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Discuss This Over 50,000 fans expected to attend Marco Simoncelli’s funeral MotoGP

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Matthew Birt  says:

Over 50,000 fans expected to attend Marco Simoncelli’s funeral

Marco Simoncelli’s funeral will take place in Italy tomorrow (Thursday) with more than 50,000 fans expected to attend. Italy has been a nation united in grief since the popular 24-year-old died from multiple injuries sustained in a second lap incident during Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang. Simoncelli lost control of his Honda RC212V machine at Turn 11 and was struck by...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (26 October 2011 17:48)

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Jul 08

Posts: 179

Fomancu says:


Grazie il mio amico

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Apr 11

Posts: 7

yamman46 says:


La vostra accoglienza.. mettetevi buddy

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Aug 02

Posts: 1759

cheekymonkey says:


Given your low opinion of (was it) 95% of the posters on here, your superior (by a large margin) intelligence, your wonderful ability with latin and your fondness for the larger words , it does rather beg the question why you spend so much time posting on this trashy forum. 

Is to educate us poor souls? 

I don`t bother with this forum much these days because like you I also find some of the the residents a bit too low brow....even for me. 
Unlike you though I would rather bow out and leave them to it than just keep coming on to show how bloody clever I am.

Just leave people alone will you? They`re not hurting you, so just keep yer trap shut, or whatever the hell the latin is for that. 

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Mar 04

Posts: 207

v2kiwi says:


 Some of you guys need to get out and destroy a couple of sets of tryes sometime instead of sitting in doors arguing tit for tat  school girl I said , she said  rubbish about who,s right  and who,s wrong and who understands latin etc. Super Sic has gone under the most unfornuate circumstances, and I can Imagine plenty of people want to cellerbrate his life. Just like they did when JOEY died.  R.I.P #58

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Jun 10

Posts: 356

Lorenzo99 says:

RIP Marco

    A tragic loss.My thoughts are with his family,loved ones & to his fans.He will be missed by all.

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May 09

Posts: 97

1050cc says:

Regarding Nostrodamus and Aquarius...

Try not to rise to it guys. They post stuff like this on loads of other forums and it is viewed with just as much contempt there too. They love it, it makes them the centre of attention. Let them have their fun. Their bulging thesauruses makes them feel their opinion is more valid than someone more grounded with a simpler language.

They are both full of shit. Pity them, cos this is all they have.

RIP marco #58

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Mar 09

Posts: 294

Mort77 says:


We grieve for Supersic because we were emotionally invested in him just as we are with the other riders and drivers who do what we can only imagine doing ourselves. We can try and emulate these heroes of ours with replica equipment and track days. Some of us have experienced racing be it on a track or the rather more dangerous environment of the road but none of us have done so at the World level. That is something that is so far beyond our meagre talents as to be alien to us all. We feel empathy for Maroc's family and friends because we too have lost loved ones too soon in life. The outpouring of emotion we have read from fellow fans across the world are not some media induced Princess Diana-like scene but real. It is real because we all risk our lives each time we set off on our bikes and if we're honest that's part of why we do ride. The risks make us feel more alive. It is real because we care about these heroes of ours. When our favourite rider wins we are lifted and when they dnf we are saddened. Even though his body has gone his memory lives on with us and his spirit lives on in the next life. I know this to be true as I have personal experience of the next life as I'm sure a great many others here have. I hope you all have long and happy lives.

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

1050cc & others...

I ONLY post on this forum. If there is someone else with the same pseudonym (hey guys - that's a "pretend" name, OK?) on other sites, it is absolutely nothing do with me. So much for the "alleged" attention-seeking. I can’t speak for my Kiwi compatriot, Nostradamus – you’ll have to accuse him directly of the same thing. In my personal case this allegation was “assumed & baseless” and simply untrue.

Oh, don't worry that I have escaped censure for some "imagined sin and giving offence"  without supposed "punishment" from the Almighty or some other deity - or even some nutter & fruit loop from MCN for simply passing-on the evaluations and observations of psychiatrists and psychologists on "celebrity worship and death reactions". So much for MY - i.e. Aquarius' theories. Not mine at all chaps - what experts say - which I merely re-produced for your delicate little sensibilities and greater self-awareness ...

So, I have already roundly been abused because of my "Nationality" (WTF is this to do with anything?) and - I'm not too sure what else it was, exactly - because the "messages" were so peppered with 4 x letter words starting with "C" and suggesting I have sexual relations with marine molluscs and other skeletal marine life, like Scampi - that I couldn't make head nor tail of them? These bargain basement & very deep observations were from some flake that appears to truly believe that Marco Simoncelli is, or more correctly "was":
"A rising star - That shone brightly, high in the sky in the world of moto gp, a star that was destined for even higher heights! Your warm glow filled the paddock and the brigtness (sic - again, that just means the spelling was "verbatim" or as received and NOT some nickname either) you brought to moto gp was seen and felt by family, friends and all of your fans! You will be deeply missed by the whole world! Keep shining Marco x"

May I suggest to you geniuses that STILL don't get it - this twinkling wee star and metaphysical "construct" fits exactly the "delusional mental state "of the socially-deprived and sad fuckwits that went overboard on the other "celebrities" mentioned originally. Again - I remind you this is NOT my opinion - just my faithfully passing-on some helpful information to explain this weird phenomenon.

Aren’t we all glad we got that sorted-out? This is the 4th attempt to explain but, shit a brick - there are so very many "slow learners" here. I see poor, bitter & twisted SM is still around and spewing criticism and wankerisms from the safety of his anonymous, well camouflaged nuclear shelter and survivalist bunker in Lesser Spotted Dawking or East Cheem or wherever. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Cheers

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Dec 09

Posts: 2494

supermario says:

Very well said


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Aug 02

Posts: 19

spindizzy says:

MCN extra profits from all this?

I'm hope they're donating any extra revenuse from sales and advertising revenue from all this extra attention to an appropriate charity.

It would be reprehensible to profit from Simoncelli's passing...

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