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Steve Farrell  says:

Deaths and casualties rise at speed camera sites

Deaths and casualties have risen at scores of speed camera sites across the country.  Cameras that have led to a rise in accidents have been laid bare under government requirements to publish casualty data. In Kent, one site has seen deaths and serious injuries quadruple from one in three years before the camera to four in three years after. Another of...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (23 September 2011 17:10)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:


If the public didn't speed, there wouldn't be speed cameras?!! Keep telling yourself that. Why do you think there are so many speed cameras at the bottom of hills? Coz most people accidently pick up a few mph and ZAP!  they've got you. £60 and your license please!! Nothing to do with road safety!

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Dec 10

Posts: 88

mogulthrash says:

time to get rid

of these type of speed cameras. Interval cameras work much better and should be targeted at just cars because its the way the public choose to drive their cars that create hazards for bikers. A safety measure that increases accidents? typical of this country - makes me wonder why anyone wants to come and live here.

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Apr 05

Posts: 77

firkit says:


We all do it .It is not a dangerous as a mong peeing about on a phone or twat nav or smoking a joint a copper using his/her eyes could catch them wear as a scamera will not

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Mar 11

Posts: 574

teamwindsor says:


The evidence that is being quoted here seems rather ropey. Deaths have gone from 1, in one year to 4, in another. Headline- deaths have quadrupled! I doubt that this would be statistically significant and just natural variation. All 4 could have been in the same accident.

Its not that I like speed cameras, I don't and touch wood have never been caught, its just with figures as small as this, you can try and prove anything.

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Aug 02

Posts: 3285

eatcs01 says:


These are EXACTLY the kind of figures they used to justify speed cameras in the first place.

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Jul 11

Posts: 244

MakemRider says:


The fact is plain, if the public didn't speed there would be no speed cameras, simple as that. No one would bother spending money on cameras to catch the odd driver who drifts over the limit by a few mph before realising & easing off to the limit.

The cost of installing, maintaining & operating these cameras is high & it's only the fact that lots of drivers are caught (probably only a small percentage of those who do speed) that it is economical to keep them in operation that they are still around.

As I have said many time before they are not safety cameras (that's why if I refer to them as 'safety cameras' I normally enclose them in single quotes), they are speed cameras & are there purely to raise money.

Maybe at first they though it would keep drivers within limits but by now they should know they don't work. Speed is not the issue, it's bad driving which includes inappropriate speed (which could be too slow as well as too fast, based on traffic flow).

Yesterday I was on a DC with a 50 limit, I was doing 55 with the main flow (lane one) & we were getting passed by cars at speeds up to 100mph (my estimate), the majority arround 65-70 (lane 2). Some of the 65-70 drivers were being UNDERTAKEN by the faster one who then cutting them up to get back in to lane 2.

I am by no means anti-speed (I try not to speed because I can't afford the fine and/or losing my licence) & prior to speed cameras though nothing about speeds up to 120mph (in a car) on any road (only if safe to do so). Those day the police would just give you a 'ticking off' if they considered your driving to be safe based on conditions at the time.

Oh for the good old early 70's, those were the days.


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Nov 10

Posts: 296

COZ69 says:


If there was some fool with a gun killing people at the bottom of a hill he would be taken out!

so should these camara's end of!

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Jul 08

Posts: 4462

ninjachica says:


I'm sure we all know of cameras in derestricted zones.  (ie, 60mph)

In many cases, joe public is bimbling along at 60...  sees the camera, and brakes, even though he is doing nothing wrong.  Often, 'Joe' brakes seriously hard, thinking he must be in a 40 limit - and the chaos that ensues behind him doesn't bear thinking about.

At the very least - all cameras should have the relevant speed limit posted on them. 

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Dec 10

Posts: 242

blue200tdi says:


And averages are uesless, if one motorcyclist crashes and dies in a six month period, and then a coach loaded with 51 people crashes in the next six month period, and all the passenges die, then only two crashes have happened in a year but the average death rate will be 26.

Satnavsteve is completely right, speed does not kill, bad driving does. I live in Lincolnshire and the standard of driving here is bloody appalling! Why do they need to be two feet off my bumper at 60MPH on a single carraigeway? And the amount of people that have been overtaking on a bend or the brow of a hil coming towards me is staggering!

And then you have the old dear driving at 30MPH in a 60MPH limit and brakes for a speed camera!

Why can a traffic cop drive at any speed? Because they have been trained too, thereby teaching people to drive at a much higher level will cut deaths by huge amounts and get carp drivers off the roads and cutting congestion too.

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Sep 09

Posts: 406


Stats / Lies

We do not trust government stats/data because historically speaking they lie their tits off about stats to suit whatever the latest political agenda/ tax generating scheme.

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