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Tom Cambio  says:

Australia MotoGP: Casey Stoner dominates to take championship

Casey Stoner was on dominant form to win his home race at Phillip Island with a 2.2 second lead and secure the 2011 MotoGP world championship. The Repsol Honda rider made a strong start and led throughout an intermittently wet race to take the championship win with a 65 point lead over Jorge Lorenzo. The Spanish Yamaha Factory Racing rider was...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (16 October 2011 07:24)

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Apr 11

Posts: 3335

Bultoboy says:


Why is it boring well besides the above, when I watch a race I expect to see close competitive racing and if it is a bit one sided to be entertained the way Rossi did at his peak. I seem to remember him passing his rivals in impossible places just because he could, didn’t he once pass Max Biaggi after following him for a few laps in front of a Grandstand of filled with Biaggi fans just because that was the place to make the greatest impact.

Is that really what it should be all about - a rider with a big ego enjoying rubbing another's nose in it and enjoying pissing off a group of supporters? One person's view of that era is to find it enterttaining, another's is to dislike the the disrespect shown by one rider to all others. He's fallen out with them all over the years...

Ultimately, the sport is professional motorcycle racing and it was never intended to entertain. Enthusiasts who enjoyed watching those first races over 100 years ago went to watch because it was their passion, but entertainment isn't the prime purpose of racing. Winning is. There have been boring races right through the decades and there have been some belters.

Unfortunately, money, advances in electronic technology and promoters are what ruin motosport. It's hardly the riders/drivers fault, they just ride/drive what they are given

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Apr 11

Posts: 3335

Bultoboy says:

Perhaps the vague front end is a part of Ducati dna? We know that Yamaha always have a bike that turns better than the others and Honda have a bike that out accelerates everything that's not the space shuttle.


It's a real enigma the CF Ducati. When you watch some of the races Stoner had on it he had no problem turning it and passed people on the inside, outside, could run wide and cut back. On other occasions it just disappeared out from under him, although the number of turns made successfully obvious far outweigh the turns that weren't. A solution must be so tantalisingly close if only they could find it. If the bike had a very real design flaw CS would never have achieved some of the results he did on it. Definitely an enigma that bike.

How much of that Honda's speed down the straight is down to how a rider exits the corner. We saw Stoner unable to outdrag Hayden at Motegi, Pedrosa and Dovi both struggled to get past him on the straight at PI and the Suzuki didn't get dropped either.  Sometimes it isn't all about the speed of the bike, it's down to the corner exit speed of a rider. It can make a big difference.

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Sep 11

Posts: 305

Funnily enough

My old man was away for a while, so he asked me to go and start up his ducati ss600. 

So I rode my xj6n out to his house and took his ducati out for a spin. 

The difference was profound, I really found it a bit nerve racking tipping in. There's just so much less wieght over the front end.

Logically i know the suspension-damping etc, is better than my bike, and that the grip is there. But it's just much harder to feel. 

One could easily imagine that with the gp11 with a superlight front end this problem could be a lot worse.

I know comparing these bikes to gp bikes is a different world but they share some  characteristics.. By which i mean a v format engine that puts a lot more mass towards the middle of the bike.

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Aug 11

Posts: 52

Flipslats says:

A gifted championship????

You fuckin cocks who say this!! Stoner qualified near on half a second quicker than Lorenzo on the weekend. He was always going to win at the island. It was a pity that the whole field wasn't there for sure, but thats the way the race went.... stiff shit!!

Even if Lorenzo got second in the race, 45 points for Lorenzo in the last two races while Stoner got zip was never going to happen.

Stoner won this year beating the previous world champ on a bike that could win any race. He got on the podium every race (apart from one where he was taken out by too greater ambition). He won on a new bike in his first year whilst others on the same bike are fighting for 3rd position.

He is a worthy champ if there ever was one!! Well done Casey!!! An awesome championship win for sure!!

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

Mort 77 - more thoughts, OK?

I really wish I could be a fly on the wall @ Ducati - or even better, in the Race Team meetings but I'm just some other bothersome insect on the other side of the World with his big ears to the ground. A Giant Weta - the Worlds heaviest insect!

None of us knows PRECISELY what’s going on or what Preziosi has been given/told/whatever to work with or on since the VR disaster first started running off the rails. And disaster it very much is, let's face it. What we do know is that there have now been 4 x quite different chassis iterations - one of which is allegedly the 2012 bike with the motor sleeved-down to 800cc because the "old" or 2011 motor and bits simply won't fit the attachment points or however it is part of the whole. On top of that - it is very obvious that "someone" is trying to turn what "was" the Desmo into a Yamaha M1 GP bike. Every leaked piece of info shouts it.

It is a fact that Ducati closed-down their Factory WSBK Team, raised mucho extra cash via the Bonomi family (Ducati's financial partners & backers) and there are now also 2 x extra transporters at all GP meetings/venues. It is a fact that Stoner couldn't get requested updates and changes from this (in reality) "small" motorcycle company while he was there - but achieved much anyway. Considering the effort, assets and huge cash that has been thrown at the entire shebang since Rossi has been there - it is an abiding mystery as to what is wrong and who is to "blame".
However, to simply hang all the fault or failure on Preziosi is a far too pat and convenient excuse. This is the preserve and wild claim that the wankers and morons that seriously believe Valentino Rossi is a combined Magician and Deity all rolled into one organism and he isn't either mortal or has all the normal human imperfections. This is simplistic and ridiculous. How do we even know that he (Preziosi) is still or continues on in sole charge or control in the chassis design area? I doubt this weight is solely on him now- given the high stakes and National embarrassment here...

There is an old saying that success has many authors but failure is an orphan. So true! Everyone @ Ducati HAS to accept responsibility here and acknowledge that they were coming off a very late, slow and rearguard attempt to crank the bike into full competitiveness. I am so impressed that Hayden & Rossi have held their tongues in the face of their frustrations. Of course, the other side of that particular coin is that they accept they are part of the Team and share the blame and the burden of all the negativity too. Rossi has always been "oversold" by the bike media - and I for one of quite a few wiser others - predicted that the "Dream Team" springing from his signing would have a VERY hard row to hoe. And so it has transpired. Cheers

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Oct 11

Posts: 1

Gimme2 says:


Man there are some biatches talking some stink on this site:lol:.

Stoner is boring but perfection is ! He is a perfect rider with out a doubt, at least he is smiling and does deserve the championship, anyone saying otherwise is into cars or drunk.

Rossi has won many world championships he is getting older and is under massive pressure to produce results which would've been hard in his prime even. But when he wins he is incredibly enjoyable to watch and when he is losing he is not moaning and bitching like Stoner and Lorenzo do ,like spoilt little brats.
And that is a sign of a great Champion .
The way Rossi threw his hand in the air after the crash at PI, i have to wonder how long he will endure the challenge. it's his first race crash there since 97.

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