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Matthew Birt  says:

Australian MotoGP: More misery for baffled Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi suffered another Ducati front-end crash in yesterday’s Phillip Island race that heaped more frustration and disappointment on the nine-times world champion. Rossi had just passed factory Suzuki rider Alvaro Bautista for fifth place on lap 14 at Turn 10 when he lost the front-end of his GP11.1 machine and tumbled out. Rossi was once again baffled as to why he’d...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (17 October 2011 09:28)

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Oct 08

Posts: 262

LaughingGas says:

An interesting article about Rossi

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


Stoner can’t or couldn’t beat Rossi in a head-to-head battle. Wrong - again!

Apparently,all you can remember is Laguna Seca 2008 - when Rossi inadvertently had to “cheat” by taking to a part of the planet that wasn’t either the track surface, nor the marker strip? After 6 pass and re-pass moves, Rossi made a desperate & dangerous lunge on Stoner that could have brought them both down. This was because he HAD to stay in touch with Stoner who had won the previous 3 races in a row and he knew if Stoner got away at Monterey; it was game, set & match. In avoiding this looming catastrophe, he actually left the track and marker strip by almost a metre, running through the kitty litter and narrowly missing a metal drain grate. I never realised that one was allowed to take “off-track short-cuts” to make a pass – but then, I’m not Valentino Rossi – the bloke that became bigger than the sport and pesky FIM rules and all that and who has only very rarely been censured for breaking the Rules. This allegedly hallowed “pass” was ONLY because Rossi miscalculated and made a serious mistake (Jerez 2011, anyone?). The Yamaha pit was unusually subdued at the Finish. They too knew what they had seen and were not happy. Ducati Marlboro Manager Livio Suppo was a little more direct with his criticism: “For sure if Casey had not shown a tremendous coolness and maturity, there would have been at least a few occasions in which they both could have crashed as a result of maneuvers which, in our opinion, were a bit over the limit on Valentino’s part,” said Suppo...

Putting that aside – can we ask you geniuses to cast what’s left of your intellectually handicapped or substance abuse damaged minds to a number of other occasions? Like Stoner going elbow-to-elbow (and winning) in a Titanic battle with Rossi at Catalunya in 2007 and numerous other Races where Rossi threw everything but the kitchen sink at Stoner to no avail and for Stoner to Win. Try - Sachsenring, Donington & Phillip Island in 2008, along with Qatar, Mugello & Phillip Island in 2009. Trouble is– enough ignorant, cherry-picking morons throw enough mud to make their case for their idol - and eventually it becomes accepted as some sort of “truth”. It isn’t – there is a major difference between truth and mere “propaganda”.

But in this media-hyped & PR-driven hero V villain shell game of disinformation, everyone was still looking for the pea anywhere but where it really was. Rossi, with his profile & media-power has got away with a lot in his career – serious assault on a fellow rider, (not a girlie shove either – a smash in the face with a helmet) passing under Yellows, check-braking Dani Pedrosa into a major crash too (both incidents detailed in the book, “Ring Of Fire”) and never paying any penalty from Race Control/FIM/Dorna - except once, Australia in 2003 - a 10 second penalty for passing Melandri under Yellow. After that it was the “Nelson” blind-eye!

To close, consider 2011 to date and the claims that Stoner alone has had “the best bike”: Christ – talk about 2007 and déjà vu! Guys – no less than 3 other good riders were on exactly the same bike in an identical state of tune and supply of parts – Pedrosa, Simoncelli & Dovizioso. On top of that fact – none of these were ever in the running for the World Title. In other words, none of THEM on their Honda RC212V’s were even coming 2nd to Stoner. That was Jorge Lorenzo on the Yamaha. Cheers PS: thanks Mr Zulu – coming from the likes of you – just another foul-mouthed, know nothing & pig ignorant moron (oink oink) - I’ll take that as a huge compliment.

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Apr 11

Posts: 137

mike2265 says:


Trying a bit of reverse psychology are you.  Joined today and one post ...

Is there someone trying to claim Stoner is the 'The Greatest' ever.  That sort of pointless fluff is for the media beating things up, self publicists and accolytes.

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Aug 11

Posts: 16

duffmeister says:


well said stonerman till he beats Rossi's record or beats him in a battle he is not worthy of the Greatest Title!!!
46 forever lmao

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Jun 11

Posts: 238

Smackbum says:

Greatest what?

Is Agostini the greatest because of the number of wins and titles?

Is Hailwood the greatest because of his versatility?

Is Doohan the greatest by coming back from a horrific injury to win 5 consecutive titles with a win ratio of 62%?

Is Rossi the greatest with the highest 500cc/MotoGP wins and titles?

Who can say and frankly WHO CARES?

I have never seen Agostini race and have only watched a bit of Hailwood footage.  My interest in motorcycles and therefore racing started in the mid 80's, with Rainey, Schwantz, Lawson and Gardner doing battle on the nasty 500s.  That was bare-knuckle racing and they were all "greats" in my mind.

So where does Casey Stoner sit in all this?  Well he can be considered the "King" of the 800cc era (just as Rossi was King of the 990s) by stint of pure results, but the reality is there is no such thing as a GOAT.

There are quite a few GITs, however, and they seem to be breeding on this forum!

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


HEY GUYS. what you think of team order to hayden when he fight for 2nd position??? isn't it sucks??!!

why everytime hayden in front of rossi something happen??? and when it's started to rain, why hayden should change the bike while all other riders not??? i think this team order to keep rossi is the best in ducati with his unresolve DUCAMAHA GP11.6 really really sucks! am i right guys??? ducati president must think he better pay hayden double than spend millions dollar only to get new BEASTY (BEAST BITCHY). and i'm sure next year rossi would be on pole position in every race...from behind!!!!

isn't it ridiculous when we saw the results between stoner and rossi in ducati??? for me that's very funny. where's the doctor??? development master??? i think ASS DEVELOPER much suit him.

all his competitor from 2000-2005 are gone to dust. no body competitif enough to beat rossi. and i agree, if stoner on honda factory or yamaha, i bet he would took all WC from rossi. why the nasty bad people, master moaning, hypocryte, master lier to media got so high luck??? while honest man and poor family like stoner must fight for living race by race?? sometimes this world so unfair. but now, i must say GOD IS JUSTICE. he give what a man deserves!!!!!!!!

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Aug 11

Posts: 16

duffmeister says:



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Jun 11

Posts: 25

rossichamp says:


every single part of that post was absolute bullshit.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2321

Hedgehog5 says:

Yes Rossichamp...

... & unfortunately it's in good company... this site's descended into a crap-slinging contest & it's been sparked by Stoner winning the championship... sad that so many people don't appreciate motoGP.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5416

Nostrodamus says:


It looks like our whithered little maple leaf has been checking Wikipeadia - the definitive source of all information as provided by any old plain Joe.

Whilst Daimler never set out to invent the motorcycle (a horseless carriage being his aim) he inadvertently did in 1885. The thing was a two wheeled vehicle (albeit with smaller outrigger stabiliser wheels) handlebars and a saddle. Don't try and fuck with me on history our little Prairie dog. I'll spit you out everytime. Try digging yourself another hole to disappear down.

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