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Matthew Birt  says:

Aspar confirms Ducati split

Spain's high profile Aspar squad will split with Ducati at the end of the 2011 MotoGP world championship and is now working on its own private 1000cc project. Having initially agreed to expand to a two-rider effort with the Bologna factory in 2012, the Aspar squad confirmed to MCN in Phillip Island today that plans to continue running just one Ducati...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (13 October 2011 09:31)

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Jun 09

Posts: 163

adrenalin says:

The GP grid for 2012 looks thinner every day :( 

Even if the team manage to get a CRT bike designed and built in time to start the season it will be a pretty poor quality grid by the looks of it.

MotoGP is in danger of just petering out at this rate, unless Honda want to supply a lot more riders of course.

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Mar 09

Posts: 109

elsa1234 says:

crt will be the death of moto gp what is the point of it other than a grid filler.

moto gp needs factory bikes not crt.

ducati cant even sort the factory bike so why lease one from them they are slow and front end is crap.rossi has found this out to his suprise if he cant sort it then nobody can well unless your casey.

suzuki need to stay with a good 2man team they could do well and if they have to start with the 800 then dorna should alow them an axtra litre of fuel.

i also agree with adrenalin please honda help them out again.

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


actually aspar wants to say, "who wants to use shit machine!!!!!"

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Aug 02

Posts: 2323

Hedgehog5 says:


... if these CRT bikes are as far off the pace as folks are saying then we'll have 2 races to watch in 1... the factory Honda's & Yamaha's out front then the Ducati's & CRT's battling it out for their own little championship.

Moto1... here we come!

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Jun 10

Posts: 120

wak1309 says:

Quite possibly Hedgy....

but surely that would be somewhat dangerous unless they can improve speed? We can't have slower bikes getting lapped after a few circuits. They'd be forever getting blue flagged and having to stay off the racing line, giving them more danger as they race for their own silverware.

I'm not sure where Dorna are going with this CRT thing? Obviously they want more bikes but I think elsa1234 is correct. How good would it be to see all the manufacturers competing in the top class? These threads would be full of proper banter regarding the Kwaks v Aprilias or BMWs v Triumphs et al, instead of the borefest Honda v Yam (and Stoner v Rossi crap that turns into an insult match!)


Can't usually agree with motoking but he's right here.... Obvious why Martinez doesn't want a Ducati!!!

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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

The blame lands

squarely on Elvis Presley feet. That idiot don't seem to realise that every GPxx have been a losing bike since he changed to CF. Shit...even Milky lil boy quit as early as Feb 2010 and signed with Honda. No wonder Aspar walked the fuck away. Who's next, before Elvis Presely understands he is building a failure. 

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Nov 05

Posts: 7

morinipete says:

I think people have short memories (or I'm just very old ?). GPs were always 'two speed' events in the past. The 1960s and early 1970s had some of the most boring racing on earth (at the front). 2 MVs or Hondas steaming round 40mph faster than anyone else, while 40 singles did the real racing further back.

No one was intrested in the 'premier class', everyone watched the 250s. To be honest isn't that what we have now anyway ? The 125s and 600s are what provide the 'racing'. Moto GP is just a very fast, very expensive procession ? No wonder Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc have/are dropping out. 

You wait the new 250 singles will be THE class. Wheel to wheel, packed grids and the best RIDER will win, not the fastest bike (as they'll be nought in it).  


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Aug 11

Posts: 150

veronicaisl says:

Nearly end of ducati?

Im afraid that in 2013 ducati will not race any more in motogp because of their poor results. Even though they didn't win the championship after 2007 they were still competitive even they got less win but fighting at the front is always there not mid pack bike. The greatest failure of the sports is nearly to happen...sad but true!

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Aug 11

Posts: 700

Bootlegger says:

Spot on Morinipete

Nothing new under the Sun and I've resigned myself to entertainment within entertainment come 2012. Why Ducati don't consider making a new age 250 Desmo available for Moto 3 next year beats me. Funding running thin I guess. Thats what happens when you put all your eggs in one yellow basket and the grand scheme turns pear shaped.


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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

capable of winning a world championship in 2008 - (6 wins), never, never capable of winning a world championship in 2009 - (4 wins), never, never, never capable of winning a world championship in 2010 - (3 wins), and it was being ridden by the propped up "Milky lil boy".

So what to do, thought the Milky lil boy why not quit and sign with the Manufacturer producing the best bike. So off he went to HRC begging Suppo to save him.


The Milky brigade will never acknowledge him as a quitter, but the signs was there for all to see as he manufactured injury and illness (scapoid, ****ting and vomitting, back injury, hiatus in the aborigine desert, perfect pebble, etc... etc...) and many other **** when Valentino Rossi roughed up his slender dainty ass in 2008 and 2009.


It took a foot breaking and massive injury for the others to finally get a fair chance to win in 2010. Now that Rossi is on the **** pig built by Milky lil boy and want to change it to suit his smooth suave riding prowness instead of the herky jerky style of Milky lil boy........Elvis Presely is refusing and holding the GOAT from doing what only he can do. The Milky lil boy brigade is up in arms too concerning any changes to the **** pig because they want to see him win only 6 and 4 and 3 wins and not his usual haul on his way to winning world championship.

Woe is HRC when the start listening to Milky boy as surely he will develop another **** pig, the ingredients are already there as Suppo have brought them all to Honda. 2011 is like deja vu to (remember 2007) to the Milky brigade and the Milky Boy.

Posted on by Milkybars .... sad sad little boy.

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