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Steve Farrell  says:

80mph motorway speed limit by 2013

Motorway speed limits could increase to 80mph by 2013. Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said there had been "huge advances in safety and motoring technology" since the current 70mph limit was introduced in 1964 and raising it "would generate economic benefits of hundreds of millions of pounds through shorter journey times". A consultation will be launched this year. The Department for Transport says the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (30 September 2011 09:01)

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Aug 09

Posts: 28

fryatuck says:


Don't they know most Drivers are already doing at least that on motorways.

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Jun 07

Posts: 119

guzzivee8 says:

Unfortunately those currently doing 80MPH

will now see it as their “right” to travel @ 90MPH!! (Or possibly more!) after all it's not as if there's any traffic police left to enforce it!

Hamster's “argument” (such as it is!) is that this will speed up British business (yes the government is THAT desperate for solutions) thus ignoring that the vast majority of “commercial” traffic on the M’Way is speed governor limited?!

Of VERY real concern to us should be that the vast majority of the M’Way network has been built since the 70MPH limit was introduced and therefore has been designed to that limit (all be it with a factor of safety)
But hey lets not let the facts stop anything

When you consider the dramatic reduction in local authority funding for maintenance and road safety (virtually ALL M/C road safety was undertaken by LA’s) and the virtual demise of any national Road safety policy the current government seem intent on reversing the reduction in the numbers killed and seriously injured
Perhaps they think it’d be “cheaper” if less of us managed to reach our pensions even if they are delayed to 68!!


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Mar 10

Posts: 53

Feakster says:

About time

It's about time. 90mph would have been nicer, but you can't have everything!

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Sep 06

Posts: 15

ahinks says:

ill still do over a 100 lol

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Dec 10

Posts: 14

49% of motorists admit breaking or ignoring the national speed limit, millions ignore speed cameras...i think that makes the law bad...not the people...millions can't be wrong

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Dec 10

Posts: 14

slow coaches

i also think that if you are not prepared to make good progress on the motorway, keep up with traffic, hog the middle lane or generally fail to use a motorway for its proper purpose you should be kicked off it and made to take another route. Undertaking at speed is normally caused by slow drivers hogging lanes, the hoggers should be the ones fined

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Sep 11

Posts: 1

qeqm says:


It's about time they raised the speed limit. The PC brigade do not know what they are talking about. They go on saying "speed kills" and "more polution". Thats Rubbish because over 50% of the population drive at 80mph on motorways anyway. So it will make no difference!! They should raise it to 90mph and get rid of bad drivers who constanly stay in the middle lane.

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May 08

Posts: 21

DaveK671 says:


Raising it to 80mph wont necessarily mean everyone goes 90.  I never sit at 90 cos its guzzles fuel.  80 is a much nicer speed.  If a safety obsessed country such as France, with their 100bhp limits and high vis laws, can allow 130kph (80mph) then it must be fine!

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Sep 11

Posts: 7

80mph? that still enough to clear the automobile deadwood??? I think not.... 

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Apr 11

Posts: 17

snapple says:

Still not the answer..

Whilst I'm all for increasing the speed limit to 80 or 90, I'm with others who have posted here in that 50% may already be doing 80+ but the other 50% are unable to use the motorways properly and so increasing the speed is not going to improve traffic flow.. I do 160 miles per day and whilst I'm no angel people need to be educated in how to drive on a motorway and penalised for not doing so...... By 2013 the motorways will be so conjested that people will be lucky to be able to hit 80 without hitting the car in front!

I wonder if  the 80 limit will mean that the police will now let 80-90 pass or will they be told that there is now a zero tolerance policy as the limit has been raised?


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