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MCN  says:

Ducati Streetfighter 848 launch - first impressions

MCN’s Trevor Franklin reports: "We have just completed a 90km road ride from Modina up into the mountains and the new Streetfighter 848 is indeed proving to be everything I thought it would be.  It is a superb road bike consisting of the perfect balance between engine and chassis. "Ducati has altered the torque curve to make it more linear so it...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (28 September 2011 16:10)

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May 06

Posts: 42


Ducati Streetfighter

Trevor, I think you need to take yourself to a quiet corner and have a word with yourself. You are so full of S***e.

What gives you the right to insult our inteligence with remarks like "   The mountain roads consist of fast flowing bends and tight hairpins, but the baby Streetfighter took it all in its stride. The road surface was equal to any of our poorly maintained B roads and I’m pretty sure the Triumph Street Triple would have tied itself in knots"

1, The street triple is well capable of handling these type of road surfaces (Jeez thats what it was developed for)

2, Should you really be slating an excelent Britsh product that has risen from the ashes to produce a world leading product.

If you don't write sensible articles who is ever going to take what you write seriously, you 'll just be another muppet who writes for another "spend a bazilian pounds on another fashion statement bike that doesn't work in practice" type mag

Really think you need to stop having the free trips to test these bikes and think about the hard earned money people have to spend to buy and maintain these bikes and are they worth it !!

You know like a proper bike test !!


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Aug 06

Posts: 22

nickmas says:

Speed triple is less money than this!!!

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Mar 08

Posts: 315

vmax4steve says:

could look better

single round headlight and a silencer each side please. Also it's about time that MCN took it's tongue out of Ducatis' corporate arsehole and gave a balanced opinion now and again, but then again if they did then they wouldn't be invited back would they. Reviews like this aren't worth a toss.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8404

snev says:

pic 3 of 4

that yellow and black thing looks so depressed., but the bike aint bad !

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Nov 09

Posts: 31

bullpizzle says:


Mr franklin full of s***! Don't think so. And if he was I bet he ain't got a chip on his shoulder like yerself. A man with so much experience makes a comment and then you think you have the right to slag him off! Were you there? No. So who has the facts? Widegrip aka bigprick.

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Jun 08

Posts: 2

Macrider says:

I've never owned either a Triumph or a Ducati, so have no personal agenda, but I've never read or heard anything about Street Triples struggling on "our poorly maintained B roads". Surely MCN might have mentioned something about this in the past; just in case I'd miseed it I went to check MCN's own reviews of the Street Triple: "The lightweight Triumph floats over bumps but doesn’t tie itself in knots when you turn the wick up" " a gem and stands up to any task, from town riding to back road thrashing" This is nothing impartial about this article, and it implies an assumption that its readers are gullible fools. MCN - I've often read the criticism of your journalism on these forums and mostly not agreed with the criticism, but this time what's been written is garbage.

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Nov 07

Posts: 3

oldlongdog says:

Baby... what baby?!

"baby Streetfighter"... 849cc and c.140bhp... how much power do people need?! My Cagiva Raptor 650 has half that power and is still huge fun. Bikes are all so bloaty and exaggerated these days. Manufacturers should concentrate on making bikes light, strong and quick rather than big, flashy and expensive. It would help if journos stopped the relentless raising of our expectations and belittling what by any rational criteria are astonishingly competent bikes.

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May 06

Posts: 42



I have owned and maitained, not just rode lots of bikes including Ducatis and Triumphs, from motocross bikes, trackday tools to tourers and so feel i do have a valid opinion. sorry if I did offend anyone but I think my sentiments have been echoed by a lot of the comments on here.

The Triumph is at the end of the day a cracking bike and should not be slated just because something new has come along with an offer of a few days testing in the sun to buy the journo's

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Jan 06

Posts: 11

rodgerslyon says:

Comments above

Hmmm, my Street Triple doesnt appear to have the same handling issues as the one Trevor has ridden. I recommend taking the Street back to a Triumph dealer and using public transport from now on. Rubbish journalism, I buy the quarterly magazines as great factual work but havent bought the paper now for about 18mths due to this type of rubbish. I have no doubt the Streetfighter is a great bike but as mentioned already its an Exotic and so is being compared to the Street because they can. No mention of an FZ8, same price and almost engine capacity in which case its no contest.

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Dec 10

Posts: 5

JAMSXR says:

Load of rubbish

I'm not saying the 848 is not a better bike then the Street but this level of journalism is a joke... MCN is good for pictures and nothing else!

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