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Oct 11

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riggs700 says:

Motorcycling accidents and deaths

A couple of months ago kent county council advertised that 372 riders were killed and injured in the last three years.

Since then they have had a few more including a police biker that got crushed between two vehicles whilst on duty.So what do you get from all of this, some overpaid tory MP that wants to put things in prospective, Probably has never been on a motorbike in his life, but cares not anyway as long as he still gets a wacking great pay packet. It is a difficult subject to talk about, but you can only comment as a motorcyclist and why it keeps happening, and how to prevent it. To me I would never read the highway code because nobody has the time or patience to stick to the rules of the road. There are some crazy bikers out there but there are thousands of car drivers that dont know a biker is there, and also don't care if a biker is there or not. Please comment on this. For safety I have always had my bike headlight on dip even in daylight coz there are some blind drivers out there, I believe europe has the right idea about flouresent jackets for bike riders, I would wear one. To anyone that reads this please comment on what i have written. cheers:smile

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  • Posted 3 years ago (28 October 2011 19:10)

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Mar 03

Posts: 2925

obewan says:

Risk Analysis

65000 people turned out just over a month ago to say no to enforced hi-viz. I was one of them

I choose not to wear hi-viz

I am aware of the risks of riding a bike

I will not have politicians continue to add more and more discriminating policies designed to make it more and more difficult for others to take up biking whilst they fail to address the root cause of most (not all) accidents and that is poor driving standards from those in cars/vans etc.

If you want to wear hi-viz fill yer boots it is still a free country

But I choose not to

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Feb 09

Posts: 4741

philehidiot says:


Motorcycling is not dangerous.

We're comparing it to cars, right? In that case no one should be allowed to walk and all should be encased within a metal cage as it's more dangerous to walk than drive. Cyclists don't get this shit and a lot of them get squished as well.

Hi vis works. It has been proven to work and simple biology tells you how it works. This is not a point for debate. I find it works and my hivi with sponge in pockets and stupid comedy signs on the back will be a regular feature from now until about Feb. The downside is that you look a little bit of a prat and a lot of people will think you're trying to imitate the filth and be a prat because of it. I do not think anyone should be forced into it.... you might as well force pedestrians to wear it as well. This is the point for debate - you are on about requiring the public to wear a uniform to travel.

As for safety - car drivers a lot of the time take the "it'd be their fault" attitude and that can't be carried over to a bike. You are responsible for your own safety and actions and in that sense it's the ultimate up yours to the government who wants to take responsibility and choice away from the individual, their common sense and direct them to where the rules have been written down by someone supposedly cleverererer than you.

If you go by deaths then it's safer for a young American to be in the army in Iraq than on the streets of Manhattan. If you go by injuries... perhaps not. Presenting a number to me says nothing about the danger of something unless it is presented in context or next to another number so I can compare and therein lies the fallacy of the danger of motorcycling. It's more dangerous than driving a car.

So is walking.

Hi vi arguments are done and done. They do work to make people more visible although I don't know of any studies which show they reduce accidents. The issue is freedom of choice. If there are studies which prove they reduce KSI accidents then the government's only responsibility should be to ensure that information is advertised and available.

I do not believe that a group of people who sit in a room and 'make decisions' for a living can have any intimate knowledge of the subjects to which those decisions relate and therefore it should be left to the true experts - those who practice the activity on a daily basis to decide for themselves.

There ARE situations where hivi increases risk by allowing people to see you and making them panic. I do wonder if accidents caused in this manner have been considered.

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Mar 10

Posts: 62

slower says:

The following

is very tongue in cheek but it does illustrate a point very well, which is that people really do see motorcylists without Hi Viz when they want too.

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Jan 08

Posts: 616

Steveyman says:

Cover yourself

How many motorcyclists do you see sending text messages or using a mobile phone while riding, not many if not any at all.

How many car drivers do you see nodding up and down obviously using their mobile phones.

So what good is a high vis going to do when their concentration is else where.

The thing is, if you were wearing a high vis and did get hit by a car driver I'm sure that would be more ammunition for you if you were making a claim.

The fact that you had taken all necessary precautions by wearing the correct safety gear and were conspicuous things should most certainly go in your favour, and the I just didn't see him or her will be declined straight away.

Again it is a personal choice to wear a high vis but it does have it's advantages.

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Oct 04

Posts: 2970

Spire says:

Hi Viz

I think it should be the individuals choice on whether or not to wear hi vis clothing or not.  After all its you that is most likely to pay the price if there is an accident.

I have in the past worn hi viz clothing and added hi viz reflectors to my bikes.

Those of you that say that the headlight is sufficient are deluding yourselves.  Headlights are not visible from the side or back.  Anything we can do to make ourselves more prominant is going to reduce the risk of becoming an accident statistic.

Everyone even you do not concentrate 100% of the time.  Hi viz clothing definitely make other road users more aware of our presence.

I'm not saying wear it.  I am just saying there are clear benefits from wearing it.  I do however think it should be personal choice.

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Apr 06

Posts: 367

ACIC says:

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Here is a link to motorcycle accident statistics that you may find interesting. On the site there are also statistics for Wales specifically for my local friends.

Regards, Andrew Campbell, Solicitor, MCN Legal Expert,

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Jan 09

Posts: 845

v1nn1e says:

Motorcycle Roadcraft

Buy it, read it, inwardly digest it.

Do a Biksafe course and you get a copy for free.

I did a rough comparison of car/bike deaths, based on stats from a few years ago. It came out that you are very roughly about ~40 times more likely to die in a bike accident than in a car accident, averaged across the whole country and all mileages.

Now, as the actual likelyhood of you dieing in a car accident is actually very, very small - there are far more deaths from Flu each year for example, 40 times a very, very small number is still a very small number.

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Oct 11

Posts: 26

riggs700 says:


Slower me Ol mucker .Your so funny. Have been out in the car and its boring. Just gotta get a messege to you. Thinking of borrowing as much money as possible and put it all in your name. Then i would buy a new bike a go for a long long ride somewhere.

JOKE Worked with a cat called Tom packing boxes in a warehouse. The manager asked tom if he would like to earn some extra money. Tom replied ME 'OW

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