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Matthew Birt  says:

Motegi MotoGP: Early error frustrates Casey Stoner

Casey Stoner might have one hand on the 2011 MotoGP world title but a 13th consecutive podium in Japan yesterday did little to disguise the Australian’s disappointment at failing to win the Twin Ring Motegi clash. When Stoner hit the front from pole position on the opening lap, many expected the 25-year-old to streak away to record a ninth win of...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (03 October 2011 09:49)

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

Stoner's pass on Hayden

why is there even a big fuss being made out of it ? Casey overtook him, yes it was a bit close but that's it. The end. I don't remember a news article from Qatar with Dovi commenting of Simoncelli's near take out. It's just another news story to help the people at to forget what happened to Rossi in Japan.

Bless their little souls.

Also, reading that article.. Casey is not even close to complaining. He stated what happened and the way that Nicky races. You go up the inside and he keeps leaning on you, and leaning on you. That's basically all that happened  ..

so why the fuss ?

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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:

There was nothing wrong with the pass!

It was a good hard pass! The only problem i have with it is that if someone put that same move on Stoner then he would have refused to shake hands with them after the race whilst having a girlie tantrum..

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

The Coliseum for morons!

Right-on, weskit. Always a rational, thoughtful poster not deceived or sucked-in by this ridiculous, shallow cult of celebrity. The dumb-arses out in la la land want to re-create the Coliseum – complete with caricature heroes and villains and occasionally feed a Gladiator to the lions and other beasts red in tooth & claw. Oh, sob, slobber - my mate hasn’t heard of Casey Stoner. Boooh Hooh – obviously the sack and ruin of motorcycle racing in the new millennium – and all because of Stoner. And while we are on that point –just where & when did Stoner EVER even attempt to “copy” VR. I think you confuse him with Jorge Lorenzo who had his own boring fucking post race Pantomimes going there for a while and jumping into lakes that looked pristine but were in reality full of ersatz sewage and yukkiness. Funny!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and thank Christ or the Deity of your choice that Jorge seems to have matured into his own person and not some act-alike time wasting facsimile of Rossi. Pedrosa on the other hand, also NEVER, ever imitated VR either. So – two out of three wrong there, mate. You big tugger!

Part of this crap and silliness is the way that MotoGP media works now. The reporters get an allocated and set in stone 15 minutes as a mob with each rider. That has played into VR’s hands as he has been able to manipulate the press “pack” that will always (for self-serving safety & security) run like dogs together in opinion and slant. Rossi will know where or who they have just seen or are seeing next and, of course, feed the dogs a bone so that the next rider gets asked, “Rossi just said this about you – what is your response to that?” And if it is Stoner and he says Rossi is talking bullshit – it instantly becomes a headline and controversy: “Stoner complains Rossi talks bullshit!” See how it goes? Ergo, Stoner is the “whinger or moaner” while Rossi sat back and laughed at his continued self-elevation and grandeur above the fray while Stoner (or whoever) gets a press pack diminishing or belittling...In the “old” days a journo got a one-on-one with a rider by either appointment or waiting for him. Many a time a rider who didn’t want to talk would delay and obfuscate in his tech post practice or race briefing to avoid the Journo and hope he would get tired, impatient and just fuck off and go bother someone else. Rainey did this quite a lot, in point of fact.

The laughs aren’t coming so often or so fast anymore for VR, are they? Carlo Pernat claims Rossi is a “little bit afraid of the Desmo” Looks like it too. His influence and mana is on the wane – it simply HAS to be as his reputation and lustre fades with each passing Round. A footballer, player or racer is only as good as their last game, match or race. The history or previous record stands - but what are they presently showing, delivering or offering their employers or club or team? That was then and this is right NOW? In Rossi’s case, sadly for him and his fans-two-fifths of SFA. End of. His last Win was at Sepang – 12 x looong months ago despite 4 x chassis and myriad extra bits and another two trucks in the Ducati pit. There is just no escaping the fact that this is a piss-poor return on investment for Ducati - but it isn’t the end of the GP World as we know it. Far from it. One hero fades away and retires to be replaced by another and the sport goes on. Get over it, guys. Cheers

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:

laguna seca 08 (again)

Stoner was certainly wound up in parc ferme, half pissed of at Rossi, half pissed off at himself - who can blame him. Anyway, he'd calmed down enough and got over it and they shook hands 5 minutes later on the podium. Moaner, on the other hand, hasn't got over it more than 3 years later.

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Aug 11

Posts: 463

ChupaChump says:

Lorenzo's bike isn't fitted with mirrors - neither is Nicky's

Strikes me as odd that Lorenzo is absolved of blame because he didn't know that Rossi was trying to dart around the outside so that meant Lorenzo could take whatever line he pleased. Same with the Stoner pass - it's not Nicky's job to adjust his line and clear a path for Stoner... I don't think there was that much in it but Casey's all smiles when he's the aggressor but he gets all bent out of shape when the role is reversed... C'est la vie, I guess

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Mar 11

Posts: 474


Good point about only being as good as your last game, if rossi was a footballer he would be investigating his options in Saudi Arabia or Japan right now.

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Nov 10

Posts: 85

Brazen says:

On Blaming

Qatar 2010 Stoner crashed while leading and blamed only himself for changing his line at T1.

Spain 2011 Stoner got quite tired and had to settle for 3rd. He blamed nothing but that, and thanked his team for making the bike perfect- he didnt blame anyone or anyhting but himself.


What a moaner hey.


P.S. I didnt like how he refused to wave @ the crowd in Japan though. As a HUGE fan a did think that was irresponsible/arrogant/foolish 4 sure. Sorry casey but that was just....arrogant imho.


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Mar 11

Posts: 474

Wayne Rainey

In the latest FIM magazine rainey says he believes rossi has lost it, another handicapped person earn the ire of rossi's retards.

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Aug 10

Posts: 217

maazzz1 says:

Good read chris

Good opinion piece and read. And I couldn’t agree more with most of what you wrote. The sport does need it’s personalities, but we also need to be careful because the commercial imperative, the very thing that  has driven the sports growth, making it more popular and beamed into all our homes, means there is a lot more at stake for manufacturers and sponsors, and it is the very thing that has and is creating an unsustainable cost spiral. It starts at the escalating motorbike development costs, which is further escalated by ongoing changes to engine size going from 1000cc to 800cc then back to 1000cc, then ridiculous rider salaries, etc. All of this then flows on to the leasing costs for satellite teams, etc, etc. The budget to run a remotely competitive satellite team is substantially more than 15 years ago and they cannot compete with the factory riders like the once did. The end result is less and less competitive bikes on the grid. Manufacturers such as Suzuki and Kawasaki (obviously kawasaki has already jumped ship) are now/ have been scratching their heads thinking is the investment we need to sink into the sport to be at best just competitive providing the commercial returns we require, i.e. brand positioning, flow on to loyalty and on to sales or can those dollars be better and more effectively invested in other areas or marketing initiatives outside of MotoGp. The real danger is that if Ducati do not improve in 2012 Marlboro will stop bank rolling the effort and it could also be forced to rethink it's approach and involvement. It may then become a Yamaha / Honda series, which would probably make it far more competitive and combative.

This has happened while the sport has been blessed with the likes of the marketers dream such as Rossi. He has been the pin up boy of Motogp for the last ten years. His popularity has not been rivalled by any of the other riders or infact all of them put together. This is not just because he is likeable, it is just as much because he was and hopefully still will be a winner. However Rossi retiring will not be the demise of the sport but rather the lack of spectacle and escalating unsustainable costs are and will be. Rossi in a recent interview said the same, “there was Motogp before me and there will be motogp after me”. The sport needs the likes of Stoner and Pedrosa just as much as it needs the extroverted likeable winners. It constantly needs to blood new talent and it can only do so if there are enough competitive seats out there for them to ride. What the sport doesn’t need is a carefully orchestrated and marketed Rossi replacement, the technology race allowed to continue so he who has more to invest wins and more and more sponsor investment money is needed to cover increased costs, which is not about piggybacking on the sport anymore but rather dominating and directing it.

Leaving aside who is the most likeable, for mine the rider talent on the track has never been better and not dissimilar to when there was Lawson, Rainey, Schwantz, Gardner. Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner, Pedrosa and possibly a Spies and Simoncelli in the wings with maybe a Marquez, Iannone and others to come. The racing wasn’t always close way back when either nor were they the best of buddies shaking hands after there was argy bargy on the track We never got to see or hear what was really going on. This is also one of the other benefits of the current day MotoGp’s popularity - we get access to almost everything. We are getting to the point that we will also have onboard toilet seat coverage for when they take a dump... 

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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:

Well that's that then..

Rossi has lost it coz Mr. Rainey says so... Again, I wonder if he thought the same back in 2006 and 2007..

Weskit... Stoner was 100% pissed that Rossi out muscled and beat him in a close fight and nothing else! He chose the easier option to throw the bike in the gravel so to be able to give an excuse as to why he couldn't beat Rossi! you know "it was my mistake" etc etc.. You watch, he could have saved it but he just threw it down in the gravel... disgusting behaviour if you ask me...

Chupa... I am with you... infact, i have a more extreme view as posted up before.. JL should have been disqualified for that disgusting, dangerous and unsportsman like behaviour... Same goes for Spies for his envolvement!

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