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MCN  says:

Video: Aprilia RSV4 v Nissan GT-R: Battle of the computers

Electronic rider aids are where it's at right now, love 'em or loathe 'em, and the Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) has the smoothest, most sophisticated system of any current motorcycle. The Italian machine's clever computerised brain will help you change gear, control a spinning rear wheel, keep the front wheel on the ground under hard acceleration and...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (20 October 2011 16:27)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:

GTR acceleration ???

This 2.9 secs to 60mph thing as found on the googlewatsit which in the real world of testing translated to 4.51 secs...... My Busa must do it in about 1 second. reminds me of my mate's FS1E that was capable of at least 90mph.... yeh, straight up ...the entire pub was in awe by kick out time.

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Feb 10

Posts: 9

steveiwhite says:


hate to say it but if you gave the car to someone who actually had some driving talent it'd probably be faster. I think this test proves that a good rider is quicker then a poor driver.

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Nov 09

Posts: 89

ginganz13 says:


Too slow, too expensive. You could do so much cocaine and hookers with the price difference you would never care about getting wet again.

Throw in some traffic and the car might as well be a Nissan sunny.

Get the car round the TT course in 18 minutes and I'll eat a can of dog food.

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Oct 11

Posts: 6

navsarrami says:

GTR v bike

I have got 2 bikes + 1 GTR. Personal experience as follows:
....Don't be silly. Supersprts are fractionally faster in straight but on any bend anywhere especially in wet/damp/green track GTR is way,way more rapid. its just plain physics its called tyre-road contact patch surface area.
PS: not only can you carry more speed in to corner, 4 wheel drive means you can get on the power much earlier in corner than on the bike too. Bikes are quicker “on real road condition in traffic” but my wife drives better than the iron footed monkey in the car.

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Dec 10

Posts: 130

bikenutter says:

Car wouldn't be faster with proper driver either!

Not sure you should dismiss this so quickly...dont forget in the hands of Tiff (a VERY experienced racing driver) the Ariel Atom went no more than a second quicker round the top gear track than the S1000rr (in the hands of Steve Brogan who is definately not the equivalent skill level to Tiff) but nearly 3 seconds faster than the GT-R, I know it all depends on track and driver/rider but it really isnt a stretch to suggest the RSV4 is quicker.

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Feb 09

Posts: 69

BlackPrince says:


Okay biknutter, back in 2008 I believe Fifth Gear raced the GTR against the Ducati 1098S and the GTR beat the bike by about a second. I think electronics could have clawed back that difference but it wouldn't have been a devastating loss by the car, esp considering it was a damp day. And navasarami, its not the absolute corner speed thats different b/w cars and bikes, there's usally NO DIFFERENCE at all b/w the mid-corner speed of a car or a bike unless the corner is damp or dusty. Rather, its the APPROACH to the corner that cars do better: the braking into the corner, downchanging etc. Fast bikes' test of the GTR vs. S1000RR was quite instructive, and the guy driving the car raced for Nissan professionally in the 370Z series - he's no Schumacher but he was decent Also, search Ferrari 458 vs. Ducati 1198 on youtube. Motor Trend did a test and the Ducati beat the Ferrari

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Feb 09

Posts: 69

BlackPrince says: Even the retarded Americans did a sub 3 nought to sixty, and a few launches later did a 3.3sec 0-60. Ben is a good driver I've seen vids of him on youtube, and plus he's done numerous laps on the Nurburgring (and actualy was on track n his GT3 the day that infamous accident happened recently at the Ring), and lets be honest its not THAT hard to cane a car round a track really is it? :P But 4.5 secs 0-60 is laughably slow for this type of car. To put it into perspective, the GTR gets 911 TURBO numbers, but Ben only extracted standard 911 numbers from it, and thats just not done

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Jul 08

Posts: 134

kennygorrie says:


Yes but the track was damp so would totaly suit car

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Sep 10

Posts: 837

CBR11X says:

CARS ARE BORING...But you knew that already.

FACT: Cars are fucking boring.

FACT: Bikes will generally out accelerate any car. See youtube vid 850RWHP Supra vs Rizla Gixxer. It takes a phenomenal car to outpace a bike on the straights up to about 170 mph.

FACT: Cars are fucking boring...sorry already mentioned that.

FACT: A high performance car will outbrake a like type bike due to the 4 large contact patches vs 1 small contact patch for a bike (when you brake hard enough you endo).

FACT:  A car with aero mods will smoke most bikes around all but the slowest corners.

FACT: Cars are fucking boring.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2769

spondonste says:

Car v Bike

Because a bike is much thinner than a car it can take a far more direct line through switch back turns. This tends to more than offset any apparent grip benefits the car may have.

If the track is wet then I'd expect the car to be significantly closer to its maximum attainable lap time than a bike would.

Numerous performace car magazines have ran these types of test and the bike wins on acceleration wheras the car wins on braking. The winners and loosers of each other function (ie high speed switchbacks, constant radius turns, slalom etc) are significantly affected by the specifics of the course (whether tight bends or open and flowing etc).


Day to Day bikes will romp all over cars mainly due to congestion/ traffic etc. On circuits with true road cars the bike will often have the edge. If the car has ground effect and the course has sufficient high speed corners to make that a benefit the car will often win.


The ariel Atom almost matches large capacity sportsbikes on acceleration, can beat them on brakes and can be quicker around corners but its got a top wack of 155mph wheras a bike is 180mph+. You could easily set up a track to favour either of these vehicles.

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