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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi looks ahead to crucial Sepang test

Valentino Rossi quickly turned his attention to a crucial first test of 2012 at the Sepang track in Malaysia next January after he finished over 1.5s away from the fastest pace during a two-day test in Valencia. The 32-year-old experimented with a new twin spar aluminium frame for the first time in Valencia this week in a bid to eradicate the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (10 November 2011 09:17)

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Mar 09

Posts: 5384

Nostrodamus says:

Part two

Which brings me to our tortured little yellow Oompa Loompa's. Recently on this forum I've been called a cunt and a prick by Gix6, A prick by CCB, Acanada46 wants to spit on my grave?! Moaner thinks it's acceptable to beat up your spouse, and poor bitter supermario only ever posts on MCN to hiss at yours truly, having completely forgotten what a motorcycle is. There's a myriad of other abusers which I cannot recall such is their inconsequence. Do I give a fat rats arse? Of course not, I find it rather amusing. They're only shooting blanks at the messenger.

Rossi got what he wanted for the Valencia test - the Aluminium twin spar chassis, and surprise, surprise, no change. Where did the Cheshire cat go? Vanished into thin air, just like in the story book. Guess where the real problem lies?

Aquarius was spot on with his psychological assessment of the stained yellow knicker set. Sad, blinkered, one dimensional individuals who've invested all their emotional worth in the success of one rider to mask their own frailties / inadequacies. This artifice is now tumbling down around them leading to the only known response they have in their arsenal - flailing and lashing out. There's some major winter depression about to set in for some of these pitiful excuses for humanity. Good, they deserve it.

Ciao. Nostro.

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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:

Yawn, Anyway.....

Have a look at this... some nice close racing..

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Feb 11

Posts: 180

davevr46 says:


1. you of all people should know that a design in its infancy cannot be competetive from 'DAY 1', honda tried hundeds of frame variations before they got it right....

2.maybe, rossi isnt as fast as he used to be, but where does that leave karel and hector?.yes OTHER People do ride the ducati too.

3.Stoner is better than everyonelese but it doesnt make racing very interesting,  spies vs stoner was good though....

4.can we shut the hell up about yellow stained nickers and oompa loompa's, its pathetic just like the fanboys , themselves.


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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


well, for sure you don't take your shot again right?? do you have master that could help you do it??? or maybe you want your goat rider to shot you from back??? LOL. it's you that don't pay attention. it's 2 or 3 races that pedrosa off. dovi is just so lucky to get 3rd. but he soar like he earn it by skill. my goodness. you want to mention valencia??? dude, if dani boy took risk and fall together or only himself cause of the rain started to pour, and not tested the 1000cc and other schedule gone by, is it worthed??? everybody know that dovi cann't beat dani cause he just lucky. do you saw the difference from their points??? than you count just 10 points if pedro not injury. oh i forgot, your brain so lame that you cann't count even 1+1. i'm sorry. my bad. but pls take your shot.

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Sep 10

Posts: 188

CameronLeeds says:


Wosi... thanks for your post showing how Rossi has actually performed well this season.

And here was me thinking that Rossi's year had been

the biggest disappointment in the history of motorsport.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2320

Hedgehog5 says:


"pitlane starts and non-fault crashes being the main culprits"

1. as we know the pitlane start (not starts) actually cost him very little... 2. the only non-fault crash was in the last race (not counting Malaysia which was of course cancelled)... 3. he played his part in the Japan crash as a contributor & actually took out the person you say he would have beaten into 5th!... you can't have it both ways.

So that's 1 pitlane start that cost him a point or 2 at most & 1 crash for which we'll give him 10 points... wow!

"and with two extra works Hondas on the grid this year..that means he would have finished 3rd last year had he been on the Ducati in 2010"

Erm... if we're really generous he could have had 170 points if he'd done 18 races... 3rd last year... yeah!...?


So what bike do you have had Stoner riding or have you completely taken him out of the equation? 170 points would have put him... oh, 6th just in front of Nicky... ah, but hang on didn't Nicky get knocked off in one race last year?... gotta give him those points 'cos it wasn'this fault... so that's 7th behind Nicky... & Casey would have been moved up to 3rd...I'm liking your thinking!

"Last year Stoner finished 20pts behind Pedrosa..on the same bike this year he beat him by 131pts. A swing of 151pts to Stoner this year because he is riding an RCV."

Yes & had Stoner sorted the Ducati out by the fraction that it needed to stop crashing he'd have had a possible 125 more points on it this year on dnf's alone stealing valuable points from the other riders... you can't say he wouldn't... & based on Stoner's performance at the end of last year JB clearly thought he was on the right track...

... but you've stated on several occasions your differences with his obviously uneducated opinion.

What an absolute load of crap based on the fact you won't admit that Stoner could ride the bike & Rossi can't (something even Rossi has admitted) or that Stoner could have turned Ducati's fortunes around the way he has Honda's.

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Oct 11

Posts: 617

revnev7 says:

A winner AGAIN.

         Lets all hope that Mr Rossi can turn a no hoper,into the Winner, it used to be!

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Nov 08

Posts: 109

smilo996 says:

Oh dear Nostro. Honda have put three in the top five each race of the year. What does that tell you? That the bike needs lots of set up and input from the rider....nope. Hinda are back to what they did before Rossi on the Yamahaha that is all.

On how many occasions when Rossi and Stoner have locked heads has Stoner come out on top......0.

Is Stoner good, yes. Is he great no. Rossi has had an average season. However he was injured start of year, crew cheif was absent for 2 races, he inherits a bike "developed" by Stoner, gets taken out on 2 occasions, not DNF's on his own account.1

There are many good riders but do you really imagine that if Rossi was on the Honda would have won the championship this year?

Rossi is, in the full glare of the media is putting his career on the line for his home manufacturer. Could he have stayed at Yam...yes, could he have gone back to Honda...yes. Why would u as the best rider for decades not try and help your home manufacturer be the best?

The results speak for themselves unfortunately for everyone else:

Are we trying to say that some how he was gifted all these wins and titles? That there was no competition, that he was always on the best bike? Are we saying that he can't lap and F1 car well enough to get on the grid. Can he kart better than Rainey, Schwantz and co.

Know anyone else with this

Is he 32 yes, is he human yes, is he as good as he was at 25, likely not.

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Nov 08

Posts: 109

smilo996 says:

Seeing as it is Friday and there is only footy on the telly....another rant!!!

Hhhhinda are involved in virtually every type of motorsport on the planet (or have been). They make hundreds of thousands of bikes. Spend more on R&D that all the others, usually easily afford the "best riders" etc, etc. Between 1985 and 91 they won the series 8/10 times. Only Rossi stopped that with Yamaha. Honda have responded with a better bike this year.

Ducati make about 50k bikes per annum and only bikes. They have been there since 2003 and been 3 or better in the manufacturers standings. This year there were 4 manufacturers, so 3/4 is rubbish. Do we all want Rossi to fail and Ducati to withdraw? Perhaps BMW and KTM will turn up. However it is not as if BMW have set the world alight in Superbikes, (5th). KTM have no serious racing experience. How fun a propsect is that actually. Perhaps we should get Honda to design all MotoGP bikes as well.

Like him or not I really hope Rossi succeeds because it will make better racing for now and in years to come and at least Ducati have tried, successfully on occasion to make a different bike to the dullness of the Jap manufacturers. To be honest given the size of Suzuki and Kawaski their efforts in MotoGP and pretty pathetic too.

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Oct 09

Posts: 152

dred0 says:

Hang on..

who's that on the honda...

No it can't be.. what that mid pack ex racer Rossi??  I thought only the demi God that is Stoner could ride a Honda like that!!!!!!! :wink:

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