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Steve Farrell  says:

Changes to bike test revealed

Changes to the motorcycle test aimed at improving safety have emerged. Exercises in which many learners have crashed will be conducted at lower speeds to make them safer. Previously learners have been strictly required to reach at least 31mph before swerving around cones and performing an emergency stop, but trials are underway in which they only have to go 27mph. They are...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (13 October 2011 11:55)

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Dec 02

Posts: 29

minivin says:

Old News

Catch up MCN! MAG reported this something akin two months back.....

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Aug 09

Posts: 28

fryatuck says:

about time

We have know about this since the middle of august, our local training company went to snetterton circuit beginning of august for talks about it.

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Oct 11

Posts: 5

haremoss says:

Do we need the test to be easier? safer? if you cant get round a cone at 30 god help you when you get on the road.

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Feb 09

Posts: 236

tris123 says:

better idea

Why not pay a load of old women in Nissan Micra's to drive around Brands Hatch.  Then the riders have to ride around the track 2 times in both directions without crashing into one.  Be just like going to work then.

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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:


The test is already extremely overcomplicated, more difficult than the car test and certainly more difficult than any kind of test in by gone times.

I dont know if youve ever seen or attempted the swerve manouvre, but for a learner to perform it, its quite a feat, you accelerate from a stand still into a sharp coned corner, if you knock a cone, you fail, at 30mph round the bend on a typical learner bike the pegs will be grinding, as you come out of the corner you have barely 5 meters to accelerate, so your coming out of a sharp bend from steep lean angle turning the throttle wide open, then swerving through a fairly tight gap, then stopping, in a box, at virtually emergency stop levels of braking.

The speed trap is solid metal, if you mess up your swerve and it hit, its like running into a kerb, your definaetly off, also braking too soon or in the wet has a good chance of causing and off. Overall a very daft test, since what its representing is coming out of a blind corner, flat out, accelerating flat out towards a hazard then swerving round it, then stopping to i imagine, go beat the crap out of the car driver who just pulled out infront of you.


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Sep 11

Posts: 7

I'd be interested to see how they'll do this on the road. I did my test last year, as for it being hard to do the swerve test, I don't see the problem, it's simulating a blind bend it's to give you space to get up to speed, you go round the bend at about 15-20 mph, then accelerate to 30mph, not hard on a 500cc, does require thrashing a 125 though. As for hitting the speed trap, you go through that before you swerve or do the emergency stop. I'd say it's safer as it is, as there's no other vehicles to worry about. Isn't the idea to learn to control a bike? I thought the whole process was good, and don't see what needs changing, if people are falling off you'd have to think what would happen on the road.

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Sep 10

Posts: 11

vannvanner says:

There isn't a problem with the swerve test on a 500cc bike, so long as you can actually handle a bike of that size. The problem is folk on 125's concentrating on trying to achieve the minimum speed and forgetting about everything else. They should have just made the min speed for 125's at 25mph.

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Oct 10

Posts: 178

Mikeyy says:

Did my test 2 years ago at the age of 17 now 19 with a sv650s. anyway for me i did it on a honda cg 125 ofcourse and yes i was a 17 year old man so yes i did'nt exactly find it hard but i do agree that its is over complicated theres 4 things i think that actually have some importance to riding and thats the emergency stop, u-turn, firgure of 8 and pushing the bike as if you can't push a bike then id be a bit worried ofocurse women might struggle but its important to learn if your in a tight spot or moving it around in your garage etc.. i see these as the most challenging parts and the ones that you'll most probally be doing or using the techniques on the road at some point otherwise the rest is just their for the sake of it.

As my dad does bike instructing hes seen it go wrong on test and when i hear what he has to say its clear that its always rider error and nothing to do with the test so changing it all the time isnt going to improve things. doing a test like this in a controlled area is the best option for examiner and student for saftey.

That my opinion on it.

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Jun 10

Posts: 46

Piece of piss...

I found the test easy but I did it before they brought in the 'swerve round something whilst speeding and demonstrate a controlled fall' off road part....


Now the government are basically admitting that the changes were a failure and are basically back tracking but trying to make it look as if they are improving. How much money have they wasted?


Usual story with the usual no admittal of defeat and complete incompetence.


I found the car test a bit of a joke in its over complication. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, ever reverses round corners or does three point turns like you have to demonstrate in that test just like nobody ever swerves around on their bike whilst braking. Someone somewhere in government really should venture out into the real world at some point and take their findings back to the many waste of time select committee meetings they hold....


What I still don't get is that you can pass either the car or bike tests and jump onto the fastest road going version of either STRAIGHT AWAY! That's where the problems start, everyone pushes themselves in way too deep. I was lucky, I'd had a de-restricted Aprilia RS125 for about 6 months previous to doing my test and done about 8000 miles. No test will EVER demonstrate experience correctly. Time the government hand the 'testing' over to bike centres where there isn't a 'test' as such but more an on-going demonstration and once a measured degree of competency in the 'real world' is achieved then the candidate receives their licence.


Government wouldn't do such a crazy simple thing though as we servants simply aren't trustworthy and our judgement isn't worth shit. Takes one to know one eh?

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Feb 10

Posts: 9

steveiwhite says:

I did the swerve...

on my test nearly two years ago in the wet and didnt have any problem getting my lean on round the corner , the problem was on the other side and that at 6 foot 4 & 13 stone getting up to 31 mph was abit of a struggle! If once you pass your test you can ride a bike with 33bhp then surely thats what you should learn on!? anyway thats a whole different pile of government related sh!t. Now i have an Aprilia RSV and have no problem hitting 31mph thankyou very much! ;)

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