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Steve Farrell  says:

Top bike insurer says: ‘No more than three mods, whatever they are’

One of Britain’s biggest motorcycle insurers is refusing to cover machines with more than three modifications, irrespective of what they are. Bikes with four minor alterations such as a sticker are automatically rejected by Bennetts Insurance while those with three major modifications including nitrous oxide may not be. Potential customers are asked to identify modifications to their bike by choosing from...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (17 November 2011 12:02)

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Nov 10

Posts: 264

Homer40 says:

Well done......

......Bennetts, i really glad i let them go a few years back, not very good people to do business with my insurance for my 2007 blade was around the £300 mark, then out of the blue at renewal time they wanted £600 no claims against me or points, nothing new since the last time of insuring. The guy on the phone said if i took the policy they would guarantee if my bike was stolen or damaged they would pay out at top book price and did'nt i think that it was worth the extra answer was NO..fuck off.

I guess they have scored a massive own goal here, if Bennetts really want feedback on this policy then get the to post a feedback forum, they will then be left in no doubt about what is good for business or not as i suspect the case will be.

I have been with Carole Nash ever since and i'm happy with them for now, so Carole don't go following these idiots.

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:


I've got a Darwin-fish on the back of my bike - does this count?

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Oct 07

Posts: 94

manxhornet says:


I would suggest Bennetts staff start looking for new jobs. My bike has 11 so called mods on it. A sticker kit, rear hugger, cut down seat so I can reach the floor, smaller rear shock for the same reason, belly pan to name a few. Does my bike go faster because of these so called mods or handle differently - NO. Have never insured with Bennets and now never will. In fact I don't know any of my friends or family who could insure a bike with them now because of their ridiculous list.   

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Oct 10

Posts: 186

zoobaz says:


Bennetts  - Pah!

year before last I renewed my insurance for my Sprint ST1050 with Bennetts, I'd been insured with them for a few years. I used my Sprint ST to commute all over the country for work so I asked for full business use, they quoted me £350 fully comp which i thought was pricey (I'm old, and only pay £150 for my daytona fully comp). So, a few weeks later they wrote to me saying they needed proof of my full NCB... i phoned them and told them I'd been insured with them for the last few years, so they should already have all the details... they said "oh yep - computer error - forget it, you don't need to do anything"

a few weeks later, I got a similar letter, saying the needed the proof again - by the end of the week! so I called them and explained again. I said "send me the NCB proof - and I'll send it back to you then :) ...they said "oh yep - computer error forget it, you don't need to do anything"

a few weeks later, you guessed it -  I got a similar letter, saying the needed the proof again - and they were going to cancel my policy!! so I called them and explained again. ...they said "oh yep - it's a standard letter - computer error forget it, you don't need to do anything"

So, i went through the policy with them, they advised me they don't do business cover, so whoever had sold me that had been very wrong!... so why is my Sprint ST so much more to insure than my Daytona? they told me it was a mistake and quoted me a much lower price for the ST....

anyway, I repeatedly asked them to put in writing that I didn't need to send them anything (NCB proof etc), they never have. So I've re-insured with Carole Nash. Guess what - Bennetts have automatically renewed my insurance without contacting me - they took £350 out of my bank without my consent! I give up!

They gave me £320 back but kept £30 for admin charges..... I'm disgusted, I will never use them again, I think all their call centre people a rude and just want my remaining £30 back.


Baz xx

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Oct 10

Posts: 186

zoobaz says:

forgot to mention...

forgot to mention...

When they said they were cancelling my policy because they didn't realise I'd been insured with them for a few years (and therefore couldn't send them NCB proof from my previous insurer - because obviously my previous insurer was Bennetts themselves!). I was nervous about using the bike, so I used the car for a couple of months until it was sorted out. this disgusts me even more - it was summer and I wanted to be out on the bike! they ruined that summer for me, and I never got a rebate for those 2 months, or an apology, or an explaination....

I will never use them again.

Baz xx

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Jun 07

Posts: 89

Harry44 says:

Bennetts  are a bunch of crooks.

When I changed me bike they charged me a fortune refused to return any of my previous premium and made me pay far more for thr new bike even though it was the same model.

Changed insurers but they wouldn't send me proof of no claims so that was expensive too.

Sod 'em


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Aug 02

Posts: 3273

eatcs01 says:


Heated grips. Custom seat. Top box. Aftermarket ROAD LEGAL exhaust system. Panniers. Ign cut off lanyard. Nitrous Oxide kit. Braided lines. Better front calipers. Different coils. Double bubble. Ace cafe sticker. Squires sticker. LOUD stebel nautilus horn. Hugger. These are the ones that I can remember.....



Shame I don't ride it. PMSL....

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May 06

Posts: 21

greg1948 says:

After insuring with Devitt I was with bennets for a number of years with a 2 bike polic for my VFR and modified 748 SPS. All was fine until i declared that i had replaced the VFR's end can with a road legal BS stamped Micron unit. Then i was advised that their underwriter, whilst accepting mods on the Duke, did not allow mods to a VFR. What a load of petty bollocks!

I moved back to Devitt and have had no gripes with them.

The Motorcycle insurance industry is, in a lot of cases not fit for purpose. the insurers seem to have no concept of what mototcycling is all about. There are very few riders that dont modify their bikes in some way just as there is probably very few cars on the road that are truly to OE spec, tinted windows, alloy wheels, pattern exhausts, pattern parts, non OE tryes etc but you never hear of those modifications causing any insurance woes.

The basic rule shoud be that, if a bike is fitted with non performancing enhancing mods, should damage occur then the insurers only obligation should be to repair with OE parts to OE spec. 

With performancing parts that do not increase power by more than 5 - 10% it should not be an issue as what difference does it make in the real world whether my bike probuces 100 or 110 bhp.

I would readily accept a condition that substantial performance enhancing mods over 10% be declared.

It is time that MCN and the other biking organisations entered into dialogue with the insurers get some common sense and common policy into the business but until that happens vote with your feet.

BTW if you pay your insurance by DD you can easily stop the DD online to prevent automatic policy renewal.








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Feb 08

Posts: 194

dev_d7 says:


I hate it when companies make completely stupid f***** decisions like this. How does a road legal pipe and an airfilter, plus a few stickers and nicer rear sets make a 1,000cc 280kph motorbike any more dangerous than a stock 1,000cc 270kph bike??? Surely the amount of rider training, and some thought out restrictions (like NOS) make more sense.

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Jun 06

Posts: 42

stevowarrior says:

Back Off....Bennetts

You have to smile, if barmy Brussells propose something we see the start of a massive campaign to kill it in its path, whilst here at home  Bennetts are quietly going one step further than anything Brussels wanted to! Come on......Back off Bennetts.  The best way to protest against this kind of rip off culture...stop using them.  

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