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Ryan Eckford  says:

Improved safety must be Simoncelli's legacy

Marco Simoncelli was a character and a great aggressive rider who was willing to give his all to the cause, even if it meant crashing out of races, or causing controversy. But his talent and success on the track, which included a 250cc World Championship should not be his only legacy. Safety must be improved significantly to prevent incidents like the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (08 November 2011 15:47)

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Aug 11

Posts: 508


In short, our conclusion is...

The OP is totally wrong, there was nothing that could be done except telling riders to let it go in future.


RIP Marco, and all the others who died trying to entertain the general populace this year, and every year past.

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Dec 11

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noodz74 says:

 i am so shocked people are arguing and name calling on here its quite disgusting over this tragic accident!!!!!

this was a freak accident that could have happened to any of the riders out there , marco tried saving the front end from tucking and it sent him on a strange angle across the track  into the path of edwards and rossi...... he didnt let go cause he believed he could save it .... it just shows that he didnt wana give up... he raced with his heart.

 his style of riding would have made him great for the 1000's.. but he was getting there with the aliens thats why they were moaning about him being dangerous,

but ultimately there is no safety measures to prevent an accident like that!!! it is racing and its dangerous its the sport we love the riders love and tragic accidents have happened in the past and unfortunately will happen again at any level of racing motorcycles from amateur to moto gp

race in peace

ciao  marco

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Dec 11

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Chrisgixer says:

First post, but...

...i wonder if we should remember the reason we race on track.? (that might sound patronising, forgive me i lack the elequence) Because obviously its a safer environment than on an open public road, and isolates any dire conciquences to those aware of the risks and take part anyway, with all the reasonable safety that goes with it like run off, tyre walls, medics etc Dont think theres any doubt, Marco would want Motogp and all forms of motorsport to continue. Would you want, heaven forbid, your death in a race to mean the end of motor sport...? No. I wouldn mine either. Partly because its "in the blood" or whatever you want yo call it, Passion? and more importantly, if there was no motorsport we would compete on public roads anyway. Yeah, dont tell me your going to ride your litre sports bike at the speed limit eveywhere. Not happening. I thought the same during the TT film, when, bless him, the engine builder wanted to pack it all in after a rider died competeing on one of his engines, as he "felt like a drug dealer". Understandable, but where would the death toll be without motorsport, and all involved? Much higher. Motor sport saves lives. So, motorsport must and will continue, obviously, and any safety advances will be made within motorsport itself. Quite how we learn from Maco's death i dont know. But those with the knowledge to improve, will do. Its human nature, its what we do. RIP Marco 58. Legend!

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Jul 11

Posts: 86

Slorta says:

Good Point

Good point Chrisqixer.  I don’t think that anyone is asking for a MotoGP ban but I get your point that racing in general does possibly save lives.  It’s also a testing ground for the tyres, bike settings, brakes etc that eventually filter down to our road bikes.  I remember the bike racing at the Bathurst circuit in Australia which along with Isle of Man, are arguably the most spectacular motor racing circuits in the world.  It is still open for car racing but they had to eventually ban bike racing due to deaths from lack of run off.  Button took a F1 around it last year.  ( check out on YouTube ).  Isle of Man will most probably go down the same path so I think we should all make the most of it before the ‘do-good-ers’ get their way yet again.

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Jul 11

Posts: 110

bruce1937 says:

Elephant in the room?

I am sure that my comment will cause a bad reaction from some members, but to me the only safety issue that Marco's untimely death raises is, was his fulsome head of hair a contributing factor in his helmet coming off?

It was well documented that he needed to have a helmet one size larger to accommodate his hair, and if it is found that this contributed to his helmet coming off, then surely the sensible thing to do is require riders to have their hair at a safe size to prevent this happening. There are already rules regarding the length of hair, maybe they should be updated to include hair mass.

This is in no way a criticism of Marco, it is the only safety issue that his death raises in my opinion.

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