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Liam Marsden  says:

Marco Simoncelli passes away after Sepang crash

Marco Simoncelli has passed away in Malaysia after crashing during the second lap of the MotoGP race at the Sepang circuit earlier today. The 24-year-old was battling with Alvaro Bautista for fourth position when he lost the front at turn 11. Following riders Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi were unable to take avoiding action and both riders collided with Simoncelli, his...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (23 October 2011 10:42)

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Feb 11

Posts: 116


Its a great way to remember him. My wife and I were lucky enough to get to PI this year and stormed the podium like many others and managed to get a great view of it. Have a poor quality 90 second video of the podium celebrations but it's a video I'll keep forever. Gotta say at the time being an Aussie I was stoked to capture Casey's celebrations on video, but it's taken on much more significance now. So much more. Must have watched it 500 times since and each and every time I start wailing when the speaker picks up the Mrs screaming "Marco Marco, over here" as he's presented with his trophy.

Unfortunately death has descended on motorcycle racing many times before and it no doubt will again due to its nature, but this one is proving very tough to process, and I don't even know the guy, so I can't imagine how his family (and Colin and Valentino and their families) are coping. My heart goes out to them all.

Love ya Marco. I bet he's already got the throttle cracked on full above the clouds as we speak :)

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

Not quite sure what to say, it still seems so surreal.

It's definetly true that you don't realise how valuable something is until it's gone. Marco had everything going for him. It's just amazing to think that he could go as fast as the front runners, on a bike that looks like it was made for a guy half his height. 2012 would have been one hell of a season i reckon.

I think Marco's last lap pays great tribute to the kind of racer he was. Battling with Bautista and not even thinking of giving in for a second. It's only when you read people's memories and goodbyes that you understand he was as down to earth as they come, away from the track.

I think a death affects everyone, so i cannot be bothered to argue about Rossi and Stoner anymore. 90% were times of joking, but when this happens it brings everything into a new perspective.

I hope Rossi and Edwards are holding up okay, especially Rossi. Ive never lost a close friend, and can't begin to imagine what he's been feeling.


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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

I know it doesn't matter now, but i was quite pissed off at the time ..

Paolo, Marco's father stated he went to Marco as they lifted him to the ambulance,  that he had already passed away. There was hope at one point when they started to remove blood from the Thorax but that's not my point.

I have never heard any other person apart from the BBC channel say Marco regained consciousness. I literally breathed a sigh of relief when i heard this. WIth the crash live, i remember noticing in order 

1.Edwards is about to lose the front
2. Simoncelli veers across into the path
3. Collision(i was mainly watching Rossi's bike at this point)
4. Marco's helmet rolling along the ground

I honestly thought he was dead at this point, especially after seeing him on the track from the helicopter view. To then be told he was conscious was the best news i had hoped for.

I'm not really sure where im going with this, but was anyone else sort of thinking 'We've just been told he was conscious' and that it was 'fantastic news' only to hear 5minutes after they stopped broadcasting he had died. Maybe it's just me but that pissed me off. You don't give someone false hope.


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Jul 11

Posts: 105

Technique says:


The way you watched the collision happened, I saw it in the same way.

It obviously went very fast but I focussed at Valentino's bike, in a quick second I saw Simoncelli's helmet rolling and I feared the worst. Immediately when I saw the helicopter shot I was absolutely stunned and speechless, my heart really sank.

I was following many twitter feeds because a local Television station in my country cut the Motogp program short, ditto for BBC. I've heard TVE en Canale 5 broadcasted the program till the very, very end.

When I read that Simoncelli was concious I was so reliefed, but minutes later when I read that Sic passed away I cried my longues out, I just couldn't believe it.

I agree with you man! Why did they told us that Simoncelli was concious, I mean even the doctor that released the CPR statement told the world that Sic was unconcious and especially after I read Paulo's (Sic's dad) statement. My outmost respect to his dad, what a great man.

Even though I'm still very emotional and devastated from what happened last sunday I'm also angry that they briefed us with a false statement, that Simoncelli was concious. That is just not right!

We lost a great character in the sport and I will miss him dearly.

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Feb 09

Posts: 72

kizgan says:


god bless, for you blessed us with your talent,condolences to your family and the GP paddock,

missed but never forgotten

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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:

Shaken to the core!

I must say, this has really cut me deep!

I find that I have nothing to say on these threads anymore (most will be glad to hear) as this very tragic event has really put all the silly arguing into perspective!

This is what all these riders risk week in week out not only to get the thrills they desire but to put on a great show for us race fans.. Not one of these guys should be knocked or slated by us as we should hold them all in high regard and respect what they put on the line for our entertainment..

I like Yam will refrain from any future bickering and i also apologise for most of my shitty comments in the past that has pissed anyone off...

Peace people and R.I.P. #58

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Aug 10

Posts: 217

maazzz1 says:

Sic's funeral on Corriere internet

To anyone that is interested, Sic's funeral will be televised on Rai Tv in Italy and via the newspaper Corriere della Sera and possibly Gazzetta dello Sport internet sites. At this stage on Rai internet TV it seems that it is only accessible from Italy however on Corriere newspaper internet site there TV band at this stage is accessible from outside of Italy. Fingers crossed it remains that way tomorrow.

There is only space for 500 inside of the chruch and 10.000 are expected to arrive for the funeral in the main square of the town with several maxi screens being set up. In addition to this, there will also be several maxi screens set up at the Misano Adriatico track near Rimini. In attendance are most of the riders in motogp as well as many from moto2 and 125, the gresini team, ducati team and yamaha team as well as many of the staff and journos' from the paddock, clinica mobile amongst friends and relatives.

Try around 2.30 to 3pm local time tomorrow and click on the "live TV" tab on tyhe small screen which is on the right hand side of the page just below the page header.  

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Aug 02

Posts: 1753

cheekymonkey says:


I I don`t think the BBC guys would have just made it up. They would have been given this information by someone else and no doubt they were only too willing to pass on their own relief at the news.

As you say it does`nt matter now, but without a full investigation we`ll probably never know how this seemingly false information got up to the comm box.
A probe into this almost irrelevant blunder is almost in bad taste anyway.

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Mar 08

Posts: 312

vmax4steve says:


was out on the vmax all day sunday, lovely day done here in devon, so recorded the race and sat down to watch it when I got home. 2 laps in and Stoner was away again and then Marco comes from the left of the picture trying to save a lowside with his knee and bang, Edwards hits him and I knew he was gone, helmet tumbling down the track and Valentino shaking his head told me all I needed to know. Felt really sick inside.

After his wreckless start to the season I felt he was getting to grips with the bike and riding in a more controlled manner and getting the results he deserved. Believed that next years 1000 Honda would have suited him more and that his future could have been very bright indeed. Gutted for Colin and Valentino who will obviously never forget an accident like that, gutted for girlfriend Kate who knew he was gone when she saw the footage on the pit garage screen and just put her head in her hands and wept, gutted for his dad and all those who knew him. Of course I didn't know him, and I don't want to seem callous, but I had this feeling in the back of my mind that this was written in the stars for him, just like James Dean. People like Marco just aren't meant to grow old.


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Sep 02

Posts: 90

Strokey says:

Marco at Valencia

I'm finding it difficult to express how deeply saddened I am. I never met the guy but I have mourned for him deeper than for anyone else. Whenever there was talk of Vale retiring there was always the comforting thought that Marco's character would keep motogp going. I couldn't think of a bigger tragedy to happen he has constantly been in my thoughts and in my prayers since I found out whilst on holiday. I haven't read previous posts so apologies if this has been mentioned previously but....... Marco was a fun loving guy who rode hard. I think I would be too sad to bear if Valencia was a somber occasion. Its the last race of the season and could set the tone for the holidays and next year. I'm sure Marco would have wanted it to be a party with laughter, tears and bold-assed moves on the track. I think maybe Vale would know best but I'd love to see all riders and everyone else on the grid wearing Marco wigs, hard riding when the wigs come off and then pranks and antics afterwards. If you agree forward this message to motogp for their consideration

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