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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi fit for Phillip Island despite test absence

Valentino Rossi will be fit to ride in next weekend’s Australian MotoGP race, despite withdrawing from a vital 1000cc test at the Jerez circuit today with a hand injury. The 32-year-old was due to ride Ducati’s GP12 in Spain but had to withdraw with a left hand injury picked up when he crashed out on the first lap of last Sunday’s...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (06 October 2011 09:21)

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

Bobby B...

Just letting it all hang out B4 Philip Island, Mate. Figure if I decompress now, then I won't do anything too silly and get myself arrested by the Vic Coppers - they really like to shoot people dead down there. Since they traded the old S&W revolvers on the swanky new Glocks, they've got worse!

Of course, when Carl Williams got himself topped in the highest security prison, in the highest security area with non-stop 24 hour video and "live" by human monitoring - there wasn't a guard or copper for miles. The killer had to go and tell someone what he'd done after 30+ minutes. Talk about a "hit" and a "fit-up" of the highest degree, eh?

Seriously, Nostro is busy baiting the morons and I am just "visiting" for a bit in ANZAC support. God Defend New Zealand and Advance Australia Fair night methinks. Cheers

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Oct 07

Posts: 1306

hugelean says:

Aquarius perhaps whilst your hotdogs are warming up and before you start slicing your buns you could give us the inside word on why Casey went awol for 3 years you make it sound like the season wer both back to back and his first two.....?? The only bike your boy had a hand in was the cf bike which was built in direct response to his requests for a stiffer chassis.. didn;t go to well on that as I recall. At your age your shouldn't be confusing opinion with fact.. Presiozi praises Casey because he nearly made his bike work.. From an outside point of view I'm more prone to think that Presiozi and Stoner between them got it completely wrong and lucked out with a couple of good results a year to prevent both getting the sack no wonder he looks back fondly.. Casey stopped Ducati being a total embarrassment nothing more , compared to Honda and yam it was a disaster one they are still trying to rectify.. If he'd been at Suzuki they would have been out of it 2 years ago. Of course this is just opinion..

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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

i have to laugh

There are some sad sad people who post on here, they range from the clueless , the one eyed fan boys and worse of all the ' we are so technically gifted and can baffle the common man with our scientific speak that we must be right in all we say'

I favour no one rider but say what it see.

1 stoner bloody fast rider and being quoted as the restest thing ever because of this year. Really? well why couldnt he make the duke work in the last four years then?

2. Rossi the greatest rider in the last ten years ( championship wins) is now according to the eggheads a fake because he cant get on win the Ducati which is harding up the wrong tree. Please eggheads cut the bullshit even stoner could turn it into a winner hence why he's on the feckin honda now.

stop settling scores with one another and talk sense, and if you cant do that just fuck off and post shit somewhere else its boring.

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Sep 11

Posts: 2289

YamahaGYTR says:

Get your head out of your asses.

Ducati you're becoming the laughing stock of MotoGP.

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mr zulu


Mar 07

Posts: 103

mr zulu says:

not quite

When stoner wins a crown on a bike that was'nt a winner out of the crate,when he turns a heap into a world leader,i will bow before his feet.I do not know him personally.but he appears to to the charisma of mosquito bite.FACT the ducati is a bag of shite.If you believe anbody could get that bike into the top 6 this season (so far)your a complete tool.Forget rossi,Jerry burgess is a god in my eyes and its got him completely stumped.What does that tell ya??

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

awol for 3 years ?

ahh yes, you must be reffering to when he finished 2nd, 4th and 4th in the championship ..

Where is the 'goat' this season and with how many points will he finish ? surely he'll better 225 .. Casey's miniumum points scored WITH 6 DNF's.

No ? oh well.

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mr zulu


Mar 07

Posts: 103

mr zulu says:


4 factory hondas

2 factory yams

7th realistic?

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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:

Tales of the Spider and the Delta

I don't think Burgess is stumped, he knows exactly what needs to be done ... get an ally deltabox frame! It's Ducati who are stumped, and are trying to cling onto their no hope carbon chassis. If there was any life left in this black stuff project, then I'm sure Casey would not have bailed. The dynamic duo probably thought they could dump the chassis at a stroke, but it has not proved that easy - the Duke accounts dept. has too much of a stake in it. In any case, Rossi has as much dosh to spend on a chassis as the factory, so could (relatively) easily form his own deltabox-framed Duke team, using works engines. This is the obvious way out for Duke, and their beating about the bush concerning Rossi's test in Jerez hints that a semi-works team is on the cards. Not surprising, then, that Hayden is now testing the previous 'spider' frame while Rossi is elsewhere, 'doing something else'.

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Feb 09

Posts: 846

chrisg011 says:

Heads in ass

I think its GYTR who has become the laughing stock however, lets not ridicule the inflicted...

Lets all be honest - Stoner didnt get the Duke to work consistenly for 3 years because the team didnt listen nor provide him with the tools to do the job. Hence riding 110% all the time to bin or win. In those 4 years he racked up more wins than anyone else (and probably more race crashes) however proved to be exceptionally fast, posses incredible throttle control and shows that he never feed his wife...

Jump to 2011 and Rossi on the Duke. He experiences the same problems as every other Ducati rider (expect Stoner) the sole difference being the team listen to the feedback from VR and JB and throw the kitchen sink at finding a solution. This is a marked difference from 2004 where yamaha already has a solution up thier sleeve and the greatest living team (VR e JB) only needed make it fit (sic).

The team have tried it all, wasted buckets of cash and time on a bike that wont run in 2012 and have seemingly gotten nowhere. VR looks humbled, JB looks confuzzled and Stoners wife needs to eat something before she floats away on all the hot air coming from the Aussie's fans.

2012 arrives, new rules and bikes, VR runs mid pack and retires.
Stoner wins and is hailed god
Pedrosa doesnt and gets dumped
Simoncelli crashes his brains out and goes back to Moto2
Lorenzo falls back on his funny joke tactics to imitate Rossi and becomes the new Gibernau


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Aug 02

Posts: 2321

Hedgehog5 says:


"when he (Stoner) turns a heap into a world leader,i will bow before his feet."

Name me one rider that's done this... & please don't say Rossi on the Yamaha in 2004 'cos the Rossi fans will cringe & everyone else will laugh you off the forum... do some back reading first.

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