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Oct 11

Posts: 4

DarkBlue says:

Returning to Biking

Hi guys (first post - yeah!),

Back in my teens and early twenties (when the dinosaurs still roamed the planet) I was a keen biker and went through a variety of machines, with my longest straight run of ownership being a Honda CBR600F (once I'd earned my full license) - which I ran for about two years. I also racked up a fair few miles on my mates CBR1000F.

But that was 15 years or so ago. Wifey talked me into giving up biking when our first child was born - she told me that she didn't want me making orphans of the kids (which I might well have done with my riding attitude back then).

Clock forward... today my kids are teenagers and the urge to ride (bikes!!!) has grown and grown (I realise that it never died, 'twas only sleeping). A recent all-too-short ride on a mates brand spanking new Triumph Speed Triple (awesome machine) renewed my passion and I immediately determined to get myself back on two wheels.

I am lusting over a GSX-R1000 (K5), adoring its aggressive looks and styling. I've plonked my behind on one in the local dealership and the bike just felt so right!

Naturally I've read countless reviews, trawled biker forums and spent hours glued to Gixxer vids on YouTube.

My question is this: having not ridden for so many years, would it be a reasonable prospect to start over on the big Gixxer (I understand it's a bit of a beast), or should I be looking to buy a smaller bike until I've reconditioned myself to two-wheeled travelling?

My heart, of course, says "go get the Gixxer, GO GET THE GIXXER!" - my head says, "whoa fella, gotta walk before you can run!"

Oh the fun of a mid-life crisis! :-)

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  • Posted 3 years ago (18 October 2011 09:24)

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Jul 08

Posts: 4322

ninjachica says:

Get the Gixxer

And take out extra life insurance.


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Jan 11

Posts: 8200

aehewitt says:


Get the gixxer,why waste money on anything else.Possibly go on bike training course.:biggrin::biggrin:

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yossa hughes


Nov 02

Posts: 22

yossa hughes says:

erm well ah........

gizza job, go on....... no? well............. you say the last time you rode was 15 years back [other than a quick blast on a mates speed triple [ is he mad? your mate] and it was a Honda CBR600 and a mates CBR1000 and now you want a big gixxer. Well my advise for what it's worth is wait till next summer when the roads are going to be warm and dry and you have less chance of high siding the thing on new tyres plus the fact winter will destroy your new toys chrome and alloy bits.

Now will you gizza job?

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Aug 09

Posts: 2685

MarcusMarsh says:

Returning to bikes

You previous experience will tell you that you are in control of the bike and therefore, using restraint, there should be no issue withh the GSXR.  However, what it won't prepare you for is the performance that this type of machine can deliver and this may catch you out.  Machines have moved on since you last rode and you have to re-calibrate the meanning of 'fast'. 

I would suggest you take some training, perhaps a refresher course, to start getting your skills and roadcraft back to start with.  Then chat with your instructor to see where you are with things.  At that point you'll have a better feel for whether you want to go for the GSXR1000 or spend some time on something like the 600 to get you back into the swing of things first. 

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Oct 11

Posts: 4

DarkBlue says:


Nice one @ninjachica - extra life insurance - very reassuring! :-(

@aehewitt: I certainly agree with your "why waste money" sentiment

@yossa_hughes: First of all I have to say it, "Don't 'but' me son!" - there, now that's out of the way I'm curious about your comment asking if my mate (with the Speed Triple) is mad? Do you mean he's mad for buying the Speed Triple or mad for letting his very rusty mate (me) ride it?

@MarcusMarsh: I think you (and everyone else who recommended refresher training) are spot on. I hadn't even thought of that. I would probably benefit more from that than anything else. You're also absolutely right in your advice that "fast" is considerably faster now with bikes than it was when I last rode regularly (I've seen the Ghostrider vids - scary f*&^er that one.)

So the plan of action then is this:

1) Get on a refresher course and maybe secure additional training as soon as possible.

2) Get fitted for leathers and helmet.

3) Buy Gixxer!

4) Live happily ever after.

I probably won't start riding again until spring - after all, I might as well not compound the novice problem with slippery roads. But I figure now is probably a good time to start looking for the bike as it might take a while to find "the one!"

No-one (yet) has jumped in with "no, don't buy a Gixxer - you should get X" - so I guess the K5 I mentioned in my OP is a decent enough choice?

Anyway, thanks all for your quick and supportive feedback - I'm delighted that nobody said, "you should buy a 250 and build up from there!"

Oh boy - I can hardly wait to get started...

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Aug 11

Posts: 508


K5 GSXR 1000

Decent enough?

Its widely regarded as the best 1000cc of its day. Good choice really.


It would be a good idea to get training, as things have moved on a lot since the old days. Brakes, power outputs, handling, all have moved beyond what was even possible on race  grids back then.

People think less when driving, and there are more cars out anyway.

Personally, I would take it very easy for the first season of ownership.


We could all tell you to get a smaller bike, but if we did, soon you would be posting about your new GSXR 1000 instead.

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Jan 08

Posts: 616

Steveyman says:

Oh yes

Buy the gixer:biggrin:

If you are returning to biking, without doubt you should consider having some more training.

You will not only find that you will enjoy riding a gixer, but more so you will enjoy riding a lot more because you will be a better rider.

I bought my GSXR 750 K3 when I started advanced training, best thing I ever did. I am a better rider both on the road and track.:smile

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Aug 09

Posts: 6881

stevedeejay says:


follow yer heart man,go gixxer go :biggrin:

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Feb 03

Posts: 95

baldspot says:


you like the gixxer, why get anything else, after all it's about enjoying yourself.

refresher training and restraint are the important things, and although things have moved on in the last 15 years (not as much as some would have you believe) so have you, your right hand is more responsive to the brain and self preservation messages it sends.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8200

aehewitt says:

dark blue

Buy your bike at Christmas there sooooooooo much cheaper and you can really screw the dealers down at that time of year.Never buy a bike in summer.The down side is not been able to ride it until the weather breaks.But you'll have more money for insurance because that gixxer wont be cheep.:biggrin:

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