see what happens when the motor is slotted into the new frame. I bet that there will be no difference!! Ciao

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Feb 09

Posts: 846

chrisg011 says:

Agree SV659nut

Why hate the riders when its the fans that ultimately piss most people off...

Does anyone here truely bemoan Ducati working to get thier bike better, make it back into a winner?
Or does the perspective always focus on 'well my hero did it last year so nah nah nah'
Its September and the playgrounds are still full.

Should be noted the Italian forums have the same debates between the Rossi followers and detractors.
Whinging shits get everywhere eh...

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Nov 09

Posts: 33

GilR says:


"We must not try and change the Ducati into a Yamaha"..... Yeeeeaaahhhh rrrriiiiggghht. First of all, I would be quite embarrassed, second of all, how are Ducati going to sell a superbike that is based on a concept no one knows how to ride?

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Apr 11

Posts: 77

discoBiskit says:

@ highrev46 And you have just demonstrated yourself to be one of the more juvenile posters on this forum. Just a thought, would it not be easy to get around the testing restrictions for 2012 by sticking a 1001cc engine rather than a 1000cc engine in the frame? Not in the spirit of the rules to be sure, but at this point, Ducati will surely need alot more than 2 days to bring a totally new chassis concept up to speed?

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Sep 11

Posts: 85

monkeyninja says:

Progress is the way forward

Carbon fibre in an unrestricted test-all-you-like environment may be the way forward. However, the factories have to produce a package within the constraints of the rules and it's been shown that there simply ain't enough development/testing opportunity to get the finer-than-fine line needed to sort out the CF chassis. Perhaps they could do it in the background.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. None of the Ducati riders (that's six at last count) are producing consistently good results. That's not a way forward, that's just shambling along like poor old Loris who's about to retire.

Saying the Ducati should be this or that is nonsense and it will lead them down an ever-narrowing blind alley while the other manufacturers laugh into their hats.

I for one want to see Rossi and the others competitive next year. But I know that, despite a massive ego, Rossi's path with Ducati has always pointed to success with the 2012 bike. He will be competitive next year, or he'll walk.

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Feb 09

Posts: 209

goat46 says:

Ducati Woes

Agree with SV659nut,everyone just chill out and respect every rider for the awesome skills they have.As for the Ducati airbox probs,remember the APRILIA CUBE that Edwards rode in MotoGP,yes the one that tried to BBQ his ass. That had heaps of technical innovations on the bike that I will not bore you with and the bike was rubbish.It was simply too far ahead of its time,some of it's ideas on throttle linkage systems and pneumatic valves are on modern day bikes as well as shed loads of rider aids and that was years ago.There is a future for the airbox system but as most of us on this site are just genuine bike fans would'nt it be nice to see Vale back at the front trying to give all the young bucks a great battle

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Mar 11

Posts: 108

pacman46 says:

Rossi haters

I think the main reason some bike fans hate Rossi is simpley because there young and never had the joy and fun of watching this talented rider come through the ranks and totaly amaze people with his riding ability, he was and still is the best rider i have ever seen! and if he does get that duke working, he is going to show the world what we have all been missing in Moto gp!

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Apr 11

Posts: 3391

Bultoboy says:

No Pacman - that is not the reason at all

Most of the comments are actually directed at the fanatical fans on forums rather than Rossi himself. Mainly to contest the hypocritical dirge that is spouted about his abilities.

Such as he can develop a bike better than anyone, he made Motogp what it is today (when most of you are moaining about it...) He develops bikes anyone can ride, he's the goat who can adapt his style to cope with any adverse situation with bike, weather or tyres, other riders only win races or championships because he had a problem  -  shall I go on. It's these stupid comments that piss people off and cause the arguments - rounded off by your statement of 'if he does get the Ducati working'  HOW FFS. It's up to Ducati to give him a bike that works, what can't you see in this season's dismal performance as proof that he can do sod all to get a bike working that isn't a 'good' bike to start with.

And it's taken these legendary development skills 10 months to think about a seating position change to make him as fast as Stoner down the straights.... I suspect Stoner was faster down the straights as he was coming out of the corners a bit faster, rather than it being anything to do with his height.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3391

Bultoboy says:

We'll save Rossi's bad sportsmanship, ego tantrums, belittling of other riders for another time.

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