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Oct 11

Posts: 264

jimmywiz says:

Items To carry when ridding in winter

what are some great things to carry in winter when

Riding in dark 
braking down 
riding in the country side 
riding in the country side in dark 

and anything else that you can think of

im asking this as im getting a new bike as unlike my bike i have at the moment i can trust it not to brake down ( as its new ) 

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  • Posted 4 years ago (31 October 2011 21:56)

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:

RAC card

Ensure you have breakdown cover either in insurance or buy it separately.

Depending on space:
A mars bar.
Mobile (make sure the damn thing has charge) - this should become habit).
V sponge - look it up
Spare gloves
Scarf / neck tube spare
Torch (decent LED one with batteries with a  long shelf life or wind up one)
hivi (breaking down in the dark may = no lights).
tie wraps
spare cash - a note in a waterproof thing is good.
Plastic bags (leaking boots, pockets, etc all good)
Condom - loads of uses for these things - ever had a glove finger leak?
All in a drysack or in waterproof pockets.

would likes:
multitool (a good one - see ride magazine product tests).
WD40 / 3 in 1
duct tape, plumbers tape
tools such as carefully selected spanner sizes, etc.
puncture repair kit (ideally just ultra seal / puncture safe your tyres - look it up).
Hand warmers - either those little packs or a tin with some ethanol based fuel and a lighter.
tampon - an oil / fluid leak onto a tyre, etc can be made safe for the ride home with one of these. Also good for starting fires if you end up in the arsehole of nowhere waiting in the freezing cold for the breakdown truck.

People will say first aid kit but really, they won't save your life or do much more than patch a boo boo. If you're going to carry one, then carry a proper compression bandage and a tourniquet in a pocket as severe bleeding is the only thing you're likely to be conscious enough to fix and can't wait.

I'm sure I've missed things.

One thing I will definitely suggest you do is get a better bulb - check the fitting (likely H4) and swap the bulb for a Philip's extreme vision bulb and nothing else. The difference to how well you can see is amazing. If you can, also swap the horn for a Stebel magnum - it's a straight swap, quite cheap and can save your life as the small ones that they fit just can't be heard.

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Oct 11

Posts: 92

muncemeister says:

In the countryside

You'll need a mobile 'phone in case the bike does brake down. Although reception can be a bit patchy. Also, if you are involved in an accident and need the emergency services dialling 112 instead of 999 will enable them to pin-point your exact location using the signal from your 'phone! Useful if you are on a road that you don't know the name of. Also a torch might be useful.:sunglasses:

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Jan 10

Posts: 3571

Beelady says:


Some useful things on that list, but no Mars bar is ever going to last more than aout 30 seconds in my care :lol:

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Oct 11

Posts: 92

muncemeister says:

We know what

to get you for Christmas now, Beelady!:sunglasses:

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Dec 10

Posts: 12078

preunit says:


Bee, family pack?. sorted.:smile

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:


they also go funny after a while - and I share your pain.

I'm getting moobs :(

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Sep 07

Posts: 2878

James600zx says:

In addition to mobile phone, wallet and RAC card, I carry:

  • Spare fuses (including alarm fuse).
  • Tyre pressure gauge.
  • Set of motorcycle jump leads (not strictly necessary but I had battery problems a while ago and I haven't got out of the habit of carrying these. I should do. I can now bump-start the bike if I had to.)
  • Spare bulb or two (actually I used to carry these but I've slipped. I must find them again).
  • Selected tools (-what Phil said) under the seat.
  • Waterproofs.
  • Puncture repair kit (the bung-and-glue type).
  • Spare visor (one tinted for low sun, one clear).
Not just for Winter. How many of these have I actually used? Only the last three! Oh, and a rucksack.

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Mar 11

Posts: 574

teamwindsor says:


Made me laugh at your post. I have this mental picture of you sat at the side of the road with a condom on your finger setting fire to a tampon! 

The more stuff the better, trouble is finding space for it all. I would like to add a spare bulb. Had a not so enjoyable ride home last night in the pissing rain and only found out when I got home that my tail/brake light had popped. Scary thing is I had been on the motorway and probably was less than visible! Could only imagine how bad it would be to lose a headlight on a cold winters night. Be prepared!

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Oct 04

Posts: 2970

Spire says:

I carry

mobile phone.  3G one.  So has flashlight app.  GPS app (useful if you are in the middle of nowhere don't really know where you are and need to tell the breakdown truck where to find you)

What if it goes flat?  I have a phone charger and cigarette socket wired up to the bike.

RAC card.  I'm no mechanic and only have the most basic of tool kit on the bike.  So chances of me being able to fix a break down are slim to zero.

Occasionally I carry spare gloves.  Usually carry a spare visor but thats only cos I wear or carry a tinted visor.  Its perfect when riding towards a low sun.

Used to carry a small map useful when you get completely lost.  Now have app on phone.

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Aug 02

Posts: 29482

Kamchat says:

Always take your own

'back up' team in a fleet of 4X4's ...... I learn't this tip watching Ewan McGregor ..:winkie:..


As mentioned previously Mars bars are a 'must' ..... very useful in case of bear attack ..

Don't forget to carry a mug too case you have to drink your own piss. (Mugs borrowed from passing motorists may have germs on them) .



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