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Michael Neeves  says:

2012 Yamaha R1 - first impressions

We're in Spain riding the 2012 Yamaha R1 at the Valencia MotoGP circuit. Aside from a few very minor tweaks the main change to the Yamaha is its new six-stage traction control. We've just done our first session and the TC is on max. It's so intrusive you can hold the throttle to the stop out of every corner, not good for...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (12 October 2011 09:59)

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Oct 09

Posts: 196

TinkerNZ says:

Recall on the 2012 r1

Due to an unspecifiy technicality the side stands fitted on the 2012 r1 are too long and they keep falling over. If the bike is returned to the dealer with proof of purchase the r1 dealer will at no cost to the owner fit 21 inch rims to reduce the posibility of this occuring.

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Apr 06

Posts: 191

ERP30 says:


Where is "C3PO" .... that was a cool pic... dont know why MCN took it down.. it was just a giggle.. im sure like most of the people on here .. i think neeves is a highly regarded reporter for MCN and does a super job, im always interested in what he has to say.. so his pick deserves to be put back up.. looking forward to his over all opinion of the R1.....  

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Feb 09

Posts: 230

tris123 says:


The front end on the R1 looks okish but the ass is fat with those underseat exhausts and heat-shields, stubby side ones get my vote.  It also needs more power to compete with this years bikes let alone next years.  I thought the big-bang engine was suposed to improve traction, if so why do you need 6 stage TC when the bike has got the same power as the current model.



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Jan 11

Posts: 293

yzrm1 says:

tris123 says dated

the honda the aprilia the yamaha the ktm rc8r all have the same amount of power. because of the crossplane crankshaft(not big bang) engine the throttle feeling is realy smooth so you can easy feel the tyre spin. but to much spin aint gonna fire you forewards and in corners that why you got TC to secure the max of tyre grip. and its ofcours for savety. now you got double the savety double the feel because of the Crossplane crankshaft and TC so....who wouldn't buy one?? and its a more beautiful bike, easy the best looking bike's from Japan and Italy. the rsv4 and the new 1199 seems like pocketbikes, nice bike but with a rider on it it looks almost silly like a giant on i bicycle :( the mv sure nice but its almost the same bike as first brought to us. so....thats dated. And in many tests the rsv4 seems unrealiable with often broken stuff, shut down at highspeed tests etc.... as is the duc..same problem. mv electronic fails etc...

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Dec 10

Posts: 15

M4OON says:

#### It's so intrusive you can hold the throttle to the stop out of every corner ####
Bloody Hell ! - So the first time you jump on a 125cc bike at any time after that, you'll end on your arse after exiting the very first roundabout you come to.
And dont get me started on bloody 'Anti-Wheelie' - at 16 i wheelied FS1-e's at 10mph, the at 18 i would impress all the girls down the chippy on my LC with a wheelie - now i'm going to be denied one of the pure pleasures of biking . . . the' beautiful big floating wheelie in 3rd' . . . NoooOOOOO !

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Jan 11

Posts: 7693

snev says:


spot on, you got it, experience is everything TC is Health and Safety.

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Aug 07

Posts: 76

marty1035 says:

The best thing about traction control

is that it makes a strong case for buying an older model without it. The manufacturers will learn eventually. Hopefully.

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Aug 09

Posts: 177

busaman195 says:

safety feature on the road!

come on mcn,tc for the road,if you need tc for u.k. roads your going way too bloody fast,for the track maybe.for alot of people it wont be needed...

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

I've a real problem with the R1. I love it. The sound is absolutely fantastic. It is spine tingling. It comes number one in that department, pipping a KTM RC8 and a Triumph triple and probably in that order in my humble opinion.

As an everyday sports bike you want to do a bit of touring on it works. Can't fault it there. It's not too extreme but at the same time it is superb at everything. The only thing that puts me off, well two things: I'm not keen on the front end fairing and the price is astronomical.

That wide gaping headlight  just puts me off and that's before I even consider the money. Traction control? Big deal. I would rather Yamaha spent a few quid changing the front fairing and knocking a few quid off the price.

That said...........I'm going to repeat myself (and I apologise for that) and plead with Suzuki to make an SV1200. Please please please do it.  ;)

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Mar 05

Posts: 58

Neevesy says:


I don’t see what’s so wrong with having traction control - it doesn’t make you less of a man! With any of these systems now, you can turn the traction, or anti-wheelie right down, or off.
That means you can still pull big wheelies if you want to, but how many people go around sliding the rear on the road? I’ve certainly never seen anyone do it…
In the wet or on dirty roads you can switch all the electronics on again. It’s like ABS in reverse, if it’s there and it doesn’t get in the way for normal riding, why wouldn’t you want it?
You still need skill and experience to ride something powerful like an R1 properly. Traction control won’t stop you highsiding if you’ve got too much lean and too little grip. You can still lose the front and still overshoot a corner and disappear into a ditch, if you go in too fast. It’s a safety and performance tool. It’s a bit like saying brakes, suspension and tyres are too good now and take away rider skill.

You really need to try a bike fitted with the latest electronic rider aids to see how good they are. But that’s just my humble opinion…


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