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Steve Farrell  says:

Bad drivers caught on film as helmet cam sales double

Bad drivers are increasingly likely to have their antics caught on camera and posted online as more and more motorcyclists routinely use helmets cameras. Sales of the devices have doubled in two years and risen 40% in the last 12months according to retailers. The small cameras can be stuck to side of helmets with suction cups and record up to two...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (18 October 2011 12:16)

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Feb 09

Posts: 69

BlackPrince says:

Filtering safely isn't THAT hard, lads

Whenever I come to a vehicle I cannot see over, like a truck or a van or bus, I slow down almost to walking pace. And I'm not a slow cautious rider either, in fact I never ever stick to the spd limit unless there's a policecar right next to me , but not slowing down near buses, etc., is just asking for trouble w/ pedestrians imho

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Sep 11

Posts: 2


This needs to go back to the basics of intruction. I have just passed my bike tests and the exams put so much pressure on your lifesavers, road positioning and planning. Why dont they do something like that with car drivers? 2 tests like you have to with bikes. that way, the new generation of drivers will be at least slightly better and not to mention the gov will get more money from the muppets who cant pass a more difficult driving test/tests.

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Mar 11

Posts: 67

Vortex1952 says:

Bad Drivers on Camera

Well last evening I had to put a dent on a car door......the pratt indicated and turned is a simple lesson that careless drivers will soon learn and never forget!!!!

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Sep 10

Posts: 7

mesbclar says:

suicidal car drivers

bike cams are a brilliant accessory to have on your bike. I have had so many near misses on the bike in the last month, silly season has arrived early this year. Well done to the posters of these films, Pity the police didnt have a website for these to be sent to so they can do something about these idiots. but they wont even when given the film evidence, I see so many drivers concentrating more on their mobile phone call than their driving, where are the police? probably looking out for bikers to nick

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Nov 08

Posts: 109

smilo996 says:

If I can I usually lean over and slap the car. This often frightens the life out of them. Works really well on a bicycle as well. Because you hand is gloved, it will make no mark or damage. Doesnt work in Chelsea though because of all the well insulated SUv's and people talking and texting at the same time.

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Dec 05

Posts: 1

FILINI says:

what a numpty

We all know that many car drivers have only enough intelligence to breath in and out. I commute everyday on my bike and hack like a bitch with the best of them, so I’m no boring biker. What gets me is that most of the examples below could have been easily avoided by better planning by the biker. I see no decent positioning or forward planning in most cases, and any decent biker worth their salt can see what’s going to happen on the video, why didn’t the “Holier Than Thou” on the bike? Yes the drivers are idiots, we know this, we see it everyday we expect it. But its best to be honest with yourself, if you didn’t see what was going to happen in these vids, shouldn’t you ask yourself, am I as good as I think I am? I’d rather plan ahead and live to hack another day, than prove a point and get knocked off.. what a numpty.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2

gdenton1 says:

Most of these incidents wre predictable. You can see what the taxi was going to do a mile away. The scenario with the pedstetrian was the riders fault, way too close to the cars and no consideration for the vehicles obstructing his view, i.e are they obscuring a pedestrian and filtered too fast. He was way to close too close too the bus he was overtaking and again too fast to react. He'll find him self strapped to a spinal board if he does not improve his positioning and forward planning. Half the job of staying on a bike is predicitng the dangers in advance, drivers won't change, so if we don't, we end up on helicopter heros

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Jan 11

Posts: 8645

snev says:

nothing new here....

You have to ride to survive, it's allways been the way im afraid.

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Jun 10

Posts: 49

CobbZ says:

Completely agree with snev

You do have to ride to survive, and always be on the lookout for this kind of shit.


Yes, it is diabolical, and we can do out best to stomp it out - but we'll never be able to stop this kind of thing, people will continue to have road accidents and kill bikers, pedestrians, cyclists, other car drivers e.t.c....



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Sep 10

Posts: 12

tonymac36 says:

"pedestrian near miss"

thats exactly why filtering is frowned upon.

his filtering wasnt a filter, he barged his way down the centre of two lanes when really he only just had enough room to get through. his mirror checks were sloppy at best, and just plain lazy, and he was filtering too fast anyway.

i agree with the other films, but this one just got me mad for her sake

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