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Matthew Birt  says:

Ducati to test twin spar aluminium chassis in Valencia

Ducati has confirmed that Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden will give a public debut to Ducati’s new twin spar aluminium frame during the traditional post race test in Valencia tomorrow (Tuesday). Desmosedici designer Filippo Preziosi confirmed the switch to a conventional frame during a special press debriefing at a cold and wet Ricardo Tormo Circuit this morning. Rossi and Hayden have both...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (07 November 2011 12:01)

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

scrap the electronics from all of motogp. Atleast then rossi would be back up the top and we could have some exciting races.

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Oct 06

Posts: 585

Eddy998 says:

Aluminium chassis

 Daniel9689 you're missing my point mate. I am comparing Abraham's result on the CF Desmo to Cal's result on the all conquering, twin spar, aluminium framed M1 that Rossi is so desperate to replicate on the Desmo. Abraham was on a par, the CF framed  Desmo that is, with the M1. That was my point and if he hadn't gone off track he may have finished in front of Cal. So the CF Desmo , based on what we saw on Sunday,can't be that bad, can it? What Rossi or Hayden may have done or not done is anyone's guess,and RDP as well for that matter. Although, I think, at the moment I have more confidence in RDP than Rossi or Hayden. Rossi has got a lot to prove next year and if he doesn't immediately provide the goods then he has dug a big hole for himself! Ciao

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Jun 11

Posts: 2545

PaceyCasey says:

''scrap the electronics from all of motogp. Atleast then rossi would be back up the top and we could have some exciting races.''

Would he? He's at the end of his great career and is unlikely to match or even come close to his feats of the past. I've watched since the early 80's. Some say this has been the most boring season blah blah but i remember the Doohan era. I witnessed a man at one with his bike. Riding it to the limit and people still bitched at what they were seeing.........................a masterclass in bike riding! Baffles me. Stoner's the same. We've had many exciting races this season but unfortunately Vale has'nt been in them (apart from Jerez!). This has upset many, yourself included i'm guessing. We live in the world of 'X-Factor' where personality is appreciated above talent. I'm not knocking Vale or his fantastic achievements in his lifetime, but we live in the here and now. Things change and they always will. Vales had his day, and in his heart of hearts i thinks he knows it..........................just my opinion. 

I guess that's the difference.

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


The flag drops-bullshit stops! Round 1’s start lights went out, the bullshit stopped & a NEW reality arrived. Stoner & his HRC RC212V snaffled Pole, Fastest Lap & the Win. Rossi? 7th- and 16.4 seconds down –establishing an embarrassing pattern for 2011. Stoner, Round 2 @ Jerez was the anomaly for 2011 – a perplexed & desperate Rossi trying for a wet track déjà vu of Laguna Seca 2008 - an attack of “Red Mist”= crashing & bringing down Stoner, who got 0 help to re-start from Marshalls & 0 points. Rossi confusing ambition with ability on the Desmo indeed! This, the ONLY time Stoner didn’t Podium all year. 16 Podiums/17 Rounds raced, minus Sepang (15 consecutive) is VERY impressive...

10 x Wins, 6 other Podiums & 12 x Poles – it wasn’t Stoner dominated 2011 – he DESTROYED all opposition, including the 3 on the same bike – crashing & knocking each other off in vain attempts to keep up. Only tragedy @ Sepang prevented Stoner adding another to his tally of 33 Senior GP Wins. When stopped on Lap 2 – he’d led off the line & already gone, headed over the horizon, winning the Warm-Up & just 0.029 from Pole. Pre-race, Stoner was uber-confident he’d overcome issues hampering his Qualifying. His best were: Silverstone, flying in treacherous conditions = a master class in controlled bravery & aggression, throttle control, subtlety & finesse. The other, the media-confected “bogey”, Laguna Seca - where 3rd, watching & warming tyres, then attacking– taking Pedrosa in a ‘beaut move @ the Corkscrew, then a crazy/brave, astonishing & demoralising 200 mph pass on Lorenzo to Win the USGP. So much for “doesn’t like close-quarter stuff”! Nakamoto’s credibility rescue mission accomplished...

Call me a “hater” for facts & rationality. It is valid & essential to compare CS & VR’s season because of the shared history on the Ducati & all comment & comparison going before. They ARE the dominant 800 era riders. Rossi fans look away!

In the ONLY direct & valid comparo- the 800 reign- Stoner = 33 Wins & 2 Titles to Rossi’s 21 Wins (+12 or +57%) & 2 x Titles - Rossi on the super-sorted Yamaha for 4 of the 5 years! Except for Rossi knocking him off, Stoner had 0 race crashes – so much for the “crasher” tag! By contrast, Rossi had 3 x retirements from race crashes & several where he re-mounted. Just 1 x Podium (3rd, a “gift” via front-running crashers @ Le Mans) & 1 x 4th. The rest? A sad welter of 5th’s, 6th’s, 7th’s & a 9th & 2 x 10th’s. Stoner’s success record on the same 09 & 010 CF bike = 7 Wins, 17 Podiums, 7 Poles & 7 fastest Laps – no exculpation here for how far & fast the mighty hath fallen!

Factually & statistically it’s Game Set & Match to Casey Stoner in the 5 years of 800’s (telling coda: he won the 1st & last 800 race) leaving 1 Title to Lorenzo, the morons & Stoner abusers furious & cyclopean Rossi acolytes shown their idol is deeply flawed. Stoner will in all probability “three-peat” on the HRC RC213V in 2012.

In mocking Stoner‘s 2010 Ducati performances, Rossi stuck foot in mouth, self-ridiculed & sabotaged his “old success & reputation” & all with enough egg on face for a family omelette! Worse: because he “burnt” every team mate & once-buddy, the tragic death of Marco Simoncelli means, 2011’s “serial also-ran” is also friend-less in the GP Paddock. This is the new paradigm & the new reality for the future. Cheers

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


Once was a Japanese dude, Shuhei Nakamoto. He wasn’t happy, nor his bosses at Honda. Being top dogs forever in GP racing & partly instrumental in creating the detested 800cc machines, Honda couldn’t win a Title to save their lives – or have an excuse to celebrate & imbibe much sake. Shuhei was told, go - do what you have to, get the people you need & fix this problem B4 we all commit ritual seppuku to preserve our Samurai honour.

Nakamoto was no dummy. From 1983 he designed chassis for the HRC 125 & 250 GP bikes & moved up to do same for the RVF750R/RC45 and VTR-1000 SP1/RC51 in WSBK. Then he went off to design the Honda F1 car. A protégé of HRC legend, Youichi Oguma, who’d delivered HRC dominance in the 1980’s & 90’s – Nakamoto was charged with leading the RCV project to success in late 2008 and moved to London’s Maidenhead to do it.

He realised he needed the BEST & broke the old Honda tradition of a solely Japanese Team. In came Italian Magneti-Marelli systems engineers & programmers steeped in telemetry mysteries & poached from Yamaha. And hard/affable man-manager & project leader, Livio Suppo, poached from Ducati. His new HRC title? ” Marketing Manager”. Suppo, an 11 year veteran @ Ducati in 11/09 seemed an odd move but Nakamoto had 2 vital reasons. First: to unify Team operations as a semi-secret schism had developed. The scion of a mega-wealthy Spanish family & ex-GP racer, Alberto Puig, had juice @ HRC, but was compromised by his management of exclusively Honda & Repsol star, Dani Pedrosa. Tricky. Puig had insinuated & embedded deep into the GP & HRC hierarchy, with his own office @ Dorna’s Spanish HQ. After winning a 125 and 2 x 250 Titles for Honda, Pedrosa was stuck in a rut of 2 x GP wins per season & plenty of Poles & Podiums in the Senior Class - but couldn’t break-through for a Title.

2nd: Suppo engineered a major Honda rider shake-up, signing the “fastest” rider in the World – Ducati’s 2007 Title winner, Casey Stoner, whom he knew was VERY piqued with Ducati sponsors and hierarchy. Suppo, having originally got Stoner to Bologna, had intimate knowledge of his data traces & character, & was a raging Stoner fan, saying, “I LOVE Casey, he is an animal!”Conspiracy theorists advanced a thesis Suppo was the main reason Rossi never had a chance on the Ducati Desmo, citing the Doctor would be “too much of a disruption to the team’s operation”. In the fullness of time – these “alleged” musings seem prescient...

By latter 2010, the RC212V was a good racer - Pedrosa got 2 x Wins on the trot @ Indy & San Marino & a 2nd @ Aragon behind Stoner. Then a big crash & Dani was the Bridesmaid, again! But a Master Chef recipe simmered - Suppo in long & deep discussion in Stoner’s motor home with Casey & Dad, Colin in early May 2010, after the Jerez Test. Loris Capirossi was only 1 of many insiders who predicted Suppo’s “real mission” was - get Casey Stoner! The puzzle pieces were now in place for Honda’s renaissance & a triumphant Honda march back to glory... In 2011 there were perhaps 60% gaijin (foreigners) in the HRC Team – mainly Italian, bolstered by Stoner bringing Cristian Gabbarini & all his Ducati Team guys with him.

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Feb 11

Posts: 180

davevr46 says:

half of the spotty little twats on X-FACTOR have no talent,all they can do is reproduce popular songs, and desecrate them.

I totally agree.


rossi has been around for a long time, and sometimes its hard to let go, especially when the particular guy in question maybe your childhood hero,no mater what anyone says you just don't want to believe it....all you can think of is the Sunday afternoon and the strokers coming out on track, the castol R aroma still takes me back.



[This Reply has been modified by the Author]

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Nov 03

Posts: 315

elefantman says:

Translation: "I was wrong"

Could have said it in as few words as that, Filippo.

Looking forward to the Valencia test. A MotoGP L-four in a beam frame really is uncharted territory. As others have said elsewhere, the real problem may be the engine layout rather than what it's hanging from.

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Jul 11

Posts: 110

bruce1937 says:

So it might be the engine now?

Is this the start of more excuses if VR can't get the Ducati competitive now that he has finally got the chassis he wants?

Sure it may take a while to sort the chassis but an early indication of potential will be obvious from the test results.

Last years test results pretty well forecast the outcome of this years championship.

It is time for Burgess to perform his sub 2 minute magic on the handling to get the Ducati back to the front.

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May 11

Posts: 6

Velocity84 says:

aquarius says

How far are you up your own arse ??, do us all a favour and STFU ... keep your spraff for your girlfriends down the cocktail bar

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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:

Part one is a lovely little story Aquarius..

Part two however is just the normal biased drivel that you feel the need to constantly put out there.. Shame.

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