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Steve Farrell  says:

Bikers take over motorways in EU demo

Thousands of motorcyclists took over motorways for half-an-hour on Sunday in protest over EU plans. Bikers made their feelings known with go-slow rides taking place simultaneously from around 100 starting points across the country.  Processions of hundreds of motorcyclists rode at 45mph for 10 miles in the EU Hands Off Biking demonstrations, organised by the Motorcycle Action Group. In London, police stopped other traffic as...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (26 September 2011 10:04)

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Apr 03

Posts: 3

conradv2 says:

Bike technology

I am  very surprised to read that manufacturers are generaly in favour of the proposed legislation. I see a massive drop in sales of new bikes with this technology fitted and a resurgence in the 2nd hand market for the amazing motorcycles already available.

I have a couple of bikes, one is a carburreted V twin with very little in the way of electronics but some very tasty brakes suspension etc. The other bike , also a V twin is fuel injected, water cooled also with the tasty bits but electronically high tech too. They are both a dream to ride but if anything were to go wrong with the second one I fear it would be beyond my means to repair.

For me the level of tech may already have reached the point where I wouldnt want it to progress any further and to be honest, a trip to the showroom leaves me thinking I would love to try out the new bikes but hate to own one.

Obviusly everyone thinks differently but throw in the proposed tech from the new legislation and it might be just enough to keep the majority of us away from the showroom and buying from the classifieds.


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Sep 11

Posts: 3

rickykwak says:

stick together!

I dont care if your young or old the idea is to all stick together over this.If this happened in France everything would stop until it was sorted & noone would get fines as in the uk for protesting,I think the biggest issue is one of not being able to maintain your own Bike, If you owned a Motor Car TV show in particular encorough the untrained to pop over to Halfords & get all the gear to change brakes etc, I spent a long apprentiship in the trade before I was allowed to carry out that sort of work to a customers car, what next work on my own Gas Boiler! Also I think that some certain Motorcycle Publications need to calm down when road testing Bikes. Ok we know what will do 200mph &  have over 200bhp but for f***s sake down put it in print so the do gooders can wave it about as a stop them doing this tool,At the end of the day we all need to stand together and its not only on this issue its others too such as Fuel prices & take your helmet off or I wont serve you, get off your Bike & fill with Fuel,STICK TOGETHER LADS if thats possible in this country, Stay Safe!




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Sep 08

Posts: 100

Andy_L says:


The manufacturers will be in favour of it because anti-tampering rules will protect their over-priced spares racket from manufacturers of 3rd-party parts.

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Aug 09

Posts: 3

Tradewinds says:

Larger demos needed to really get the message heard

While MAG must be applauded for organising the demonstration rides last Sunday, I cannot help but think something more dramatic might have obtained the better results we all wanted to see achieved. I wasn’t personally able to attend on Sunday and so I am relying on second-hand information, which I acknowledge is a risk. Like many other bikers, I am appalled at the proposed EU proposals and will personally do all I can to help fight these. I saw what the French bikers did to demonstrate in such huge numbers and was very impressed with the results they have obtained. Having 15,000 bikers demonstrating in Paris was a very smart move. I would suggest that getting everyone together in one place is much more effective than spreading the demonstrations out over a large number of locations as this will attract much more media attention than a few hundred bikers attending at a hundred or so different places. It is clear to me that us bikers need to fight this together and be seen as a large collection of people all demonstrating on the same issue. I want you to remember when you saw demonstrations being covered on the national TV channels – they all had large numbers attending in one location, right? They were also very well organised, with a clear start point, a well defined route and a rally at the end in one location, right? That is what we should be doing! Yes, I know that would mean many people would have to ride a long way to get to one location, but that is what we like doing – riding our bikes!

Also, I want to make a plea to anyone wanting to help in these efforts. Stop criticising each other in silly personal attacks. Solidarity is the key and the sooner there are messages of support on sites like this, the better. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, use Facebook or word of mouth. We are in this together!

I am going to contact MAG and see if I can help out in any way, and next time I will try to make sure I am in the UK on the day of the next demonstration!


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Oct 10

Posts: 306

Cyclonite says:

"Anybody who voted Lib/Lab/Con over recent years is to blame for this so don't moan here. If you haven't got the guts to vote BNP then at the very least vote UKIP. It's in YOUR hands; remember that at the next election. A vote for the "big three" is a vote for European domination. " -piroflip I'd take these stupid EU initiatives any day over racist, deluded scum like yourself.

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Oct 06

Posts: 55

Time to leave the EU

Lets get one thing straight, UKIP are not racist, they are libertarian and they hate the imperialistic nature of the EU. Nigel Farage is doing a great job standing up to those jumped up eurocrats and EU laws have damaged this country beyond belief. We need a petition to LEAVE the EU not just to fight them. Have you seen what has been going on in the Eurozone recently? They want a united states of Europe. I urge everybody to vote UKIP at every single election until the political elite get the message. The EU want to get rid of any kind of culture whether it is Biker, German, Buddhist, whatever. They want everyone to conform to a boring beehive with queen bee located in Brussels. Think communist China rule and think ruthless freemarket America, combine the two and you get the EU vision. With Europhiliac Limp dims in government this country is no more.

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Dec 05

Posts: 7

skinnyboy says:

Tradewinds is onto something

I was at the Chester Services demo on the M53 and agree that it was heartening to see such a good turnout, but was surprised how little organisation there was.  I saw several riders take to the outside lane and park there, probably because no-one told them not to.  I didn't get the impression that many of the cars we slowed down had any idea why they were in a traffic jam, much less that it was caused by bikes.  With the lack of media presence, we just didn't present any kind of unified group or cause. 

There were T-shirts for sale to wear over leathers but not nearly enough were available, and anyway let's face it, how many people will spend and extra £5 for a shirt they'll never wear again.  Something like a big sticker every rider could slap on their back would have worked better. 

And while I think that One Big protest probably won't work here (too spread out, often poor weather to discourage riding long distances and with petrol too expensive as well), I do think that fewer demonstration locations with more riders attending each would be better, say a half-dozen, rather than several dozen!  Surely fewer, much larger groups would get the notice of the media better? 

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Sep 10

Posts: 185

As mentioned on here already - the main problem is the police , told by their masters to harass us , as they did with the truckers in the fuel protests . And if things esculate , the powers that be will be waiting with more made up laws that  were made for something entirely different . We will have to get our thinking caps on , and come up with some more idea"s . The "send a letter to your M.P. " I am afraid  will not  work , you have to get  100,000 signatures to spark a vote in Westminster , most of our fellow bikers cannot be bothered . And I live in Yorkshire , so the U.K.I.P.  vote from here is a no -go , they would vote for anything wearing a red rose in it"s button hole ,rather than a straight thinking political party  ? .

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