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John Westlake  says:

2012 GSX-R1000: bigger midrange, new brakes and better fuel economy

Suzuki’s 2012 GSX-R1000 gets new Brembo Monobloc brakes, more midrange power and is 2kg lighter than this year’s model. Though Suzuki list dozens of changes to the outgoing model, the majority are subtle – anyone hoping for BMW-beating traction control or dramatic power increases will be disappointed.  Here are the highlights: 2kg off the kerb weight Brembo’s Monobloc calipers More mid-range power Reduction in...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (24 October 2011 17:55)

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Jan 11

Posts: 110

RageRider says:

@ tris 123

Genuinely not trying to start a fight mate but I would never say the ZX10 is in a different league to the other japs, arguably better for sure but by no means radically better than any of them, and certainly not these updated tweeked versions

In actual fact , in many peoples eyes, regardless of its track prowess the ZX10 is seen by a significant number of people as the worst road bike of the lot. I was also never under the impression that  the S1000RR was ever behind the ZX10 and in need of updates to get back in front of it.

General consensus (not just MCN) was that the RSV4 APRC had pipped the S1000RR to first and the ZX10 was arguably a distant third at best. The problem for the ZX10 in my opinion is that it was actually not miles better than the competition and they have now tweeked away and upped their game. I am guessing an R1 with traction control etc may well be real competiton for the ZX10 (forget price) and you can never write the Blade off. I do agree the suzuki will probably be last but not in the areas that matter to your everyday rider as it is also generally regarded as a toss up between the Blade and GSXR for the best road bike.

These updates will only improve the bikes while the ZX10 has essentially stood still. I am personally not fussed with electronic giggery-pokery for the time being and so my money would go on either the Blade or GSXR while the ZX10 would be my last choice although it is obviously personal preference so I would not presume to pass judgement on anybody on the basis of the bike they bought as it is obviously your money and so your choice.

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Feb 09

Posts: 241

tris123 says:


Fair comments.

Based my facts on the recent fastbike superbike shootout, they rated the ZX10R over the S1000RR, mainly because its electric gizmo's and handling are more refined. Those guys know a lot more than me. I’d class those two bikes together as they are both in the 200ish bhp club. The others are in the 180 club.

I don’t think Suzuki has done enough to put it back in contention for top spot, that to me seems the whole point of releasing an updated bike or it was for Suzuki a few years ago.

Regardless of how some people find TC it's becoming the norm and with 200bhp bikes probably a good idea. I’ve had some moments in the past on damp patchy roads where TC might have saved my underpants, they f***ing stink now.

The R1 has got TC but the power is basically the same, so why give it TC especially if the big bang engine is supposed to improve traction anyway.

Fireblade is an awesome bike, I’ve got one (08) and I prefer it over my old GSXR1000, handling and midrange is superb plus it doesn’t corrode like the gixer did. I hoped that for the 20th anniversary they’d do a bit more.

I didn't include the new Aprilia because as much as I like it I’d be too worried about reliability and spare parts. Plus it isn’t an inline 4.  Then again if there were some Aprilia dealers near to where I live I would be very tempted.

So far it's only Kawaski that have really had a go at taking on BMW and I was hoping the other boys would have a go next year.

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Mar 06

Posts: 253

stu_sp2 says:


Well who would have guessed it...a gixxer thou that looks the same as the last 8 gixxers give or take the odd colour scheme, boring, when is Suzuki gonna grow some balls and give us summat new, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha have all pushed the boundries with either looks or Technology over the last few years...come on Suzuki get a grip.

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Sep 06

Posts: 310

gixercarl says:

gixer rip

rip big gixer in 2001 2003 what a bike

since then down hill yes even the overhyped 2005 model

suzuki are now well behind the rest

rode one recently against the kwaka and blade feels prehistoric now

cant see big sales for the big suzuki in 2012


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Mar 09

Posts: 15

mark3evo says:

2012 gixer R1000

To be honest for most of us mere mortals, GSXR1000, zx10, blade, S1000RR on the road, are all damn fast, and handle great.

Might be a different story on the track ridden by racer

Save all the hero talk for the pub.


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Mar 09

Posts: 122

bikemad123 says:

fuck me a whole 2kg lighter now i be able to wear my gloves without compromising performane lol seriously tho do you really need to spend 10k when an 98 r1 for 2k is capable of 80mph+ wheelies on the road how fast do you wanna go lol or where can you use it? 

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Jul 08

Posts: 134

kennygorrie says:


Seriously do the think brembo calipers are gonna make this thing better, hats off to kawasaki for challenging bmw, but, unfortunatly the bmw is so far ahead of the competition, and id only imagine the 2012 will be streets better again, any u guys that havnt rode one id suggest booking a test ride just to see what evefyones going on about

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Feb 09

Posts: 135

N152er says:


Kenny obviously you have never ridden a gixer as the brakes are shit. so yes it will improve the 1000 Could not agree with Mark3evo more Gixer carl you are so on the ball as well K5 does not wheelie like the k4,

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Apr 06

Posts: 58

gravy1 says:


all the hype last year suzuki hinted it was a so good but just not quite ready for a 2011 release.... then the a.m.a. guys got their 2012 gsxr1000's a few weeks ago and said they found absolutely no difference to the previous model. I loved my k4 it scared me my k7 is more frightened of me but the k5 just feels tiny and perfect I think that's what suzuki are trying to get back to... EPIC FAIL. I cannot afford or justify over £13,000 for a bmw or uncomfortable r1 and however much this gsxr costs (unless it's £7995) it's not worth it in the current economic climate. My local honda dealer will sell me a year old (oil burning) Fireblade for £8500 AND give me £5k for my thrashed and trashed k7 and as much as I love suzukis I'm leaning towards the smoking option anyway owning a blade would bring back happy 2 stroke memories....buying all that oil. ;-)

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Sep 10

Posts: 837

CBR11X says:

Brembo brakes but still the same shitty spongy brake lines that swell up and give no feel whatsoever. Why they don't put braided lines on from the factory is beyond me.

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