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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi looks ahead to crucial Sepang test

Valentino Rossi quickly turned his attention to a crucial first test of 2012 at the Sepang track in Malaysia next January after he finished over 1.5s away from the fastest pace during a two-day test in Valencia. The 32-year-old experimented with a new twin spar aluminium frame for the first time in Valencia this week in a bid to eradicate the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (10 November 2011 09:17)

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Aug 11

Posts: 461

ChupaChump says:

Barbera likes the new chassis...

Barbera says the bike he tested was an improvement on the stressed-member bike as far as feeling is concerned. Once the weight distribution issue is sorted, then maybe Ducati might be able to close the gap a bit more. Maybe this does mean we'll see a V four layout? Pity Nicky wasn't able to test as I'm sure he might have posted a better time than his team mate. Thanks Alvaro....

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Oct 11

Posts: 617

revnev7 says:


                      Keep reading posts on here suggesting that Rossi should jump ship and join a winning team. He issssss with a winning team. The only way he will ever ride a Honda or Yamaha is if he can get in a CRT team and tune a road bike engine. His days as a works rider will finish at the end of 2012.Why won`t people face the facts?

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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:


in my opinion, as I've been saying for about 1 year now, is not going to do anything on the Desmo!!!!!! I think the last 11 months bear testament to that! CHRainmaker says "everyone who rides that bike struggles" Well, Stober didn't!! So how does that vindicate Rossi? Also Karel Abraham/RDP/Hector Barbara weree't far behind him, on non-factory/old spec. bikes and sometimes in front!! As Stoner said, after being taken out by Rossi at Jerez," your ambition outweighs your talent"  Unfortunately for Rossi, and more so for Ducati!!! that is where it appears he is now. Hedgehog5, yes you're correct in that. I don't disagree but, Rossi put all the blame at the door of the frame and now it's the engine!! Where will it stop? The CF frame and engine were good enough for Stoner to win on. Perhaps Rossi should have stuck with it this year and left the factory to roll out the new bike this year instead of moaning all year and doing nothing! Carlosoul, I agree!!!!!!!!!! bloodbubble Whatever it is, Rossi wants to get some of it!! haha. Re. only Stoner could ride  the Desmo, well, RDP/Hector Barbara and Karel Abraham on a 2 year old Desmo weren't doing such a bad job on non-factory bikes. I just wonder what they could have done if they had have been, a lot better than Rossi, I believe, based on their results! Anyway, time will tell, I just can't see Rossi taming the Desmo. He's had a year of tinkering and making up lots of excuses and still nothing! I hope I'm proved wrong, but so far it doesn't look that way. Ducati if they can't or don't want to dump Rossi, should run a 3rd factory bike with someone else, who is prepared to,"throw it around" (Carlosoul) Ciao



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Aug 02

Posts: 315

cthwaites says:

Does a rider like Rossi really go from top of the game to an also ran in less than a season? I have tremendous respect for Stoner, the way he handled a bike that always looked like it was trying to hurt him. But the Ducati has chewed through some really good riders over the years.

So it seems like we’re looking at

1. He stays, struggles and it’s all “remember when” from now on
2. Ducati have some great breakthrough and it all comes right
3. Someone in a factory, or satellite with factory clout, gets him a ride
4. He quits

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

wait a minute!

I could understand all the negativity if we were at the start of next season but they have time on their side now to fix the bike especially now that they have a experimental bike they already feel happier with.
Ok they really struggled last season but everything that could go wrong did go wrong but now with the knowledge and some understanding of which direction they will go there is a very good chance they will sort the bike before the season begins.
The determination of Rossi and Ducati will surely pay off!

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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:


It is going to be a long, boring and repetitive winter break on the MCN forums.... Hibernation sounds more and more appealing with every post that gets written..

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


but for me our problem is not from the chassis. why they throw billions $ just to hear liar like this. last time i check he ever said the front too stiff so he cann't feel the front, weight distribution cann't help (JB already said it). so what is the true???

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Oct 11

Posts: 617

revnev7 says:

Time on Rossi`s side?

                 Wait a minute! Ithink you`ll find they{Duke-ros], have the same amount of time as they did last year to sort out Rossi`s problem. Ducati have turned  the most successfull 800 [ in their No 1 riders hands],into a midfield runner. So far as I can see from testing it is still a midfield runner.Only someone who believes in Fairys,[ no I don`t mean ] anyway, it ain`t gonna happen.Poor old Ducati.

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Aug 11

Posts: 697

Bootlegger says:

Rossi said !

'The acid test for Ducati's development will come in Sepang...' The acid test of his mettle was concluded back in 2010 when he opted for Ducati rather than fight for the title against an erstwhile team mate.

The acid test for Ducati is actually how long they and their sponsors can afford to endure the luxury of his bullshit.

Ageing is a bitch. Older and slower,no matter the $$$$$ thrown at you. 

Come Sepang testing,Ducati need to bite the bullit and accept harsh reality should Rossi not finish the test within top 3. He owned Sepang as late as 2010. 

The only thing unbelievable about the Honda is Stoner. Remove him from the 2011 equation and Yamaha won 2011 at a canter.

What the hell ! Give him cake. A 1200 72 degree V4 in a twin spar alloy frame. The sport needs him up front. Yeah !!! Like a hole in the head,just like F1 needs Schumacher right now. Abraham and Barbera will most likely cream him anyway next year providing they get half the kit.

Capirex should have a word with him. There is a time to stay and a time to go.

2004 was a GOOOOO!!!!!!! in Welkom. 2011 was a hint at GO !!! for other reasons.  

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Jun 09

Posts: 851

Next tests will be make or break.

Hmm he's only 32 guys. If he had piled the pounds only like "Fast Freddie" I'd agree maybe his best was well and truly behind him. I think the winter tests will be make or break. If he is still floundering 1.5 secs off the pace in Feb I think he'll quit.  


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